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Language spoken  Bengali
State  Tripura

Area  7.77 km2
District  North Tripura
Dharmanagar Beautiful Landscapes of Dharmanagar

Map of Dharmanagar

Dharmanagar (Dhôrmônôgar) is a town with a Municipal Council in the North East of India and the North Tripura district of the state of Tripura, India. Dharmanagar is renowned for its natural beauty. It has many top quality schools. The city also has its great history regarding the several emperors who ruled the city. Earlier in the ancient times the city had a large geographical area but along time it has been reduced drastically due to partition and other reasons. The city is located in the western hemisphere of the state of Tripura. The city of Dharmanagar is very famous for its historical monuments and palaces. The city has many such historic ruins which display the ancient old history of the city. Dharmanagar, being a small town geographically, the city is not very large and stretches up to 7.7 km2 in area.


Dharmanagar Festival of Dharmanagar

As per the latest measured census the population of the town of Dharmanagar was around 40,595. The climate of the city has been very stable. The city has been close to the coastal area in the south and the mountain range in the north experiences heavy rainfall. The summers and winters both are mild in the city and not extreme.


Dharmanagar kalibari


Majority of the known history of Dharmanagar is derived from the ancient Rajmala scripts, which is the ancient Royal chronicles of the Kings of Tripura written in the 14th century.

The origin of the name 'Dharmanagar' cannot be accurately traced back in time. The Rajmala refers to at least four known ancient kings whose names include the word 'Dharma'. So it remains a matter of speculation as to which king had lent his name to the town. Various uncovered documents however, indicate that the existence of Dharmanagar goes back deep into time. The Rajmala further indicates that the name 'Faticuli' was used to mean Dharmanagar back in those ancient times.

According to indegenous people in dharmanagar, the name dharmanagar is from the name of zamindar, name Dharmajeet Singh. who was the zamindar of dharmanagar under king of tripura.


The exact geographical boundaries of Dharmanagar in the ancient times, have not been clearly documented. However, a general idea about the size obtained from various sources indicate that one major position of Sylhet (now in Bangladesh) was included in Dharmanagar. Sources also indicate that Dharmanagar in those days was not as small as it is today. The size of Dharmanagar has been greatly diminished over the ages and what was once the mighty capital of Tripura has now been reduced to a district town of the state.

At present Dharmanagar is bound by Maulvi Bazar of Sylhet, Bangladesh in the North, Karimganj district of Assam in the East and Mizoram state in the South and Kailashahar subdivision of Unakoti district in the west.


The population of Dharmanagar, as estimated in late 2006, is around 32,912.

Dharmanagar has an average literacy rate of 73.66%, higher than the national average of 65.38%: male literacy is 81.47% and female literacy is 65.41%.

As seen in the table where the population 1991 to 2011 is displayed, Dharmanagar had a population of 25,897 in the year 1991 and it rose to 1.45 in 2001 which stood to 30,790 further more the population had increased more 2.4% in the year 2011 and it went to 40,595


Dharmanagar is blessed with a peaceful climate most of the year. However, summer time can be excessively hot, dry, humid and interspersed with rains and thunderstorms. Winter generally starts towards the end of November and lasts until February, where the temperatures can reach very low conditions. The monsoon season in Dharmanagar starts in April during the Bengali month of Baishakh. During the monsoon season, Dharmanagar is inundated frequently due to excessive rainfall and flooding by the local rivers.


The nearest airport to Dharmanagar is in Silchar and further airfield at Agartala. There is also a helipad for helicopter rides or for quick journeys to the capital Agartala, these are costly and are mainly reserved for the rich. Kailashahar Airport is the nearest airport to the city but it is a non-active and is an abundant airport. Recently the AAI surveyed the zone and it is in plan to restart. The state government has also agreed to acquire 79 acres of land in Kailashahar, nearly 120 km from Agartala, as AAI has agreed to invest in upgrading an abandoned airport there.

Daily bus service runs from Dharmanagar to Shillong and Guwahati which goes through Nation Highway 44. Other bus services to nearby cities of Assam and Tripura from Dharmanagar ISBT are more frequent. Buses also connects to the Capital of the State. Connectivity via bus is one of the most important sorts of transportation from the city as airways lacks a bit from here.

The city is connected via train in a pretty well mannered. Train services opened after independence of the country. Daily multiple trains are available from Dharmanagar to Assam and Agartala. At present one express trains stop at Dharmanager, which is Up and Down Tripurasundari Express. As the service of train came to Tripura it was restricted only to Kumarghat the next station from Dharmanagar towards the capital of Tripura. But the capital was connected by rest of India through the lines of Dharmanagar on 2008 and Agartala became the second capital of Northeast India to be connected via railway network. Churaibari the last station of Tripura which is only 8 km from the city.


There are eight higher secondary schools in Dharmanagar. Bir Bikram Institution (BBI), DMR Girls Higher Secondary School, DNV, Chandrapur, Padmapur, Nayapara, Rajbari, Golden Valley H.S (+2 Stage) School, Holy Cross, North Point School, and Siksha Bhavan Montessori School, last four are fully taught in English language. There's also a degree college which was called Dharmanagar Govt. Degree College(DGDC). It been graded by NAAC and is the highest ranked degree college in Tripura.Siksha Bhavan Montessori School is the Education Partner of TATA Interactive Systems and North Point School is the Education partner of MEXUS Education Pvt. Ltd. for providing Digital classes for the students. The school using the Digital Class System 'Class Edge' brand from the TATA Interactive Systems.


  • Growing Seed: Nowadays it is one of the major NGOs in the state which is operating in the many field of social activity without any profit. Major activities are health camp, blood donation camp, publishing of "uttaran" magazine, awareness camp, vermi-compost project, tree plantation, cultural programme etc.
  • Lions Club: Lions Club, Dharmanagar is one of the leading NGO's in the township. They have many permanent projects like Ambulance service, Oxygen service, drinking water projects etc. Their outstanding project is Lions Children Park which is one of the best parks in Tripura.
  • Unakoti

  • Kailashahar
  • Kumarghat
  • West Tripura

  • Agartala
  • Khowai
  • South Tripura

  • Udaipur
  • Belonia
  • Dhalai

  • Kamalpur
  • Ambassa
  • Outer Tripura

  • Silchar
  • Karimganj
  • Kolkatta
  • Shillong
  • Durga Puja Festival

    One of the best times to visit Dharmanagar is during the famous Durga Puja when the streets come alive and people from the entire town flock to the town centre to visit the many statues of goddess Durga scattered around the town. Durga Puja is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates worship of the Hindu goddess Durga. It refers to all the six days observed as Mahalaya, Shashthi, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Bijoya Dashami.

    The Durga pandals of Dharmanagar secured second place in the Maa Durga contest; after the Capital City of Tripura Agartala.

    Kali Puja Festival

    One of the main festivals is the Kali Puja which occurs between September and October and is where the children, adults and the elderly enjoy famously. Dharmanagar is also known for its bright lights during this Puja where the entire town is lit up beautifully.

    All the people of Tripura knows that in term of MAA KALI PUJA, Dharmanagar is the best city for its big pandals & crowd.

    Dighi, Shops, Markets and Temples

    The playgrounds (BBI & DNV), shopping mall (RANA PLAZA),


    Haflong is a famous and beautiful tea garden a short distance from Dharmanagar. Scenic beauty of this area attract people of Dharmanagar in the afternoon.


    A short distance away is the ancient site of Unakoti, which literally means "one less a crore" in Bengali, hosts an ancient place of worship with huge rock-cut images and stone idols of Lord Shiva. It is the prime tourist spot of North Tripura District, and is located in the neighbouring town of Kailashahar Subdivision in the North-eastern Indian state of Tripura.


    Dharmanagar assembly constituency is part of Tripura East (Lok Sabha constituency); the main political parties are CPI(M) and Congress(I). The assembly constituency is now represented by Indian National Congress MLA.


  • All India Radio
  • Akashvani (On AM).
  • Television

  • Doordarshan
  • DD Metro
  • Bangla TV
  • Cable TV showing hundreds of channels including MTV, ETV Bangla, Zee Bangla, Zee Cinema, Star Jalsha, Star Plus, Star Gold, B4U, CNN, and BBC Worldwide.
  • Newspapers

    No daily newspaper is published from Dharmanagar, except a few weekly. Daily newspapers published from Agartala, Karimganj and Silchar reaches dail morning in this town. Besides above, national dailies like The Telegraph, Anandabazar Patrika, Bartaman, The Times of India, The Statesman, Hindustan Times etc. are also available.


    Dharmanagar Live


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