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1977 Grand Prix (tennis)

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Edition  8th
Most tournament titles  Guillermo Vilas (16)
Tournaments  76
Most tournament finals  Guillermo Vilas (17)
1977 Grand Prix (tennis)
Duration  26 December 1976 – 8 January 1978
Prize money leader  Guillermo Vilas ($635,000)

The 1977 Colgate-Palmolive Grand Prix was a professional tennis circuit administered by the International Lawn Tennis Federation (ILTF, later the ITF) which served as a forerunner to the current Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) World Tour and the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) Tour. The circuit consisted of the four modern Grand Slam tournaments and open tournaments recognised by the ILTF. The Colgate-Palmolive Masters is included in this calendar but did not count towards the Grand Prix ranking. Colgate-Palmolive was the new tour sponsor, taking over from Commercial Union. Guillermo Vilas won the Grand Prix circuit, having accumulated the most points (2,047), and received the largest share from the bonus pool ($300,000). The top eight points ranked singles players as well as the top four doubles teams qualified for the season-ending Masters tournament




Points system

The Grand Prix tournaments were divided into seven groups. Group TC consisted of the Grand Slam tournaments; the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon Championships and the US Open—while the other tournaments were given star ratings ranging from six stars to one star, based on prize money and draw size. Points were allocated based on these ratings and the finishing position of a player in a tournament. No points were awarded to first-round losers, and ties were settled by the number of tournaments played. The points allocation, with doubles points listed in brackets, is as follows:


The 1977 Grand Prix tournaments were divided in seven separate point categories, ranging from the Triple Crown tournaments (250 points for the winner) to the smallest One Star tournaments (50 points for the winner). At the end of the year the 35 top-ranked players received a bonus from the bonus pool. To qualify for a bonus a player must have played at least 15 tournaments. The top eight points ranked singles players and top four doubles teams were entitled to participate in the season-ending Masters tournament.

List of tournament winners

The list of winners and number of Grand Prix singles titles won, alphabetically by last number of titles:

  • Guillermo Vilas (16) Springfield, Buenos Aires, Virginia Beach, French Open, Kitzbühel, Washington, D.C., Louisville, South Orange, Columbus, US Open, Paris, Tehran, Bogotá, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg
  • Björn Borg (10) Boca Raton, Memphis, Nice, Denver, Madrid, Barcelona, Wimbledon, Basel, Cologne, Wembley
  • Vitas Gerulaitis (5) Ocean City, Rome, Brisbane, Perth, Australian Open (December)
  • Brian Gottfried (5) Baltimore, Palm Springs, Washington Indoor, La Costa, Vienna
  • Jeff Borowiak (3) Dayton, Gstaad, Montreal
  • Jimmy Connors (3) Las Vegas, Maui, Sydney Indoor
  • Tim Gullikson (3) Newport, Taiwan, Adelaide
  • Sandy Mayer (3) Little Rock, Hampton, Stockholm
  • Manuel Orantes (3) Indianapolis, Boston, Tokyo Outdoor
  • Vijay Amritraj (2) Auckland, Bombay
  • Corrado Barazzutti (2) Båstad, Paris Bercy
  • Paolo Bertolucci (2) Hamburg, Berlin
  • Eddie Dibbs (2) Miami, Oviedo
  • Raúl Ramírez (2) Queen's Club, Los Angeles
  • Harold Solomon (2) Brussels, Cincinnati
  • Roscoe Tanner (2) Australian Open (January), Sydney Outdoor
  • John Alexander (1) North Conway
  • Mark Cox (1) Helsinki
  • Victor Amaya (1) Adelaide
  • Wojciech Fibak (1) Düsseldorf
  • Željko Franulović (1) Munich
  • José Higueras (1) Murcia
  • Jiří Hřebec (1) San Jose
  • Karl Meiler (1) Manila
  • Ilie Năstase (1) Aix-en-Provence
  • Andrew Pattison (1) Laguna Niguel
  • Patrick Proisy (1) Hilversum
  • Ken Rosewall (1) Hong Kong
  • Stan Smith (1) Los Angeles PSW
  • Brian Teacher (1) Jackson
  • Butch Walts (1) San Francisco
  • The following players won their first title in 1977:

  • Victor Amaya Adelaide
  • Tim Gullikson Newport
  • Chris Kachel Manila
  • Patrick Proisy Hilversum
  • Brian Teacher Jackson
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