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Kroll Show

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Genre  Sketch Comedy
Starring  Nick Kroll
Original language(s)  English
Final episode date  24 March 2015
Director  Jonathan Krisel
6.7/10 IMDb

6.2/10 TV

Directed by  Jonathan Krisel
Country of origin  United States
First episode date  16 January 2013
Network  Comedy Central
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Created by  Nick Kroll Jonathan Krisel John Levenstein
Program creators  Nick Kroll, Jonathan Krisel, John Levenstein
Similar  Key & Peele, The Birthday Boys, Nick Swardson's Pretend T, Saturday Night Live, Drunk History

Kroll Show is an American sketch comedy television series created by and starring comedian Nick Kroll. John Levenstein and Jonathan Krisel served as the show's executive producers. The series premiered on January 16, 2013 and ended on March 24, 2015, on the American cable television network Comedy Central.


Kroll Show The Kroll Show The Delsonian


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Kroll Show is a social satire that parodies many aspects of television, the internet, and popular culture. The opening title credits of each episode feature multiple iterations of the show's title as parodies of well-known TV series title cards, brand names, corporate logos, and real-world locations, among them Absolut Vodka, Breaking Bad, Google, In-N-Out Burger, NASCAR and Game of Thrones. The style of the series is heavily influenced by the reality television genre, although it differs in style and content from other "mockumentary"-style series like The Office. Most sketches are written, performed, recorded, and edited to mimic the frenetic pace and melodramatic style of reality TV shows like Duck Dynasty, The Osbournes, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, with multiple hand-held cameras, rapid editing, flashbacks, cutaway commentaries, and superimposed graphics and text. Each episode is constructed to simulate the effect of "channel surfing" across a range of reality TV shows on cable TV. An exception to the prevailing style of the series is the recurring sketch "Wheels, Ontario", which parodies earnest issues-based teen dramas such as Degrassi Junior High.

Kroll Show Kroll Show TV Series 2013 IMDb

Most sketches in the series feature Nick Kroll, who plays multiple characters, including dysfunctional teenage dad C-Czar, aspiring entrepreneur and "ghost-bouncer" Bobby Bottleservice, inept publicity agent Liz G. (co-founder of Hollywood PR firm "PubLizity"), celebrity pet plastic surgeon Dr. Armond, aging prankster Gil Faizon ("Too Much Tuna", "The Oh, Hello Show"), nouveau riche party boy Aspen Bruckenheimer ("Rich Dicks"), Philadelphia-based pawn shop owner Murph ("Pawnsylvania"), and Canadian teen actor-musician Bryan La Croix ("Wheels, Ontario").

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Kroll Show completed its third and final season in 2015. Kroll has remarked that the decision to end the show was his, and that the show's stories and characters were naturally wrapping up in the third season.


  • Nick Kroll as various characters.
  • Recurring

    Kroll Show RIP Kroll Show The Meta Sketch Comedy TV Needed
  • Jon Daly as Peter Paparazzo ("Bobby Bottleservice and Peter Paparazzo"), Wendy Shawn ("Rich Dicks"), Coach Teacher/Gene Creemers ("Wheels, Ontario"), Don ("Pawnsylvania"), Kelsey Grammer ("Chairs"), Various Characters
  • John Mulaney as George St. Geegland ("Oh Hello")
  • Jenny Slate as Liz B. and Denise B. ("pubLIZity"), Ruth Diamond Phillips ("Armond of the House"), Maureen ("Chairs")
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Eagle Wing ("Gigolo House"), Spit Decreaux ("Nash Rickey's Rock N' Reunion"), Dude ("Sex In the City For Dudes"), Various Characters
  • Seth Morris as Renick ("Pony Tales"), Dude ("Sex In the City For Dudes"), Bob Ducca, Various Characters
  • Andy Milonakis as Roman Armond, Dr. Armond's son. ("Armond of the House", "Roman's Empire")
  • Ron Funches as Dr. Armond's defense attorney. ("Bounce", "Mercury Poisoning"), Therapist in training ("The In Addition Tos")
  • Chelsea Peretti as Farley, Bobby Bottleservice's love interest. ("Bobby Bottleservice and Peter Paparazzo", "Gigolo House")
  • Bill Burr as Detective Smart ("Armond of the House")
  • Steve Dildarian as Tim/Steve ("Gigolo House")
  • Tonita Castro as Consuela ("Rich Dicks", "El Chupacabra")
  • Samantha Futerman as Tunes ("Wheels, Ontario")
  • Kathryn Hahn as Mikey's Mom ("Wheels, Ontario")
  • Guest appearances have included: Nathan Fillion, Zach Galifianakis, Brody Stevens, Amy Poehler, Laura Dern, Will Forte, Jordan Peele, Bruce McCulloch, Brie Larson, Fred Armisen, Andrew Daly, JB Smoove, Hannibal Buress, Pete Holmes, Ike Barinholtz, Rance Howard, Tim Heidecker, Ed Helms, Maria Bamford, Brian Stack, Nathan Fielder, Richard Kind, Brian Huskey, Dave Holmes, Rob Huebel, Joe Mande, Adam Pally, June Diane Raphael, Paul Scheer, Casey Wilson, Jane Levy, Marc Evan Jackson, Katy Perry, Jon Heder, Henry Rollins, Seth Rogen, and James Franco.


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