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John Randolph Pepper

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Name  John Pepper
Role  Photographer

Siblings  Jorie Graham
Nieces  Emily Galvin
John Randolph Pepper actuphotocomfilesnews325760jpg
Parents  Curtis Bill Pepper, Beverly Pepper
Similar People  Curtis Bill Pepper, Beverly Pepper, Jorie Graham

John R. Pepper (a.k.a. John Pepper and John Randolph Pepper) is a photographer and theatre director. His life and career, in photography, film and theatre has been described as "dedicated to the investigation of the dynamics between ‘selves’ in order to bring to light the solitude, the flaws, the hidden needs that make their actions a poignant expression of their inner being".



John R. Pepper was born in Rome, Italy in 1958 to Curtis Bill Pepper, a war correspondent and the head of the Rome bureau for Newsweek magazine, and the sculptor Beverly Pepper. He has one sister, poet Jorie Graham. He was raised in Rome, Italy. He studied History of Art at Princeton University (1976) where he was also one of the original painting members of the '185 Nassau Street Painting Program' and was awarded the Whitney Painting Fellowship in 1975. In 1981 Pepper was admitted as a 'Directing Fellow' to The American Film Institute, Los Angeles. Pepper has married twice and has two sons (Sheppard, 1990, and Jameson, 1993) from his first marriage.


Pepper began his career as an apprentice to Ugo Mulas who gave him his first formal training in the art of street photography. Pepper pursued his work in photography (analogical) for three decades all while directing theatre and film. His show 'Rome: 1969 – An Hommage to Italian Neo-Realist Cinema' (USA/France 2008) lead him back to his native Italy where Lanterna Magica Edizioni published the book Sans Papier (Italy 2011) with subsequent exhibits in Rome, Venice, Saint Petersburg (Russia), Paris, Palermo (Sicily).

In 2012 the Manège Museum in Saint Petersburg, (Russia) shows Peppers new work of which in 2014 the Istituto Superiore Per la Storia della Fotografia (Italy) publishes a new book of photographs, 'Evaporations' that previews at the Galleria Studio Paolo Morello (Palermo, Italy) and at the Officina delle Zattere in Venice (Italy).

In 2015, the Italian Institute of Culture and the Russia Federation Ministry of Culture sponsor a traveling exhibition that opens at the Rosphoto Photography Museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

In March 2015 Pepper has a retrospective exhibit at the Showcase Gallery in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Also in May 2015 ‘Evaporations’ shows at the ‘PhotoMed’ photography festival in Sanary Sur Mer (France).

The Italian Institute of Culture and The United States Mission in Russia sponsor a travelling exhibition (2015/2016) of 'Evaporations' throughout Siberia, Russia (Vladivostok, Irkutsk,. Novosibirsk, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Moscow.

In 2016, Simultaneous to 'Evaporations' in Moscow Pepper exhibits of new prints of 'Rome 1969' at The Art of Foto Gallery in Saint Petersburg.

In November 2016 Pepper has exhibition of «Evaporations» / «Испарения» at Fondazione Terzo Pilastro Museo (Palazzo Cipolla) in Rome (Italy).


  • 2007: Rome 1969, Marianne Courteville Gallery (New York, USA)
  • 2008: Rome 1969, Galerie Photo4 (Paris, France)
  • 2010: Rome 1969, Galleria del Cortile (Rome, Italy)
  • 2011: Sans Papier, Collegio Degli Armeni (Venice, Italy)
  • 2011: Sans Papier, Galleria del Cortile (Rome, Italy)
  • 2012: Sans Papier, Manege Museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
  • 2013: Sans Papier, Galleria Moenia (Todi, Italy)
  • 2014: Evaporations/Испарения, Studio Gallery di Paolo Morello (Palermo, Italy)
  • 2014: Evaporations/Испарения, Palazzo Esposizioni (Rimini, Italy)
  • 2014: Evaporations/Испарения, Rosphoto Museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
  • 2014: Evaporations/Испарения, Officina delle Zattere (Venice Architecture Biennale) (Venice, Italy)
  • 2015: Evaporations/Испарения, PhotoMed Photography Festival (Sanary-sur-Mer, France)
  • 2015: Evaporations/Испарения, Russian State Art Museum (Irkutsk, Russia)
  • 2015: Evaporations/Испарения, Gallery of Modern Art ARKA (Vladivostok, Russia)
  • 2015: Evaporations/Испарения, Russian State Art Museum (Novosibirsk, Russia)
  • 2015: Evaporations/Испарения, Russian State Art Museum (Omsk, Russia)
  • 2015: Evaporations/Испарения, Russian Ekaterinburg Gallery of Modern Art (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
  • 2015: Retrospective exhibition, Showcase Gallery (Dubai, UAE)
  • 2016: Evaporations/Испарения, Gallery of Classic Photography (Moscow, Russia)
  • 2016: Evaporations/Испарения, Museum of Modern Art (Dom Kurlinoj Museum) (Samara, Россия)
  • 2016: Rome 1969, Art of Foto Gallery (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
  • 2016: Evaporations/Испарения, Fondazione Terzo Pilastro Museo (Palazzo Cipolla) (Rome, Italy)
  • 2017: Evaporations/Испарения, Fondazione Terzo Pilastro Museo (Palazzo Cipolla) (Rome, Italy)
  • Film

    Pepper began in film, working as assistant director for many directors including Joseph Losey ('Les Routes du Sud'), George Roy Hill ('A Little Romance' and 'The World According to Garp') and Dan Curtis ('Ghostbusters'). As a producer Pepper developed and brought to fruition the motion picture 'The Plague' (Albert Camus) directed by Luis Puenzo with William Hurt, Robert Duval, Raoul Julia, Sandrinne Bonnaire and Jean-Marc Barr. Music by Vangelis (Gaumont Distribution, France 1992). He directed the film version, 'Papillion de Nuit' (Trinacra Productions, 2001 winner of the 'Prix Mediavision' (2002) at the Sarlat Film Festival.


    Pepper's work in New York theatre include: ‘Cubistique’ (Tom Cone), 'The Cruelties of Mrs. Schnayd' (David Suesdhorf), 'Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All To You' (Christopher Durang); he was the youngest director at the Spoleto Festival (Charelston) when he presented 'Inner Voices' by Eduardo De Filippo.

    Pepper directed plays in Paris, France, in Europe and Russia. His productions include 'Retraite de Moscow' ('Retreat from Moscow') by William Nicholson at Theatre Montparnasse (Paris 2008); 'Underneath the Lintel' by Glen Berger, Lederman Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden (2005); 'Pour En Découdre' by Marc-Michel Georges; 'Danny et la Grande Bleu' ('Danny and the Deep Blue Sea') by John Patrick Shanley at Avignon Theatre Festival (2000) then Paris' Theatre Déjazet with actor Léa Drucker nominated for a Molière Award (2001).

    Pepper was the first foreign director to be invited to the Drama Theatre on Vasilievsky (aka Teatre Satir) in Saint Petersburg, Russia. His Russian language, production of 'My Dear Mathilde' by Israel Horovitz is now permanently in the repertoire (2012). In 2016 Pepper opens a new production of ‘Danny and the Deep Blue Sea’ in Italy (‘Danny e il Profondo Blu’) at Teatro Garibaldi in Palermo with Leonardo Sbragia e Laura Anzani then in Milan before going to Naples, Salerno, Rome and touring Italy. Also in 2016 he opens a production of Sam Shepard’s ‘True West’ at Saint Petersburg Russian State Institute of Performing Arts.

    Theatrical performances

  • 1983: Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You (By Christopher Durang: Central Casting (New York)
  • 1986: Cubistique (By Tom Cone, Théâtre Matrix (New York))
  • 1986: The Cruelties of Mrs. Schnayd (By David Suehsdorf: New York Theatre Studio/T.O.M.I.)
  • 1986: Inner Voices(By Eduardo de Filippo: American Premiere: Spoleto Festival (USA)
  • 1999: The Weir (By Conor McPherson, Royal Court, The Players Club, N.Y.)
  • 2000: Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (Original production April 2000 : Théâtre le Proscenium: Paris)
  • 2000: Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (Reprise, June 2000: Théâtre Golovine: Avignon Festival)
  • 2000: Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (Reprise February 2001: Théâtre Dejazet: Paris)
  • 2002: Pour En Découdre (By Marc Michel Georges, Original production September 2002 : Théâtre Cineatre 13– Paris)
  • 2002: Pour En Découdre (By Glenn Berger, Original production, Teatre Le Lucernaire, Paris, France)
  • 2002: Four Dogs and a Bone (By John Patrick Shanley, Original production July 2003– Théâtre Golovine- Avignon Festival)
  • 2002: The Actor's Nightmare (By Christopher Durang: Central Casting New York)
  • 2002: A Schtick Is Born (By Sherry Nehmer and Daniel Harris, The Silver Lining- New York)
  • 2002: Fifth of July (By Landorf Wilson, The Hangar Théâtre(New York)
  • 2002: Tea and Sympaphy (By W. Somerset Maugham, Production Italienne)
  • 2002: The Workingman (By Tom Walmsley), Théâtre Matrix New York)
  • 2005: Underneath the Lintel (By Glenn Berger, Original production, TeatreStudio Leederman, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • 2007: The Retreat from Moscow(By William Nicholson, Original production, January 2007, Théâtre Montparnasse, Paris )
  • 2012: My Dear Mathilde (By Israel Horovitz, Original production, Théâtre Satir on Vasilevski Island, Saint Petersburg, Russia )
  • 2016: Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (By John Patrick Shanley, Original production, February 2016: Théâtre Garibaldi, Palermo, Italia)
  • 2016: True West(By Sam Shepard, Original production, May 2016, Théâtre Academy Drammatique Nationale de Russie, Saint Petersburg, Russia )
  • 2016: Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (By John Patrick Shanley, Reprise: March 2016, Teatro Il Delfino, Milan, Italy)
  • 2017: Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (By John Patrick Shanley, Reprise: April 2017, Teatro Sala Uno, Rome, Italy)
  • 2017: Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (By John Patrick Shanley, Reprise: April 2017, Teatro Asoli, Naples, Italy)
  • Books

  • Sans Papier. Roberta Semeraro. Italy: Lanterna Magica, . ISBN 978-88-97115-16-8.
  • Evaporations/Испарения. Elizabeth Ferrer. Italy: Istituto Superiore Per la Storia della Fotografia. ISBN 978-88-87928-19-8.
  • References

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