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Directed by  Eugenio Derbez
Starring  Eugenio Derbez
Creative director(s)  Gus Rodríguez
Voices of  Florinda Meza

Genre  Sketch comedySitcomSurreal humour
Created by  Eugenio Derbez Florinda Meza

XHDЯBZ (wordplay for "XH", Mexican radio and television satellite code, and "DRBZ", consonants of the creator's last name: Derbez). The show was a Mexican sitcom (sometimes surreal comedy) produced by Televisa and broadcast by the Canal de las Estrellas network. XHDRBZ emulates a television channel that broadcasts sketches, not unlike the Canadian sketch show SCTV. When a sketch finished, credits were shown, like in a real television program. XHDЯBZ was created by Eugenio Derbez in 2002, whose series marked his debut as producer.


The show ran for two seasons since 2002, until 2006. Derbez ended production, choosing to expand one of the show's most popular segments, La Familia P.Luche, into its own hour-long show.

Both shows are broadcast in the United States on the Galavisión network. Today the show is transmitted in Latin America and Europe.


The show emulated a TV channel. When the show began, the screen showed a notification saying that Televisa handed over the transmission to XHDRBZ. The show began with an introduction assimilating that of a Newscast. Each sketch is then presented as if it were a different show; in the end each sketch showed its cast and credits. When the actual show finished, it would present a notification which said Televisa would return to its usual broadcast.

Musical Theme

In 2002, the musical theme was interpreted by Gerardo Suárez and the music was produced by Suite Sync; in 2004 it was produced by Sensaciones Sónicas and in 2004 Galilea Montijo took care of the choreography.


Some of the many guests who have appeared on the show:

  • Silvia Derbez
  • Galilea Montijo
  • Adela Micha
  • Andrea Legarreta
  • Leticia Calderón
  • Brozo
  • Héctor Suárez
  • Pedro Armendáriz Jr.
  • Omar Chaparro
  • Silvia Pinal
  • Victoria Ruffo and Gabriela Ruffo
  • Adal Ramones
  • Vicente Fox (President of Mexico at the time of the show)
  • Cuauhtémoc Blanco
  • Marco Antonio Regil
  • Joaquín López Doriga
  • Kate del Castillo
  • Antonio de Valdez
  • Enrique el "Perro" Bermúdez
  • Alejandra Guzmán
  • Cristina Saralegui
  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo
  • Amador Narcia
  • Enrique Rocha
  • Furcio
  • Amira
  • Lupita D'Alessio
  • Sergio Corona
  • Enrique Bermundes
  • Jacobo Zabludovsky
  • Jose Luis Cuevas
  • Ernesto Alonoso
  • Chespirito
  • Shows

    These are some of the shows featured in XHDRBZ. Most of the titles of these are a word game in Spanish, thus it might not make sense with the translation. Title in Spanish provided in brackets.

  • The mrazy conk (El Lonje Moco), a crazy monk who reads letters from an audience
  • Filming (Peliculeando), an actor who shows his latest projects (videos that are the "true definition" of movies; for example, a car screeching is supposed to be "Shreeeeeeek" (Shrek), and a camper peeing on a campfire is supposed to be "Missipippi En Llamas" (Mississippi In Flames); "Missipippi" is an alternate spelling of "me hice pipi", which means, "I peed, or urinated".)
  • Top 3 (Top 3 del Momento)
  • Someone explain this to me! (¡Que alguien me explique!), Eugenio Derbez plays Hans Pujenhaimer, a German studying Spanish in Mexico, but can't seem to comprehend certain Spanish phrases
  • Five incoherences (Las cincoherencias -wordplay)
  • Medical cases of real life (Medicazos de la vida real - wordplay, and reference to long-running anthology telenovela Mujer, casos de la vida real)
  • Speaking White (Hablemos Blanco) A sketch in which Eugenio attempts to tell a story without vulgar language. He often says a sentence with a brief pause, showing a prop simulating the vulgar term, then says something completely different.
  • Section Impossible (Sección Imposible) Sammy Perez and Miguel Luis interview people over holidays- or the city of Acapulco in one episode- with humorous results from their blunders. It uses "unintentional humor" as it is unscripted.
  • (Calzón que me toquen bailo)
  • The little devil (El diablito), Eugenio Derbez plays a devil who makes people fall, trip, or slip (usually funny videos similar to those found on America's Funniest Home Videos) by pushing a big button
  • Eugenialities (Eugenialidades - word play)
  • Furxhio (bloopers)
  • The X Files (Los expedientes X)
  • The Macabre hour (La hora Macabrona-word play and hidden usage of the Spanish swear word "cabron")
  • Eloy Gameno - word play on "El Oigame No" (The "Hear Me Not"), a flimsy guy who gets into wordplay arguments and ends up getting choked by the other person
  • Merylin Menshow (Marylin Manson satire and word play)
  • 100 unemployed people said.. (100 mexicans said, 100 desempleados dijeron (TV game show, a parody of Family Feud) - satire)
  • Alz and Heimer (Alz y Heimer) An elderly couple with hearing issues who tell anecdotes that are misinterpreted by one another.
  • XHDRBZ commercials (satire commercials)
  • Lifestyles (Estilos de vida)
  • Talks of love and trust (Pláticas de amor y confianza)
  • Super Goalkeeper (Super Portero) A goalkeeper who tries to stop others from using sexual innuendo or words similar to brand names in tv to prevent copyright issues.
  • Cooking with Mr. Pepe Roni (Cocinando con Don Pepe Roni) A segment with an eccentric chef who uses puns and wordplay to cook strange variants of meals.
  • The Plush Family (La familia Peluche, which would later become a spinoff of XHDRBZ)
  • Adventures of Agent D. Zent (Las aventuras del Agente D. Zente - word play)
  • Ask me (Pregunteme)
  • Armando Hoyos An etymology professor translating words bit-by-bit in a very literal way. He also shares "philosophical" ideas based off pop culture.
  • Aderberaz reports (Reportajes de Aberberaz)
  • (Sin To Ni Zon)
  • Cooking with Tone (Concinado con Tono)
  • The Stroll around everywhere (La Paz Sea Por Todas Partes- wordplay also meaning Peace Be Everywhere when pronounced as such) A segment meant to teach others about peace, love, and anger management hosted by the guru Nicolas Tranquilino. He always spirals into a rage because of his blundering production team. He is ironically, Eugenio's most violent and foul-mouthed character.
  • Soap Operas

    XHDRBZ broadcast certain soap operas, usually satires of real Mexican ones, including:-

  • One of wolves (Una de lobos - Cuna de lobos (soap opera)satire)
  • Bread-baker school (Escuela de panaderos)
  • Suspicion (La sospecha)
  • Trace of the past (El rastro del pasado)
  • Between love and hate (Entre el amor y el odio)
  • Mary from the neighbourhood (María la del barrio- satire)
  • Short stories

    Satire of classic short stories, novels, etc.

  • Peter Pun (satire of Peter Pan, closest meaning: Peter Fart)
  • Betty la feya y la bestia (satire, mix of "Beauty and the Beast" and "Ugly Betty")
  • Romero y Chulieta (satire of Romeo and Juliet, closest meaning: Rosemary and Chop)
  • Blanca Nueves (satire of Snow White meaning White Nines, wordplay on Nieves meaning snow)
  • Special broadcasts

  • The best of the 2002 Fifa Worldcup (Lo Mejor del mundial 2002) - Feature transmission during the 2002 Korea-Japan Worldcup.
  • XHDRBZ First (Primer XHDRBZ)- Transmits various TV celebrities mentioning the XHDRBZ sketches they appeared in.
  • XHDRBZ Last (Último XHDRBZ) - Transmission where the producer communicates through a sketch that the show will cease transmitting for a period of time.
  • References

    XHDRbZ Wikipedia