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Survivor Series (2004)

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Themesong(s)  "Ugly" by The Exies.
City  Cleveland, Ohio
Venue  Quicken Loans Arena
Attendance  7,500
Sponsor(s)  Microsoft Xbox
Date  14 November 2004
Promotion  WWE
Brands  WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown
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Location  Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, United States
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Survivor Series (2004) was the 18th annual Survivor Series professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It was presented by Microsoft's Xbox and took place on November 14, 2004, at the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio and starred talent from both the Raw and SmackDown! brands.


Survivor Series (2004) WWE Survivor Series 2004 highlights YouTube

The main match on the Raw brand was a 4 on 4 Survivor Series match between Team Orton (Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Maven) and Team Triple H (World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, Edge, Batista, and Snitsky), which Team Orton won after Orton last eliminated Triple H. The predominant match on the SmackDown! brand was John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL) versus Booker T for the WWE Championship, which JBL won by pinfall after hitting Booker with the title belt. The primary match on the undercard was a 4 on 4 Survivor Series match between Team Guerrero (Eddie Guerrero, The Big Show, Rob Van Dam, and John Cena) and Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Carlito, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak), which Team Guerrero won after Big Show last eliminated Angle.

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Several of the existing feuds carried on following the event. Triple H continued feuding with Randy Orton, and at New Year's Revolution in January, Triple H last eliminated Orton in an Elimination Chamber match to win the vacant World Heavyweight Championship. John "Bradshaw" Layfield also continued his feud with Booker T, defeating him, Eddie Guerrero, and The Undertaker at Armageddon. Following the event, Carlito sustained a legitimate injury and lost the WWE United States Championship to John Cena, with whom he was in a storyline.

Survivor Series (2004) WWE Survivor Series 2004 Theme YouTube


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The event featured seven professional wrestling matches with outcomes predetermined by WWE script writers. The matches featured wrestlers portraying their characters in planned storylines that took place before, during and after the event. All wrestlers were from one of the WWE's brands – SmackDown and Raw – the two storyline divisions in which WWE assigned its employees.

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On the October 25, 2004 episode of Raw, Evolution (World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, Ric Flair and Batista) were put in charge of Raw, after General Manager Eric Bischoff took the night off. Triple H gave Flair the match of his choice; Flair wanted a rematch with Randy Orton, as he lost a Steel Cage match to Orton at Taboo Tuesday. Orton accepted Flair's challenge, with a stipulation that if he defeated Flair, he'd get an opportunity to face Triple H for the title at Survivor Series. However, Orton lost the match after Triple H interfered, giving Flair the win, so Orton didn't receive an opportunity to the World Heavyweight title. The next week on Raw, General Manager Eric Bischoff set up a Traditional 4-on-4 Survivor Series Elimination match, with Orton, Chris Jericho, Maven and Chris Benoit facing Triple H, Batista, Edge and Snitsky at Survivor Series. The winning team at Survivor Series would be granted absolute control of running Raw for a month. The next week, Bischoff concluded with adding that the winning members at Survivor Series would all be in charge of Raw for a week. That same night, Edge faced Chris Benoit, with Triple H, Batista, Orton, Jericho and Maven at ringside to watch the match. At ringside, a fight broke out between Triple H and Orton's team, causing the match to end in a No Contest.

On the October 21, 2004 episode of SmackDown!, SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long booked a six-man tag team match, with Booker T, Rob Van Dam, and Rey Mysterio facing JBL, Kenzo Suzuki, and René Duprée. At the time, Booker T was a heel and congratulated JBL's success with the company in a segment backstage. The tag team match got underway, and JBL was led to believe that Booker T was going to betray Van Dam and Mysterio, as Booker T warned both Van Dam and Mysterio not to interfere with him during the match. The match concluded with Booker T pinning JBL after an axe kick, thus turning Booker face. The following week on SmackDown!, Booker T defeated Orlando Jordan to earn the right to face JBL for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. On the November 4 episode of SmackDown!, JBL interfered in a match between Booker T and Orlando Jordan, which ended in a disqualification, giving Booker T the win. After the disqualification by JBL, Theodore Long scheduled a tag team match between Booker T and Josh Mathews against JBL and Orlando Jordan. The tag team victory was given to Booker T and Matthews, as Booker pinned Jordan for the win.

On the October 28, 2004 episode of SmackDown, Theodore Long booked a 4-on-4 Survivor Series elimination match between Eddie Guerrero, Big Show, Van Dam, and Mysterio against Kurt Angle, Carlito, Luther Reigns, and Mark Jindrak. The next week, however, Mysterio was removed from the elimination match, and was booked in a Fatal 4-Way match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Guerrero was given a week to choose a member for his team at Survivor Series. On the November 11 episode of SmackDown!, Guerrero announced that John Cena, who was recovering from a storyline injury, would be joining his team at Survivor Series.


Before the event went live on pay-per-view, World Tag Team Champions La Résistance (Sylvan Grenier and Robért Conway) defeated The Hurricane and Rosey in a non-title match shown live on Sunday Night Heat.

Preliminary matches

The first match was a Fatal Four-Way match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship between Spike Dudley, Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. After back and forth action, Spike pinned Chavo after a springboard leg drop by Kidman to retain the title.

Next was a match between Shelton Benjamin and Christian for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. During the match, Benjamin attempted to attack Tyson Tomko, who accompanied Christian to the match, but Christian stopped Benjamin. Each man gained control throughout the match. The match ended when Benjamin pinned Christian after a T-Bone Suplex.

In the third match Team Guerrero (Eddie Guerrero, Big Show, Rob Van Dam, and John Cena) faced Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns, and United States Champion Carlito) in a 4-on-4 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match. Carlito was eliminated as Cena chased him from the arena before the match began. Angle eliminated Van Dam after a roll-up using the ropes for leverage. Guerrero eliminated Jindrak after a roll-up, also using the ropes for leverage. Big Show eliminated Reigns after a chokeslam. Big Show eliminated Angle after an FU by Cena and a frog splash by Guerrero, meaning Team Guerrero won the match.

Main event matches

In the fourth match The Undertaker faced Heidenreich. Both men managed to gain the advantage in the match. During the match, Paul Heyman interfered on behalf of Heidenreich. Undertaker executed a Chokeslam and a Tombstone Piledriver on Heidenreich to win.

The fifth match was between Trish Stratus and Lita for the WWE Women's Championship. Lita was disqualified for hitting Stratus with a chair, meaning Stratus retained the title.

In the sixth match John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL) faced Booker T for the WWE Championship. The match saw both men gain the advantage. Orlando Jordan interfered by attacking Booker T. The referee was knocked down by JBL. Booker T executed the scissors kick on JBL as a new referee came down to officiate the match but Jordan removed JBL from the ring and tried to hit Booker T with the title belt. Booker T countered with a Book End on Jordan. JBL hit Booker T with the title belt and pinned him to retain the title.

The final match was the Survivor Series match between Team Orton (Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Maven) versus Team Triple H (World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, Batista, Edge, and Snitsky). Maven was attacked backstage by Snitsky before the match. Benoit was eliminated by Edge, after a Pedigree by Triple H. Batista was eliminated by Chris Jericho after Orton hit Batista with the World Heavyweight title belt and an enziguri by Jericho. Snitsky was disqualified and eliminated for hitting Maven, who had returned for the match, with a chair. Maven was eliminated after Triple H pinned him. Jericho was eliminated by Edge after a spear. Edge was eliminated by Orton after an RKO. Triple H was eliminated by Orton after an RKO, leaving Orton as the sole survivor.


As Team Orton (Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and Maven) defeated Team Triple H (Triple H, Edge, Batista and Snitsky) at Survivor Series, they were given the opportunity to be in charge of Raw for a month; On the November 29 episode of Raw, Randy Orton was in charge and scheduled a World Heavyweight title Battle Royal. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, however, overruled the Battle Royal match and instead booked Triple H to face the winner of the Battle Royal. The battle royal match saw Chris Benoit and Edge, as the final two participants, going over the top rope at the same time, ostensibly ending the match. Orton, acting as General Manager, booked a Triple Threat match between Benoit, Edge, and Triple H for the World Heavyweight title. The match resulted in Benoit applying the Crossface on Edge, only for Edge to manage to roll Benoit over, while the Crossface was still locked in, causing Benoit’s shoulders to touch the mat. The referee began counting, which moments later led to Edge to submit to the maneuver. The following week, with Chris Jericho in charge, Vince McMahon vacated the World Heavyweight title, concluding the match ended in a tie. On the December 13 episode of Raw, Eric Bischoff, who had resumed his position as General Manager, scheduled an Elimination Chamber match between Triple H, Edge, Benoit, Chris Jericho, Orton and Batista at New Year's Revolution for the vacant World Heavyweight title. The following week, Bischoff concluded with adding a Special Guest Referee for the Elimination Chamber: Shawn Michaels. At New Year's Revolution, Triple H won the Elimination Chamber to begin his tenth world title reign.

After retaining the WWE Championship against Booker T, John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL) was inserted into previous feuds with Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, and The Undertaker. The feud led to SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long to book a Fatal Four-Way match at Armageddon in December. The match was won by JBL, as he pinned Booker T after a Clothesline from Hell and successfully retained the title.

In October, John Cena lost the WWE United States Championship to Carlito Caribbean Cool, who debuted on SmackDown!. As part of the storyline, Carlito's bodyguard, Jesús, stabbed Cena in the kidney while at a nightclub. On the November 18 episode of SmackDown!, Cena regained the United States Championship by defeating Carlito. Cena also debuted a "custom made" spinner-style title belt.


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