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Destroyer (film)

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Director  Robert Kirk
Music director  Patrick OHearn
Language  English
4.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror, Thriller
Screenplay  Mark W. Rosenbaum
Country  United States
Destroyer (film) movie poster

Release date  April 1988
Writer  Peter Garrity, Rex Hauck, Mark W. Rosenbaum
Cast  Lyle Alzado (Ivan Moser), Deborah Foreman (Susan Malone), Clayton Rohner (David Harris), Anthony Perkins (Robert Edwards)
Similar movies  Slaughterhouse Rock (1988), The Horror Show (1989), Prison (1988), Scarecrows (1988), Maniac Cop 2 (1990)
Tagline  3,000 voltz couldn't kill him... It just gave him a buzz.

A destroyer is a type of warship.


Destroyer may also refer to:


  • Destroyer (1943 film), an American black-and-white war movie
  • Destroyer (1988 film), an American horror movie
  • Tabaahi-The Destroyer, a 1999 Hindi-language Indian action movie
  • City Destroyers are large havserter ships from Independence Day (1996).
  • Games

  • Destroyer (arcade game), released in 1977
  • Destroyer (video game), released in 1986
  • The Destroyer, the main antagonist in the first game of the Darksiders series released in 2010
  • Destroyers, the main antagonists in the expansion pacl Guild Wars: Eye of the North
  • Destroyer, a massive golem from The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon
  • The Destroyer, a boss form Terraria
  • Literature

  • Destroyer (novel), set in C. J. Cherryh's Foreigner universe
  • The Destroyer (novel series), an action-adventure novel series by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir
  • The Destroyers, a World War II military fiction novel by Douglas Reeman
  • Destroyer Magazine, a Swedish-based gay magazine
  • Artists

  • The Destroyers, the name of George Thorogood's band
  • Destroyer (band), led by singer-songwriter Daniel Bejar
  • Deströyer 666, an Australian metal band
  • Albums

  • Destroyer (Gorgoroth album)
  • Destroyer (Kiss album), 1976
  • Destroyer (Led Zeppelin bootleg recording), 1977
  • The Destroyer (album), a 1996 Alec Empire album
  • Songs

  • "Destroyer" (Static-X song), 2007
  • "Destroyer" (The Kinks song), 1981
  • "Destroyer", a song by Twisted Sister from their album Under the Blade
  • "Destroyer", a song by Design the Skyline from their album Nevaeh
  • "Destroyer", a song by Parkway Drive from their album Ire
  • Other

  • "Destroyer", the series finale of Justice League Unlimited
  • Destroyer (comics), several characters from DC and Marvel Comics
  • Destroyer, also called Destoroyah, a Godzilla villain
  • The Destroyer, a villain from the series Doctor Who
  • Ibanez Destroyer, a model of electric guitar
  • Religion

  • The Destroyer, Destroying angel
  • Shiva the Destroyer, of Hindu tradition
  • Sports

  • Columbus Destroyers, an Arena Football League team
  • Virginia Destroyers, a United Football League team based in Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Mid-Michigan Destroyers, a Premier Basketball League team
  • FC JAX Destroyers, a soccer team based in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Club Destroyers, a football club from Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • The Destroyer, stage name for American professional wrestler Dick Beyer
  • Aircraft

  • Douglas B-66 Destroyer, a US Air Force light bomber
  • Douglas BTD Destroyer, a US Navy torpedo bomber
  • Firearms

  • Destroyer carbine, a Spanish rifle
  • Gaztanaga Destroyer, a Spanish pistol
  • Tanks

  • Tank destroyer, an anti-tank self-propelled armoured fighting vehicle
  • References

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