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Lucky Stars Go Places

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Director  Eric Tsang
Film series  Lucky Stars
Country  Hong Kong
5.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Comedy
Producer  Sammo Hung
Writer  Anthony Chan (story)
Language  Cantonese
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Release date  20 June 1986 (1986-06-20)
Cast  Sammo Hung (Eric / Kidstuff / Fastbuck / Tse Koo Choy), Andy Lau (Lambo), Alan Tam (Top Dog), Anthony Chan (Long Legs), Sylvia Chang (Quito), Billy Lau (Libbogen / Lib-Bogen)
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Lucky Stars Go Places (Chinese: 最佳福星), also known as The Luckiest Stars, is a 1986 Hong Kong action comedy film directed by Eric Tsang. It is the fourth film in the Lucky Stars series. It was an attempt to combine the original Lucky Stars troupe with the similar action comedy ensemble from the Aces Go Places series.


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Lucky stars go places


Lucky Stars Go Places Lucky Stars Go Places Far East Films

The original trilogy of films, Winners and Sinners, My Lucky Stars and Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars were directed by and starred Sammo Hung. They featured appearances from Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao and blended comedy with kung fu action. In My Lucky Stars Go Places, Eric Tsang directed and whilst Hung produced, he only acted in a supporting role. This, combined with the absence of Chan and Yuen, meant the film contained significantly less kung fu action. Furthermore, the other members of the original Lucky Stars gang only have cameo roles in this film.


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Kidstuff (Sammo Hung) has been asked by police superintendent Walter Tso (Cho Tat-wah) to investigate a case of international ammunition trade between two gangs. One of the gangs is the Japanese Yakuza in possession of stolen diamonds, and the other is a group of terrorists with a stockpile of ammunition. Whilst visiting the police station, Kidtuff meets Quito (Sylvia Chang), an old friend from when they were in the orphanage. As they embrace each other in a friendly hug, some passing police officers get the wrong idea and decide to tell her husband, Albert (Karl Maka). Albert refuses to listen to Quito and attempts to fight Kidstuff. Later, when Kidstuff and Quito decide to dine together, Albert secretly hides under their table.

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Kidstuff goes to ask his old Lucky Stars gang for help (the returning Eric Tsang, Richard Ng and Stanley Fung, and newcomer Michael Miu). However, they refuse to help as they have embarked on a new crime spree, so Kidstuff is forced to find a new gang.

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First he recruits Top Dog (Alan Tam), so called because of his affinity with (and ability to speak to) dogs. Second is Fat Cat (Kent Cheng), a lazy cop, who joins because Kidstuff throws money at him. Next is Lambo (Andy Lau) a martial arts expert and lady's man, followed by Long Legs (Anthony Chan) and Libbogen (Billy Lau), a pair of timid beat cops who flee in the face of danger. To complete the unlikely group, Yum Yum (Maria Tung) is assigned to teach the gang her skills of self-defence and disguise.


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  • Sammo Hung as Eric / Kidstuff / Fastbuck / Che-koo-choi
  • Andy Lau as Lambo
  • Alan Tam as Top Dog
  • Kent Cheng as Fat Cat
  • Anthony Chan as Long Legs
  • Billy Lau as Libbogen / Lib-Bogen
  • Maria Tung as Yum Yum
  • Sylvia Chang as Quito
  • Tetsuya Matsui as Japanese Crime Lord Yukio Fushime
  • Alfred Cheung as Fushime's Translator
  • Cho Tat-wah as Superintendiant Walter Tso
  • Stanley Fung as Rawhide
  • Karl Maka as Chief Inspector Albert / Baldy
  • Richard Ng as Sandy
  • Eric Tsang as Roundhead / Lo Han
  • Michael Miu as Pagoda / Ginseng
  • Wong Ching as Inspector Wong
  • Teresa Ha as Ping
  • Joao Antonio Gomes as Doyuta
  • James Tien as Lambo's commander
  • Anders Nelsson as Police Officer Raygun
  • Wong Jing as Tiny
  • Pauline Wong as Tiny's Wife
  • Norman Chu as Sum
  • Ken Boyle as Kissing Fish
  • Bolo Yeung as Movie Patron
  • Chiang Cheng as Movie Patron
  • Steve Mak as Movie Patron
  • Fung Hak-on as Fushime's Thug
  • Lau Kar-wing as Cop
  • Barry Wong as Cop
  • Luk Ying-hong as Cop
  • Fung King-man as Cop
  • Billy Ching as Detective
  • Lee Chi-kit as Bodyguard
  • Steven Hoh as Restaurant Cop
  • King Lee as Bodyguard
  • Yuen Miu as Yukio's thug
  • Chu Tau as Yukio's thug
  • Chow Kam-kong
  • Hsiao Hou as Policeman
  • Danny Poon
  • Wong Ying-kit as Policeman at cafetaria
  • Lau Leung-fat as Fat food restaurant manager
  • Lo Kin as Rascal at fast food restaurant
  • Box office

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    The film earned HK $23,109,809.00 at the Hong Kong box office.


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