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Every Single Day (band)

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K-rock, Post-rock


Seoul, South Korea (1997)

Years active


Record label
Mirrorball Music

Every Single Day (band) httpss31postimgorg5lsodr6or201108170002240jpg

Mini Communication DapjangMirrorball Music

Moon Sung-nam (singer, bassist)Jung Jae-oo (guitarist)Kim Hyo-young (drummer)

Past members
Gang Moon-chul (drummer)Choi Seung-won (drummer)Yoo Hyo-jun (drummer)

Lily M, Jung Yup, Tiger JK, Kim Yeonji, Yui Asaka

Every Single Day (Korean: 에브리싱글데이), is a popular all male band from South Korea formed in 1997. The group debuted with three original members: Moon Sung-nam (singer and bassist), Jung Jae-oo (guitarist), and Gang Moon-chul (drummer).


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1997: band formed

Every Single Day (band) Indie band goes big with soundtracksINSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily

Every Single Day was formed in Busan in 1997 with singer and bassist Moon Sung-nam, guitarist Jung Jae-oo, and drummer Gang Moon-chul.

1999: 1st album - Broken Street

In 1999 the band relocated to Seoul to release their first album entitled Broken Street.

2000–2005: 1st EP and 2nd album - Every Single Day

Every Single Day (band) Singapore39s JJ Lin crowned Best Mandarin Male Singer at Golden

In 2000 Gang Moon-chul left the band and was replaced by drummer Choi Seung-won. In 2001 their first EP entitled Happy Birthday was released. In 2004 they released their self-titled, Every Single Day, album.

2006–2007: 3rd album - Tom's Diary

Every Single Day (band) its making me strongerever In life

In 2007 they released their third album entitled Tom's Diary and shortly after Choi Seung-won left the band to be replaced by drummer Yoo Hyo-jun.

2008–2009: 4th album - The Bright Side

In 2008 the band released their fourth album entitled The Bright Side.

Every Single Day (band) Dal Shabet39s Woohee Works with Every Single Day for quotNapquot MV Soompi

Every Single Day wrote and produced three songs with Korean and English versions to help promote this great association in their efforts. You can check out this group at www.withwta.org and become a toilet angel today.

2010: Pasta

Every Single Day (band) Every Single Day band generasia

In 2010, Every Single Day wrote and produced the music for the MBC drama Pasta in Korea. Their songs, including Lucky Day as the credit song, were featured throughout the show.

2011: Fifth album - Moment and My Princess

In 2011 Every Single Day wrote and produced the music for the MBC drama My Princess. The two part original sound track included their band's original songs Change and Falling among others.

They also released their fifth album entitled Moment.

2012: Golden Time and Cheongdam-dong Alice

In 2012, Every Single Day wrote and produced Hourglass for Golden Time, an MBC medical drama. It was used as the ending song of the drama throughout the show.

They also wrote the song Shower for Cheongdam-dong Alice, an SBS drama.

2013: I Can Hear Your Voice

In 2013, Every Single Day sang the songs Echo and Dolphin for the SBS drama I Can Hear Your Voice, a courtroom drama about a fresh female public defender and a young high school student who is able to read people's thoughts.

2014: Miss Korea, Gap Dong and Pinocchio

They sang three soundtracks and featured in another soundtrack for Miss Korea, which are New World, Street Of Angels, Take My Hands and Heartbreaker respectively.

They also wrote the song "Rush" for Gap Dong, an tvN drama in 2014.

Every Single Day sang the OST Part 3 soundtracks, released on December 4, for SBS drama Pinocchio, a story of a man who hides a special talent living under a fake name and a woman who cannot lie due to ‘Pinocchio Syndrome’.

2015: The Time We Were Not In Love

In 2015, ESD produced the music for the hit drama The Time We Were Not In Love featuring actors Ha Ji-won and Lee Jin-wook about best friends since high school who always just miss romance.

2015: 6th Album -Nothing Of It

In December 2015, Every Single Day released their 6th full length album titled Nothing Of It.

Musical style

Every Single day is an Indie-rock South Korean band.

Influence and impact

In 2009 the band joined the efforts of the World Toilet Association (WTA), a group inaugurated in 2007 to help the 2.5 billion people throughout the world who currently suffer from the lack of toilets. They believe that the improvement of toilets is fundamental to the dignity and social development of all human beings.


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