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I Can Hear Your Voice

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Directed by
Jo Soo-won

First episode date
5 June 2013

Number of episodes


Written by
Park Hye-ryun

Country of origin
South Korea

Final episode date
1 August 2013

I Can Hear Your Voice I Can Hear Your Voice AsianWiki

Also known as
'I Hear Your Voice The Voice You Can't Hear'

Lee Bo-youngLee Jong-sukYoon Sang-hyunLee Da-hee

Opening theme
PaekSang Arts Award for Best Leading Actress in Television

Lee Jong‑suk, Lee Bo‑young, Yoon Sang‑hyun, Lee Da‑hee, Kim So‑hyun

Pinocchio (2014 TV series), Doctor Stranger, Secret Garden (South Korean TV series)

I Can Hear Your Voice (Hangul: 너의 목소리가 들려; RRNeoui Moksoriga Deulryeo) is a 2013 South Korean television series starring Lee Bo-young, Lee Jong-suk, Yoon Sang-hyun and Lee Da-hee. It aired on SBS from June 5 to August 1, 2013, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 18 episodes.


Originally set for 16 episodes, due to its successful ratings, the series was extended by 2 episodes.


I Can Hear Your Voice I Hear Your Voice Watch Full Episodes Free

After overcoming poverty and a difficult childhood, Jang Hye-sung (Lee Bo-young) becomes a lawyer, specifically a public defender, but she is pragmatic, self-preserving and jaded. Her life changes when she encounters Park Soo-ha (Lee Jong-suk), a high school senior with the supernatural ability to read other people's thoughts by looking into their eyes. Soo-ha gained his mind-reading ability when witnessing his father getting murdered ten years previously. His father's death had initially been dismissed as a car accident until Hye-sung, then a high school girl (Kim So-hyun), gave a decisive testimony in court despite the killer's threats (Jung Woong-in). Soo-ha has been searching for her ever since. As Hye-sung works with Soo-ha and a cop-turned-lawyer Gwan-woo (Yoon Sang-hyun), she gradually lets go of her pursuit of money and glory. Together, this unlikely team uses unconventional methods to solve their cases, proving that while sometimes justice is blind to a fault, she can still hear your voice.

Main characters

  • Lee Bo-young as Lawyer Jang Hye-sung / Kim So-hyun as 15-year-old Hye-sung

  • I Can Hear Your Voice I Hear Your Voice Watch Full Episodes Free on
    Smart and hardworking, Hye-sung was raised by a poor but loving mother. After being falsely accused of causing an incident involving fireworks, she gets expelled from high school. She bravely testifies on the witness stand, causing the murderer of Park Soo-ha's father to be convicted and imprisoned. But both experiences change her, and ten years later, Hye-sung is an apathetic public defender who doesn't care about her clients and only does her job for the salary.
  • Lee Jong-suk as Park Soo-ha / Goo Seung-hyun as 9-year-old Soo-ha

  • I Can Hear Your Voice 1000 images about I Hear Your Voice on Pinterest Parks The young
    After witnessing his father killed (and almost getting killed himself), 9 year old Soo-ha gains the supernatural ability to read people's minds by looking at their eyes. When high school teenager Hye-sung testified in court to corroborate his testimony regarding the killer, he swore that he would always protect and guard her. He nurses a crush on her for a decade, but when he meets her again, he's dismayed to find her completely different from what he has expected.
  • Yoon Sang-hyun as Cha Gwan-woo

  • I Can Hear Your Voice Blognya Arafa Zahiraquot Download Gratis Drama Korea quot I Hear
    A cop who brings his idealism, empathy and attention to detail to his new job as a public defender. Though outwardly geeky and meek, he has a keen intelligence that sees new angles in his cases.
  • Lee Da-hee as Seo Do-yeon / Jung Min-ah as 15-year-old Do-yeon

  • I Can Hear Your Voice asianwikicomimagesee2IHearYourVoicea002jpg
    A prosecutor who comes from a rich, well-connected family, with her father being a judge and her mother a doctor. Do-yeon has always pushed herself to become the perfect daughter to please her parents. She was in rivalry with Hye-sung in high school and when a fireworks accident nearly caused her to lose her eyesight, she blames Hye-sung for it, despite the latter's denials. Do-yeon was also a witness to the murder of Park Soo-ha's father, but at the last minute, she loses her courage and doesn't testify.

    Supporting characters

  • Jung Woong-in as Min Joon-gook, murderer of Soo-ha's father
  • Yoon Joo-sang as Lawyer Shin Sang-deok
  • Choi Sung-joon as Choi Yoo-chang, clerk of the public defenders' office
  • Kim Kwang-kyu as Judge Kim Gong-sook
  • Kim Ga-eun as Go Sung-bin, Soo-ha's classmate
  • Park Doo-shik as Kim Choong-ki, Soo-ha's classmate
  • Kim Hae-sook as Eo Choon-shim, Hye-sung's mother
  • Kim Byung-ok as Hwang Dal-joong, Joon-gook's cellmate
  • Jung Dong-hwan as Judge Seo Dae-seok, Do-yeon's father
  • Jang Hee-soo as Do-yeon's mother
  • Jo Deok-hyeon as Park Joo-hyeok, Soo-ha's father
  • Kim Soo-yeon as Moon Dong-hee, Sung-bin's classmate who is an upcoming entertainer
  • Jang Hee-woong as Prosecutor Jo, nicknamed "Mr. Grass-like Hair"
  • Cameo and guest appearances

  • So Yi-hyun as Joon-gook's lawyer (cameo, ep 1, 12)
  • Kim Sung-kyun as detective (cameo, ep 1)
  • Jeon Soo-kyung as dental pad lady (cameo, ep 1)
  • Han Ki-won as Jeong Pil-jae, the elder twin (guest appearance, ep 4–6)
  • Han Ki-woong as Jeong Pil-seung, the younger twin (guest appearance, ep 4–6)
  • Lee Byung-joon as head of free newspaper company (cameo, ep 7)
  • Kim Hwan as newscaster (voice only, ep 8)
  • Kim Gi-cheon as swindler disguised as a visually handicapped person (cameo, ep 9)
  • Kim Hak-rae as spa customer (cameo, ep 10)
  • Kim Mi-kyung as Jeon Young-ja/Seon Chae-ok, Dal-joong's wife (guest appearance, ep 12–14, 16)
  • Ahn Moon-sook as head of the orphanage (cameo, ep 13)
  • Kim Min-jong as Lawyer Choi Yoon (cameo, ep 14)
  • Um Ki-joon as Lawyer Um Ki-joon (cameo, ep 14)
  • Pyeon Sang-wook as newscaster (cameo, ep 15)
  • Kim Mi-ryu as necklace shop clerk (cameo, ep 16)
  • Ahn Young-mi as necklace shop customer (cameo, ep 16)
  • Kangnam of M.I.B as pickpocket (cameo, ep 17)
  • Jung Man-sik as police academy interviewer (cameo, ep 18)
  • International broadcast

    It aired in Japan on cable channel KNTV beginning March 15, 2014, and cable channel WOWOW beginning July 23, 2014, and aired in the Philippines by GMA Network beginning August 11, 2014 under the title I Hear Your Voice.

    In Thailand aired on Workpoint TV beginning April 9, 2014.

    In Malaysia aired on 8TV beginning June 20 until October 17, 2015.

    In Sri Lanka it aired on Sirasa TV from November 30, 2015 until February 29, 2016 under the title Himathuhina (හිමතුහින) and was dubbed in Sinhalese with a total of sixty six episodes.


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