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Uttam Mohanty

Arun Ku. Mohanty

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Suna Chadhei, Love Master, Ae Jugara Krushna Sudama, Mu Tate Love Karuchi, Tumaku Paruni Ta Bhuli

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uttam mohanty

Uttam Mohanty (Odia: ଉତ୍ତମ ମହାନ୍ତି) is one of the most popular Ollywood stars in the state of Odisha in India. He has to his credit more than 135 Odia films to date and has acted in 30 Bengali films and in the only Hindi film Naya Zaher. The Bollywood star Mithun Chakraborty, after co-starring in a movie with him, paid tribute to his influence: 'I feel immensely lucky and honored to have worked with such an influential actor and I did learn a lot from him.'


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Early life

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Uttam Mohanty was born at Mayurbhanj in Odisha. His grandfather settled in Baripada 150 years ago. He completed his early education from M.K.C High School & M.P.C. college of Baripada, where he actively participated in drama and plays. As a child he was very naughty which brought fresh complaints from outside. After matriculation he joined Maharaja Purnachandra College for intermediate in science. During his college days he was inclined more towards acting. He always tried to play the lead part in dramas. He was equally passionate to sports like badminton and table tennis. After completing graduation in commerce he went to Ludhiana for chartered accountancy. Thereafter he stayed with his elder brother, the late Arun Ku. Mohanty, in Kolkata for some time, enrolled in a chartered accountancy course there.Till now he is closely associated with Baripada.

Life and career

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Knowing that a film named Abhiman was being made in Baripada, he returned home with a hope of trying his luck in films. Though there were many contenders for the lead role, the director Sadhu Meher had a special interest in his capability and looks. He was selected. Co-actress Rita Chand was also debuting in that film. On the day of shooting he turned up to the set well-dressed with best possible suits available. Sadhu told him to take the make-up of a poor guy. He was sent again to come back with old and dirty clothes and without make-up. The 1977 film was a box office hit.

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Uttam now opted seriously for being an actor, and slowly stabilised his position in the Oriya film industry. While staying in Kolkata he got an offer from director Dhir Biswal for his upcoming film titled Gouri. Later that role was given to Prasanta Nanda. The next film he did was "Pati Patni" opposite Mahasweta Ray. Then a streak of films like "Nijhum ratira sathi", "Chinha Achhinha", "Ramayana", Tapasya, Ram Balram happened. By the time he was established as a romantic star.Uttam Mohanty was especially adored for his effortless naturalism in front of the camera and a distinctively urbane charisma that broke free from the prototypical Oriya screen hero of the past.[citation needed] He went on to form successful screen pairs with many leading ladies like Rita Chand, Sujata Ananda, Tandra Roy, Mahasweta Ray, Deepa Sahu, Subhra Pati, Aparajeeta, Baisali, Sangeeta Das even Rachana Benerjee and other non oriya actress. Often hailed as the one-man industry, Uttam Mohanty dominated Oriya cinema for three decades. The eighties was the best time of his career. Many Ollywood films of the 1980s had Uttam Mohanty in them, and he dominated the Oriya film industry. He excelled in all kinds of roles: Romantic, Village Lad, Character. Abhiman, Danda Balunga, Bhakta Salabega are even remembered today for his stupendous acting. He also worked in around 30 Bengali films and one Hindi film - Naya Jahar, opposite Satabdi Roy.

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In the early eighties he played in almost 20 movies opposite leading actress Mahasweta Ray (Rasmi Ray). Though they fell in love and decided to marry, the love did not last long, and the pair separated. "Palatak" (1985) was their last film. Again the pair was hit in 1988 by Prashanta Nanda in the film of "Ja Devi Sarbavutesu". Later both came in lot of films in nineties. Over fifty of his films are opposite Aparajita Mohanty, his wife. They first appeared together in Astaraga (1982), and married on 17 May 1987 in Municipality Guest House, Bhubaneswar. Other heroines who have acted opposite him include Anita, Sujata, Tandra, Deepa, Baisali, Subhra Pati, and Rachana Bannerje.

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After 1995 he got more character roles due to his age. In films like "Jashoda", "Subhadra", Kalamanika he did character roles. In the later period of his career he also took television roles. Serials like 'Je Pakhi Ude Jete Dura', 'Sara Akash', Panatakani and 'Uttaradayi' are most popular. His role as Bikhu bhai in Sara Akash is memorable. His Hindi serials include Palash and Bengali serial bideshini Bohu. His has also contributed to music albums and Bhajaas.

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Uttam Mohanty now lives in Bhubaneswar. Currently, he is working for Oriya tele-serials and movies, and interested in enhancing his knowledge in the area of politics. He and Aparajita Mohanty have a son named Tanmay Mohanty.

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Uttam Mohanty is the only star in the Oriya cinema horizon to have been at the top for nearly two decades, dominating the Oriya film industry throughout the 80's and 90's. His rural fan base led him to do many films which had rustic story lines and from which intellectuals shied away. Many critics and fellow actors and seniors have often expressed in public podium that during the commercially dry days of early nineties of Oriya cinema, when the Oriya film industry was under heavy financial stress, it was Uttam Mohanty's efforts and charm which saved the day. He is in demand among off-mainstream filmmakers as well. He has won many Oriya filmfare awards and prizes as a best actor. A number of societies and institutes have honored him as a living legend of Ollywood cinema.

Awards and accreditation

Uttam Mohanty Odia cine star Uttam Mohanty joins BJD PRAGATIVADILEADING ODIA DAILY

  • Odisha Living Legend Award 2012
  • State Film Award as Best actor for Phula Chandana, Jhiati Sita Pari, Danda Balunga, Suna Chadhei
  • State Film Award as Best Supporting Actor for To Binu Anyagati nahin.
  • Jayadeb Puraskar in 1999
  • Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award in 2006
  • Awards from Citic Association, Chitrapuri, Banichitra, Chalachitra Jagata
  • 5th FITFAT Biscope Award, 2008
  • Filmography

    Uttam Mohanty Welcome to wwwUttamMohantycom Orissa Forum

    2009 – Pagala Karichi Paunji Tora

    2009 – Tu Mori Pain

    2009 – Ailare Odia Pua

    2009 – Romeo – The Lover Boy

    2007 – Tumaku Paruni Ta Bhuli

    2007 – Mu Tate Love Karuchi

    2007 – Ae Jugara Krushna Sudama

    2005 – Bazi

    2005 – Om Shanti Om

    2005 – Agni Parikshya

    2002 – Sei Jhiati

    2002 – Samaya Kheluchi Chaka Bhaunri

    2002 – Dharma Sahile Hela

    2001 – Mo Kola To Jhulana

    2001 – Baazi

    1999 – Maa Pari Kie Haba

    1999 – Kala Chakra

    1998 – Sahara Jaluchi

    1998 – Rupa Gaanra Suna Kania

    1997 – Raghu Arakhita

    1997 – Nari Bi Pindhi Pare Rakta Sindura

    1997 – Lakhe Siba Puji Paichi Pua

    1996 – Sakala Tirtha To Charane

    1996 – Pua Mora Bhola Shankar

    1995 – Rakata Kahiba Kie Kahara

    1994 – Pacheri Uthila Majhi Duaru

    1994 – Naga Jyoti

    1994 – Akuha Katha

    1993 – Dadagiri

    1993 – Bhagya Hate Dori

    1993 – Sukher Swarga

    1992 – Sukha Sansara

    1992 – Naga Panchami

    1992 – Maa

    1992 – Bhisma Pratigyan

    1992 – Badshah

    1991 – To Binu Anya Gati Nahi

    1991 – Kapala Likhan

    1991 – Akuha Katha

    1991 – Bastra Haran

    1991 – Mukti Tirtha

    1991 - Aama Ghara Aama Sansara

    1991 – Naya Zaher (Hindi)

    1990 – Bidhira Bidhan

    1990 – Nua Bhauja

    1990 – Panchu Pandav

    1990 – Kandhei

    1990 – Raja Rani

    1990 – Ja Devi Sarba Bhuteshu

    1990 – Sasti

    1990 – Topae Sindura Di Topa Luha

    1989 – Thakura Achhanti Chau Bahaku

    1989 – Paradeshi Chadhei

    1989 – Nyaya Anyaya

    1989 – Hasa Luha Bhara Duniya

    1989 – Daiba Daudi

    1988 – Pua Mora Kala Thakura

    1988 – Papa Punya

    1988 – Kanyadana

    1988 – Bada Bhauja

    1988 – Jahaku Rakhibe Ananta

    1988 – Thili Jhia Heli Bohu

    1987 – Tunda Baida

    1987 – Suna Chadhei

    1987 – Phula Chandan

    1987 – Michha Mayara Sansara

    1987 – Anyaya Sahibi Nahi

    1987 – Golamgiri

    1987 – Aei Ta Duniya

    1987 – Chaka Akhi Sabu Dekhuchi

    1987 – Badhu Nirupama

    1986 – Paka Kambal Pot Chhata

    1986 – Jor Jar Mulak Tar

    1986 – Aei Ama Sansara

    1986 – School Master

    1986 - Sata kebe Luchi rahena

    1986 – Sahari Bagha

    1985 – Sankha Sindura

    1985 – Samay Bada Balaban

    1985 – Puja Phula

    1985 – Palatak

    1985 – Mamata Mage Mula

    1985 – Jaga Hatare Pagha

    1985 – Chaka Bhaunri

    1984 – Janani

    1984 – Jai Phula

    1983 – Ram Rahim

    1983 – Jhiatie Sita Pari

    1983 – Abhilasha

    1982 – Jwain Pua

    1982 – Dekh Khabar Rakh Najar

    1982 – Baje Bainshi Nache Ghungura

    1982 – Astaraga

    1981 – Debajani

    1981 – Arati

    1981 – Akshay Trutiya

    1978 – Ram Balaram

    1979 – Nijhum Ratira Sathi

    1979 – Chinha Achinha

    1978 – Ramayan

    1978 – Danda Balunga

    1978 – Sarapancha Babu

    1978 – Sankha Mahuri

    1978 – Pati Patni

    1978 – Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja

    1977 – Abhimaan


  • Katha Kahuthile Saribani
  • Panatakani
  • Sara akasha
  • Uttardai
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