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Country  India
Language spoken  Marathi
State  Maharashtra
District  Latur
Colleges and Universities  Maharashtra Udayagiri Institute of Management & Technology Somnathpur

Udgir is a city with a municipal council in Latur District in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is located in the Marathwada division of the state.(one of the divisions of Maharashtra state based on geographical conditions) It is also the headquarters for the Udgir subdivision and Udgir Taluka. It is located very near to Karnataka Border. The town is famous for its agricultural production, education and the historical Udgir Fort.


Map of Udgir

Hattibet near udgir maharastra

Childhood memories by jackie shroff udgir majhe gaon


Udgir in the past, History of Udgir

Udgir has a great historical significance. It has witnessed the war between the Marathas and the Nizams of Hyderabad which took place in 1761. The Marathas led by Sadashivrao Bhau defeated the Nizam and the treaty of Udgir was signed. The fort of Udgir stands in all its glory speaking volumes about the Indian history and Indian culture. The fort is bounded by a 40-foot-deep trench as the fort is built at the ground level. In the fort are several palaces called Durbar halls and most importantly the Samadhi of Udagir Maharaj, which is 60 feet below the normal ground level. This is a place of great importance for the people of this region.

The Udgir city has a glorious historical background and is known for the well built fort from pre-Bahamani age. It is also famous for the historic between Marathas and the Nizam, led by Sadashivrao Bhau who defeated Nizam in 1759 when the treaty of Udgir was signed. Marathas got a convincing victory in the battle of Udgir under the able leadership of brave warrior Sadashivrao Bhau. Later it prompted Peshwe (Peshwas) of Pune to promote/elevate and designate him as Chief Commander of the Maratha Army for the Third Battle of Panipat fought in 1761. Nevertheless it was part of Nizam until 1948 and State of Hyderabad between 1948 and 1956 before annexing to Bombay State with entire Marathwada.


The main occupation of about the people of Udgir is agriculture. Agriculture here is the best source of income because of vast agricultural land and sufficient water availability. The soil and vegetation of Udgir are related to the climate and the geology. The soil as a part of Deccan plateau is made up of black basalt soil. This type of soil is rich in humus. It is best suitable for cultivation of cotton. The main source of water is being monsoon rains and other private water sources. The main crops that are cultivated are whole grains including jowar, bajri, wheat, sorghum, mung, tur, urad gram, soyabeans, sugarcane, onions and other green leafy vegetables. With introduction of new and efficient machinery and agricultural equipments the production of farming is increased with increased quality of food grains.

Udgir Culture of Udgir

A vast agriculture land is situated in and around Udgir in different villages. Cattle bred here are buffalo, cow, oxen, poultry, sheep, etc. As availability of plenty of milk and milk products a milk dairy was established in the early 1980s and soared a high in milk and milk products production. The dairy also emerged as an employment resource. Due to gradually low production, the dairy has a standstill nowadays.

Udgir is a good consumer market for vegetables and fruits due to its local vendors, i.e. Easy availability from nearby farms.


The cinema halls in town are:

  • Big Cinemas Usha - multi Screen 70MM A/C
  • Kalpana 70MM A/C
  • RK Multiplex
  • Uma 70MM A/C
  • Jagruti 70MM
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