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The Left Ear

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The Left Ear movie poster

Release date
April 24, 2015 (2015-04-24)

Based on
The Left Ear (novel) by Rao Xueman

Rao Xueman (based on the novel by)

The left ear 2015 4 24 theatrical trailer eng sub

The Left Ear is a 2015 Chinese coming of age film directed by Alec Su. It is Su's directorial debut, and based upon the novel of the same name by Rao Xueman. Rao also wrote the film's screenplay. Filming completed and went into post production in November 2014, and was slated for release on April 30, 2015 but was moved forward to April 24, 2015.


The Left Ear movie scenes

Many of Su's former co-stars from popular TV series My Fair Princess, Romance in the Rain and Destiny by Love helped him promote the film, including Ruby Lin, Leo Ku, Qin Lan, and Zhao Wei who sang the theme song. The moderate-budget film became a major box office success, grossing US$78 million.

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The Left Ear The Left Ear ChinaUnderground Movie Database

Li Er, a 17-year-old-girl, is partially deaf in her left ear. She dreams of having someone whisper sweet nothings into her impaired left ear because it’ll “go straight to the heart". Li Er has a crush on Xu Yi, a popular guy in school who is handsome and intelligent. Instead, Xu Yi is in love with Li Bala, a bar waitress. Driven to distraction, Xu neglects his homework, which infuriates his mother to the point that she was hospitalized and eventually died.

The Left Ear The Left Ear 2015424 Theatrical Trailer Eng sub YouTube

What Xu Yi and Li Bala doesn't know is that they are all pawns in a plan devised by Zhang Yang, Xu Yi's half-brother. Zhang Yang had always hated his mother for leaving him and his father and marrying Xu Yi's father. He wanted to seek revenge against Xu Yi. One night, after seeing Zhang Yang in a basketball game, Li Bala falls in love with first sight with him. Disregarding Zhang Yang’s offhand violence and his jealous and spoilt girlfriend, Jiang Jiao, Li Bala chases after him fervently. Zhang Yang agreed to date Li Bala, on the condition that Li Bala destroys Xu Yi's reputation.

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After the exams, Zhang Yang and Jiang Jiao went out for dinner with their high school friends. In a spite of jealousy from seeing Li Bala's name on Zhang Yang's phone, Jiang Jiao forces Zhang Yang to make a choice between her and Li Bala. Zhang Yang called Li Bala a slut to appease Jiang Jiao, but the moment was caught on Jiang Jiao's camcorder, which was later stolen by Hei Ren's subordinate. Hei Ren, a gangster who is in love with Li Bala, assumes that Zhang Yang is playing with her feelings, and shows the video tape to Li Bala. Unable to accept the fact, Li Bala headed to find Zhang Yang to clarify the misunderstanding. However, she unfortunately died in a car accident along the way. As she was dying, Li Bala whispered her last words into Li'er's ears, telling her to pass it on to Zhang Yang. However, because of her condition, Li Er was unable to hear what Li Bala said.

The Left Ear The Left Ear Official Trailer HD Chopflix YouTube

After graduation, Zhang Yang and Jiang Jiao heads to Beijing; while Li Er and Xu Yi went to Shanghai. Li Er and Xu Yi started to date, but soon broke up after Li Er finds out that Xu Yi is cheating on her. However, they broke up soon after Li Er finds out that Xu Yi has been cheating on her. Li Er heads back to her hometown, where she chanced upon Zhang Yang, whom she eventually forgives. She chanced upon a note left by Li Bala, who wrote that she wanted Zhang Yang to be happy. Li Er decides to pass on the note to Zhang Yang, telling him that it is Li Bala's last words for him. .

In the year 2013, everyone has graduated. Li Er was employed into a company co-managed by Zhang Yang and Hei Ren. Zhang Yang, who has gradually fallen in love with Li Er, whispers gently into her ears; as Li Er meets his eyes and smile...


  • Chen Duling as Li Er
  • Oho Ou as Zhang Yang
  • Yang Yang as Xu Yi
  • Sandra Ma as Li Bala
  • Guan Xiaotong as Jiang Jiao
  • Duan Bowen as Heiren
  • Hu Xia as You Ta
  • Bao Wenjing
  • Jiang Wenli
  • Chen Taishen
  • Xie Na
  • Soundtrack

  • The Left Ear
  • Composer: Wang Zongxian
  • Lyricist: Lin Xi
  • Performer: Zhao Wei
  • Rest Assured to Fly
  • Performer: Oho Ou, Yang Yang, Hu Xia
  • A Beautiful Yesterday
  • Performer: Hu Xia
  • Box office

    It opened Friday, April 24, 2015 in China, earning $31.49 million, coming first place at the Chinese box office and third place worldwide, behind Avengers: Age of Ultron and Furious 7. In its second weekend, it earned $15.57 million and fell to No. 3 behind Furious 7 and You Are My Sunshine. In its third weekend, the film grossed $4.36 million for a No. 4 finish behind Chappie, Furious 7, and You Are My Sunshine

    Critical reviews

    Variety said the film succeeded in immersing audience in the characters, and praised the actors' heartfelt performances, in particularly Sandra Ma.


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