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Alec Su

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Chinese name
蘇有朋 (traditional)


Alec Su

Su Youpeng (Mandarin)

Chinese name
苏有朋 (simplified)

Alec Su Beijing Language EN Regions Global Episode 55

Nanchang, Jiangxi, China (Hakka)

11 September 1973 (age 50) Taipei, Taiwan (

Other name(s)
Guaiguai Hu (乖乖虎; "Obedient Tiger")Tommy Su

actor, singer, producer

Brushing Past, Are You Happy or Not

Hundred Flowers Award for Best Supporting Actor

Movies and TV shows
Similar People
Ruby Lin, Nicky Wu, Zhao Wei, Chen Duling, Zhou Jie

Music group
Xiao Hu Dui (1988 – 1995)

Jang nara and alec su

Alec Su You-peng (born 11 September 1973) is a Taiwanese actor, singer, television producer, and film director.


Alec Su Alec Su Movies Actor Singer Taiwan Filmography TV

Su became a popular teen idol in the 1980s as a member of the boyband Xiao Hu Dui. He was known as the "Obedient Tiger" (乖乖虎) until the band broke up in 1995.

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The 1998–1999 hit TV series My Fair Princess marked a turning point in Su's career. Since then he has had a successful career in acting, starring in highly popular dramas such as The Legendary Siblings (1999), Romance in the Rain (2001), and The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (2003). Su has won awards from Hundred Flowers Awards and Macau International Movie Festival for the films The Message (2009) and The Love Song of Kang Ding (2010) respectively.

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In 2013 he produced the TV series Destiny by Love. In 2015 he directed the film The Left Ear.

Alec Su Su You Peng Fei Chang Jing Ju Li 5 of 7 YouTube

Xiang jian tai wan english sub alec su

Musical: Xiao Hu Dui (Little Tigers)

Alec Su Alec Su You Peng Photo 2109 spcnettv

Alec Su's career started in 1988, at the age of 15, when he joined the Little Tigers trio. The band was the first idol singing group that debuted in the Taiwanese music industry and Alec was labelled as the "obedient tiger." The group's popularity was unprecedented; the Little Tigers attracted fans from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and amongst Chinese communities around the world. The success of the band began the new generation of Taiwanese pop culture in the early 1990s. In 2010, the Little Tigers were invited to participate in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, in which they sang a medley of three of their biggest hits and won accolades as the "favorite singing group" for the event.

Alec Su Su You Peng 19th Golden Rooster And Hundred Flowers Film Festival

Apart from being a popular singer, during this period Su was epitomized by the general public as a superior student. He attended Taiwan's number one high school, Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School and was accepted into the prestigious National Taiwan University, where he majored in Mechanical Engineering . Su's experiences describing his high school years, preparing for the Taiwan university entrance examinations while trying to also juggle his performing schedule as a member of a wildly popular singing group, are recorded in his 1995 book entitled My Days at Jian Zhong / Youth Never Die.

Alec Su Su You Peng MyDramaList

However, as Su became so well known at such a young age, he felt that he had lost his freedom as a result of being in the limelight. At the age of 21, a year before his university graduation in Taiwan, Su decided to leave school and study abroad in England.


Alec Su Alec Su You Peng Photo 2103 spcnettv

In 1995, after the breakup of Little Tigers, Su embarked on an acting career. His role as the Wu Ah Ge, Yongqi in the Chinese TV series blockbuster My Fair Princess I and II won him fame as a television actor in 1997. He continued in 2000 with another hit TV series Romance in the Rain. His later TV series include Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (2002), Magic Touch of Fate (2004, costarring Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin and Korean singer Kang Ta), and Mischievous Princess (2005). He collaborated with Korean actress Chae Rim in two 2003 productions, Love of the Aegean Sea and Warriors of the Yang Clan.

Alec Su Alec Su You Peng spcnettv

In 2006, Su appeared in the 1930s drama Jiang Ji Jiu Ji co-starring with Li Qian, Cecilia Ye Tong, and Paul Chun, and which aired in Spring 2007. In 2008 he acted in the TV drama Re Ai, which aired in the spring of 2009.

In late 2013, it was announced that Su would be appearing as a judge on the fifth season of China's Got Talent alongside Liu Ye, Wang Wei-Chung, and former co-star Zhao Wei.


In recent years, Su has been concentrating on his film career. Since the second half of 2008 he has participated in more than a half-dozen film projects. Su also appears in the ensemble piece, Fit Lover, which had a November 2008 release, as well as guest starring in a short Taiwan film, L-O-V-E. The high-profile 1940s-period espionage drama, The Message, had a wide release in Asia in autumn 2009, has been included in several international film festivals, and received several nominations (and one win, for Li Bing Bing as "Best Actress") for the 2009 Golden Horse awards. A Singing Fairy, shot in Guangxi Province, and a biography of Macau composer Xian Xinghai, titled The Star and the Sea, both opened in limited release in December 2009. The Four Cupids, a romantic comedy, premiered in April 2010. Film projects for 2010 included The Love Song of Kangding (romantic drama filmed in Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture) and Lost in Panic Room, a "locked room" detective thriller. Both premiered in the fall of 2010. A sequel to the detective film, titled Lost in Panic Cruise, was released for Halloween 2011. Su continues his film career with several completed movies scheduled for release in 2012, and another currently in production.

In October 2010, Alec won the Hundred Flowers Award for "Best Supporting Actor" for his role in The Message. In December 2010, he won the "Best Actor" award at the 2nd Macau International Movie Festival, for his performance in The Love Song of Kangding

Along with his TV and film success, Su has released thirty top-selling albums, starting as a member of The Little Tigers group. As a solo artist he has released 14 albums, beginning in 1992 with I Only Want You to Love Me to his 2004 release Before and After. In January 2012 Su performed, along with singers Daniel Chan, Aska Yang, and Wilber Pan, in the 2012 Fantasy Stars Chinese New Year Concert, MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas.


  • 2004: Love Of The Aegean Sea original soundtrack
  • Books

  • 1995 (revised 2003): 青春的場所 (My Days at Jian Zhong / Youth Never Die)
  • Filmography

    Empires of the Deep (completed) as
    Mermen Kingdom Soldier
    The Treasured Voice (TV Series) as
    Musical Partner
    Yesterday Once More as
    Mr. Qian
    Zui jia xian yi ren as
    Lin Yitai
    Sweet Alibis as
    Wang Chih-Yi
    Destiny of Love (TV Series) as
    Lu Sinoe
    Back to 1942 as
    T. V. Soong (aka Soong Tse-ven)
    San ge wei hun ma ma as
    Gu Donghai (as Youpeng Su)
    The Assassins as
    Emperor Xian (as Su Youpeng)
    Design of Death as
    Niu Yi Sheng / Dr. Niu
    Lost in Panic Cruise as
    Liu Yunfei
    Mi shi zi bu ke gao ren as
    Liu Yunfei
    A Tibetan Love Song as
    Li Su Jie (as Youpeng Su)
    Si ge qiu bi te as
    Qi Bolin
    Xun zhao liu san jie as
    Wei Wende
    Xinghai as
    Xiao Youmei
    The Message as
    Bai Xiaonian
    L-O-V-E. as
    Introduction (segment "Di liu hao liu hai nan sheng")
    Fit Lover as
    Guo Ying
    My Bratty Princess (TV Series) as
    Emperor Zhu Yun / Yin Kuang
    Magician Romance (TV Series) as
    Wu Jun An
    Yang men hu jiang (TV Series) as
    Yang Si Lang / Yang Si Lan
    Qing ding ai qin hai (TV Series) as
    Lu En Qi
    Yi tian tu long ji (TV Series) as
    Zhang Wuji / Zhang Cuishan
    Shou zu qing shen as
    Ka Chung
    Pai an jing qi (TV Series) as
    Hang Tie Sheng
    Shao nian zhang san feng (TV Series) as
    Yi Tian Xing
    Profound Love in Heavy Rain (TV Series) as
    Du Fei
    - The Station (2001) - Du Fei
    - Happy Wedding (2001) - Du Fei
    - Railway (2001) - Du Fei
    - Orphans' Home (2001) - Du Fei
    - Pingping (2001) - Du Fei
    - Aggression (2001) - Du Fei
    - Xueqin's Dirty Secret (2001) - Du Fei
    - Safe (2001) - Du Fei
    - Retribution (2001) - Du Fei
    - Happy Birthday! (2001) - Du Fei
    - Reconcile (2001) - Du Fei
    - I Love You (2001) - Du Fei
    - I Will Attend Their Engagement Party (2001) - Du Fei
    - Engagement Party (2001) - Du Fei
    - Suiyuan (2001) - Du Fei
    - Misty Heart (2001) - Du Fei
    - What a Beautiful Face, What an Ugly Heart (2001) - Du Fei
    - Separation (2001) - Du Fei
    - Mingping Is Pregnant (2001) - Du Fei
    - Dairy (2001) - Du Fei
    - Ruyi (2001) - Du Fei
    - Happy New Year! (2001) - Du Fei
    - Amazing (2001) - Du Fei
    - Would You Marry Me? (2001) - Du Fei
    - Memories (2001) - Du Fei
    - Fever (2001) - Du Fei
    - Joyful, Joyful (2001) - Du Fei
    - Happiness (2001) - Du Fei
    - Xueqin's Revenge (2001) - Du Fei
    - Anger (2001) - Du Fei
    - Keyun Is Mad! (2001) - Du Fei
    - Happiness (2001) - Du Fei
    - Story in the Rain (2001) - Du Fei
    - Who's the Father (2001) - Du Fei
    - Romance in the Rain (2001) - Du Fei
    - Necklace (2001) - Du Fei
    - The Secret Is Out (2001) - Du Fei
    - I Want to Operate on You (2001) - Du Fei
    - The Mental Hospital (2001) - Du Fei
    - Boat (2001) - Du Fei
    - You're Jealous (2001) - Du Fei
    - You (2001) - Du Fei
    - She Is My Another Sister (2001) - Du Fei
    - You Help Me Again (2001) - Du Fei
    - Birthday (2001) - Du Fei
    - White Rose (2001) - Du Fei
    - To Be a Singer? (2001) - Du Fei
    - I Will Revenge! (2001) - Du Fei
    - Black Leopard (2001) - Du Fei
    Cotton Fleece as
    Ma Cheng Gong
    Da ying jia as
    Bastardly Sze
    Lao fang you xi (TV Series) as
    Su Xiao Peng / Su San
    Jue dai shuang jiao (TV Series) as
    Hua Wu Que
    Huan zhu ge ge 2 (TV Mini Series) as
    Yong Qi
    Hong Niang
    Qing se as
    Cai Wu / Cai Yao's brother (as Yu-peng Su)
    Huan zhu ge ge (TV Mini Series) as
    Yong Qi
    A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation as
    Ten Miles (Mandarin version, voice)
    The Feeling of Love as
    Xiao Pei
    Forever Friends as
    Private Luo Zhi-Jiang
    You xia er as
    Xiao Guai
    Xian yi ren X de xian shen
    The Left Ear
    Music Department
    Bao gao ban zhang 5 (theme vocals)
    Chinese Restaurant (TV Series) (performer - 12 episodes)
    Happy Camp (TV Series) (performer - 2 episodes)
    - Episode #21.12 (2017) - (performer: "Jiao ni yi sheng My Love")
    - Episode #21.13 (2017) - (performer: "Jiao ni yi sheng My Love")
    A Tibetan Love Song (as Youpeng Su, "Kangding Love Song")
    Pai an jing qi (TV Series) (performer: "Tong Zhuo De Ni", "Ai Qing Gao Su Wo")
    The Treasured Voice (TV Series) as
    Adventure Life (TV Mini Series documentary) as
    - Marine Garbage (2019) - Self
    Chuang 2019 (TV Series) as
    Self - Trainer
    - Grand Finale, Night of New Group "R1SE" Debuted (2019) - Self - Trainer
    - The Third Elimination, 26 Finalists Revealed (2019) - Self - Trainer
    - Guest Actresses Join the Third Stage Performance with Trainees! (2019) - Self - Trainer
    - Dilireba Releases New Mission & The Second Elimination (2019) - Self - Trainer
    - The Second Stage Performance (2019) - Self - Trainer
    - The Trainees Regrouped to Prepare for the Second Peformance (2019) - Self - Trainer
    - The First Elimination (2019) - Self - Trainer
    - The First Stage Performance (2019) - Self - Trainer
    - The Awsome Battle! Who can Enter Class A? (2019) - Self - Trainer
    - First Impressions, First Stage Ranking (2019) - Self - Trainer
    Chinese Restaurant (TV Series) as
    U Can You BB (TV Series) as
    Self - Judge
    - Bu gei ren tian ma fan shi mei de ma? (2017) - Self - Judge
    - Wai mai xiao ge re mao wo tou su ma? (2017) - Self - Judge
    Happy Camp (TV Series) as
    - Episode #21.12 (2017) - Self
    - Episode #21.13 (2017) - Self
    Who's the murderer (TV Series) as
    Self - Receptionist Su
    - Desperate Housewife (2017) - Self - Receptionist Su
    Running Man (TV Series) as
    - Hangzhou Museum (2016) - Self
    A Date with Luyu (TV Series) as
    - Su Youpeng: Qian wan bu yao zuo ou xiang (2015) - Self
    - Huan zhu ji yi shi liu nian (2014) - Self
    Kangxi lai le (TV Mini Series) as
    - 'Feng sheng' ju zu (2009) - Self


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