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The Drive of Life

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Written by
Au Koon-ying

Original language(s)

First episode date
16 July 2007



Country of origin
Hong KongChina

No. of episodes
60 (TVB)58 (CCTV)

Final episode date
5 October 2007

Opening theme
The Drive of Life The Drive of Life AsianWiki

Damian LauLiao JingshengMichael MiuJoe MaCharmaine ShehJessica HsuanRaymond LamSheren TangFeng ShaofengMyolie WuRon NgToby Leung

Ending theme
Troika (Russian Folk Song)

TVB, China Central Television

Time Before Time, Off Pedder, War and Beauty, Lives of Omission, Love Around

The drive of life

The Drive of Life (traditional Chinese: 歲月風雲; simplified Chinese: 岁月风云; pinyin: Suìyuè Fēngyún) is a 2007 grand production drama by TVB and CCTV as a joint production. It was specially filmed to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong back to China from Britain during the period of 1997-2007.


The Drive of Life The Drive of Life DVD Hong Kong TV Drama 2007 Episode 160 end

The theme of the series revolves around the automobile industry in China. Told in flashback from 1994, the ups and downs and transformations that Hong Kong has been experiencing before and after the transfer of the sovereignty of Hong Kong is used as a narrative device. The series was filmed in Hong Kong, Beijing, Ningbo and Vancouver from early October 2006 until May 2007. The automobiles featured in the series are from Geely Automobile, as a fictional brand name "Hua-Zhe". This film ties with TVB drama "War and Beauty" for the record of having the most "TVB Best Actress" winners, where Jessica Hsuan, Charmaine Sheh, Sheren Tang and Myolie Wu won their respective "Best Actress" awards in 1999, 2006/2014, 2009/2010, and 2011.

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The drive of life cast behind the scene


The Drive of Life Buy The Drive Of Life DVD TVB 8299 at PlayTechAsiacom

Wah Man-hon, Wah Man-hung and Wah Man-shek were all born in Beijing. As a result of the massive political upheaval and the profound misunderstanding among them, the three brothers have fallen out and now live separately in Hong Kong, Beijing and Vancouver respectively.

The Drive of Life TVB The Drive of Life Episode 44 Raymond Lam amp Charmaine Sheh K

Man-hon's business goes down the pan in the aftermath of the Asian Financial Crisis. The only saving grace is that members of the Wah family from around the world, including Man-hon's son Wah Chun-bong and Hung's son Wah Chun-man, can finally put their prejudice aside and become reconciled with one another. To realize the century-old dream of the family, they decide to work together to develop the local automobile industry.

The Drive of Life httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenff0The

After ten years of struggle, the Wahs have established its own brand of automobile – a brand the whole Chinese nation is proud of. They make a significant and ongoing contribution to China's automobile industry for they believe that only cars of our own will take us to a better future.

Main cast

Wah family

Ng family

Wing family

Fong family

Wah Git Automobile Corporation (Hua-Zhe)

  • Jason Chan as Chai Hoi
  • Bruce Li as Po Gam
  • Henry Lo as Jung Dung
  • Felix Lok as Chan Jen Cheung
  • Ellesmere Choi as Ng Zhi-ming
  • Reyan Yan as So San
  • Ng Wai-shan as Ka Ling
  • Anita Kwan as Siu Man
  • Koo Ming-wa as Lo Hon
  • Anita Kwan as Siu Man
  • Adam Ip as employee
  • Martin Tong as employee
  • Jason Lam as employee
  • Steven Ho as employee
  • Candy Cheung as employee
  • Pauline Chow as employee
  • Jim Tang as employee
  • Wong Wai-tak as Matthew
  • Gregory Charles Rivers as R&D group leader
  • Tsang Wai-wan as researcher
  • Wong Ka-yi as secretary
  • Wilson Tsui
  • Kwok Wai Steel Corporation

  • Kwong Chor-fai
  • Kong Hon
  • Joe Junior
  • Simon Lo
  • Kwok Tak-shun
  • Lee Hoi-sang
  • Leo Tsang
  • Chu Wai-tak
  • Tsui Wing
  • Siu Chuen-yung as Ho Kin
  • Sirius International Investment Corporation

  • Rocky Cheng as Rocky
  • Rachel Kan as Ngai Tin-hang's secretary
  • Bedding & Pillow Company

  • So Yun-chi as Mrs Cheung
  • Law Ho-kai as Mr Go
  • Canada & associates

  • Ko Jun-man as Mr Kwan
  • Lee Gong-lung as Mr Chan
  • Billy Lam as detective
  • Lee Cheung-dou as Yuen Yiu-wai
  • Chan On-ying as Mrs Yuen
  • Joseph Yeung as psychologist
  • Others

  • Michael Wong as Wai Lun
  • Zhao Ke as Lee Seen-sin
  • Angela Tong as Chi Chi
  • Leanne Li as Bo Wai
  • Deno Cheung as Lam Leung
  • Matthew Ko
  • Vivien Yeo as Carman
  • Annie Chung as car fan
  • Yeung Ying-wai as Peter
  • Henry Lee as bank executive
  • Cheng Ka-sang as Tai Tung Tat garage worker
  • Patrick Dunn as Lee Kai-fat
  • Ha Ping as Wah family's great aunty (ep22)
  • Yu Tze-ming as Wong Cheung
  • Lau Tin-lung as reporter
  • Meini Cheung as Kong Man
  • Leung Kin Ping as Mr Ma (ep32)
  • Chin Kar-lok as Chan Ka-lok (ep33-35)
  • Jo Jo as Cho Hung (ep35)
  • Tammy Ho
  • Siu Cheuk-hiu as Mr Cheung
  • Lee Tsi-kei as Muk Chuen
  • Ng Man-sang as interpreter
  • Winnie Shum
  • Jacky Yeung
  • Chan Yu-hei
  • Ho Jun-hin as stock broker
  • Kwok Fung as Sung Hok-li
  • Lee Fung
  • Law Kwan-chor
  • Candy Cheung
  • Peter Pang as jockey club staff
  • Lee Kai-kit as doctor
  • Wong Kei-sen as a signature specialist
  • Helena Wong
  • Theme song

    The Sky is Blue (天這樣藍)
  • Lyrics: Sandy Chang
  • Composition and Arrangement: Joseph Koo
  • Performance: Hacken Lee and Steve Chou
  • Awards and nominations

    40th TVB Anniversary Awards (2007)

  • "Best Drama"
  • "Best Actor in a Leading Role" (Damian Lau) Top 5
  • "Best Actor in a Leading Role" (Michael Miu)
  • "Best Actor in a Leading Role" (Raymond Lam) Top 5
  • "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" (Ng Wai-kwok) Top 5
  • "Best Actress in a Supporting Role" (Gigi Wong) Top 5
  • "Best Actress in a Supporting Role" (Toby Leung)
  • "My Favourite Male Character Role" (Damian Lau)
  • "My Favourite Male Character Role" (Michael Miu)
  • "My Favourite Male Character Role" (Ng Wai-kwok)
  • "My Favourite Male Character Role" (Joe Ma)
  • References

    The Drive of Life Wikipedia

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