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Joe Junior

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Chinese name
祖·尊尼亞 (traditional)


Joe Junior


Chinese name
祖·尊尼亚 (simplified)

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zu3 zun1 ni2 ya4 (Mandarin)

zou2 zyun1 nei4 aa3 (Cantonese)

Birth name
Jose Maria Rodrigues Jr.

Movies and TV shows
Beauty, Endless Love, Cageman, All The Wrong Spies, Always Ready

Similar People
Yonfan, Teddy Robin, Tsui Hark, Jacob Cheung, Derek Yee

Joe junior true love will come to you

Joe Junior (Real name Jose Maria Rodrigues Jr.) is a popular Hong Kong English pop singer from Hong Kong during the 1960s. He has since been in a number of TVB drama series in the 1990s and 2000s playing older character roles. Joe Junior is his stage name. Regularly appeared on TV music programs as host and as performer. Some of his hits gain great popularity on the chart are: Here's a Heart, Deborah, Voice of Love, The End, I Got To Find a Cupid, ....


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Rodrigues' family is from Macau and is of Macanese (mixed Chinese and Portuguese) ancestry.

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  • SDU'97 《特種飛虎》 (1997)
  • The Duke of Mount Deer (1998)
  • Bishonen (1998)
  • Feminine Masculinity (1999)
  • Gods of Honour (2001)
  • Troublesome Night 14 (2002)
  • The 'W' Files (2003)
  • Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love (2003)
  • The Conqueror's Story (2004)
  • D.I.E. (2008)
  • No Regrets (2010)
  • Ghetto Justice (2011)
  • When Heaven Burns (2011-2012)
  • L'Escargot (2012)
  • Master of Play (2012)
  • Bullet Brain (2013)
  • A Change of Heart (2013)
  • Awfully Lawful (2013)
  • Sniper Standoff (2013)
  • Return of the Silver Tongue (2013-2014)
  • Line Walker (2014)
  • All That Is Bitter Is Sweet (2014)
  • Noblesse Oblige (2014-2015)
  • Smooth Talker (2015)
  • Ghost of Relativity (2015)
  • Every Step You Take (2015)
  • Speed of Life (2016)
  • Buddy Cops (2016)

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