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The Amazing Race Canada 1

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Season Run
July 15 (2013-07-15) – September 16, 2013 (2013-09-16)

Filming dates
May 3 (2013-05-03) – May 24, 2013 (2013-05-24)

Winning team
Tim Hague, Sr. & Tim Hague, Jr.

Tim Hague, Jr., Tim Hague, Sr.

The first season of The Amazing Race Canada was a reality game show based on the American series The Amazing Race. It featured nine teams of two with pre-existing relationships who raced around Canada for CA$250,000, two Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays and an unlimited air travel for a year with Air Canada. The show was produced by Insight Productions, in association with Bell Media and was broadcast on CTV. The show was hosted by Canadian Olympian Jon Montgomery.


The series premiere aired on July 15, 2013 on CTV, with the season finale airing on September 16, 2013. Father and son Timothy "Tim" Hague, Sr. & Timothy "Tim" Hague, Jr. were the winners of this season of The Amazing Race Canada. They were the first parent-child team to win in any The Amazing Race franchise and at the time were the first team to win after overcoming two Speed Bumps.

Development and filming

The first season was filmed from May 3 to May 24, 2013.

The winning team earned $250,000 (CAD), a pair of Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays, and Air Canada executive passes for unlimited international air travel for a year.

The series' premiere sponsorship partners included Air Canada, BlackBerry, Chevrolet, and Interac.

During the airing of the episode for Leg 3, a message read by host Jon Montgomery recognized that the 2013 Alberta floods had occurred since the filming of the leg and prior to the series premiere. The message encouraged viewers to donate to flood relief and rebuilding efforts.

The Leg 5 Pit Stop was originally scheduled to be on the grounds of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building, however unexpected warm weather brought more people out to enjoy the weather. The unforeseen circumstance forced producers to move the Pit Stop to nearby Pine Island (a more secluded spot).

On May 8, 2013, Toronto City Council granted permission for Insight Productions to film a television episode for "3 participants rappelling over the West Tower roof onto the podium green roof of City Hall" on May 24, 2013. Ultimately, this permit was a ruse to prevent fans from recording the event and posting it online.


Casting began on December 20, 2012, with an online site for submission of applications and audition videos. The contestants included Body Break hosts Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod and actress Vanessa Morgan.


  • Tim Hague, Sr. & Tim Hague, Jr., a father and son from Winnipeg, Manitoba. In February 2011, Tim Sr. was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.
  • Jody Mitic & Cory Mitic, brothers from Kitchener, Ontario. In 2006, Jody was deployed in Afghanistan as a sniper team leader. During that time, he stepped on a combination anti-personnel landmine and mortar shell which blew off his right foot, and shattered his left leg. He now has artificial legs.
  • Vanessa Morgan & Celina Mziray, sisters from Ottawa, Ontario. Vanessa is an actress best known for playing the title character in the Disney Channel series My Babysitter's a Vampire.
  • Jet Black & Dave Schram, best friends from London, Ontario. Jet works as a police officer in London and Dave is a marketing executive.
  • Holly Agostino & Brett Burstein, married doctors from Montreal, Quebec.
  • Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod, married fitness icons from Oakville, Ontario. The duo are known for their Body Break program with ParticipACTION.
  • Kristen Idiens & Darren Trapp, a dating couple who are white water rafters from Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia.
  • Jamie Cumberland & Pierre Cadieux, gay friends from southern Alberta. Both are members of the Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association, where they initially met. They have been together for almost 15 years.
  • Treena Ley & Tennille Dorrington, twin sisters from Hamilton, Ontario. Treena is a police sergeant in Hamilton and Tennille works as a tax auditor.
  • Results

    The following teams participated in the Race, with their relationships at the time of filming. Note that this table is not necessarily reflective of all content broadcast on television due to inclusion or exclusion of some data.

  • A red team placement means the team was eliminated.
  • A green ƒ indicates that the team won a Fast Forward. If placed next to a leg number, this indicates that the Fast Forward was available for that leg but not used.
  • An underlined blue team's placement indicates that the team came in last on a non-elimination leg and had to perform a Speed Bump during the next leg of the race.
  • An underlined leg number indicates that there was no mandatory rest period at the Pit Stop and all teams were ordered to continue racing. The first place team was still awarded a prize for that leg. An underlined team placement indicates that the team came in last on a "continue racing" leg was not eliminated.
  • A purple ε indicates that the team decided to use the first Express Pass on that leg; if next to a leg number, it indicates that the team with the first Express Pass was eliminated on that Leg without ever having used it. A magenta ə indicates the team had previously been given the second Express Pass and used it on that leg.
  • A brown ⊃ or a cyan ⋑ indicates that the team chose to use one of the two U-Turns in a Double U-Turn; or indicates the team who received it;
    indicates that the team was U-Turned, but they used the second U-Turn on another team; and around a leg number indicates that the Double U-Turn was available for that leg but not used.
  • Episode title quotes

    Episode titles are often taken from quotes made by the racers.

    1. "Where in the World is Ogopogo?" – Producer Named
    2. "Se Hou Leng" – Calligraphy Expert from Draw It Detour (non-racer)
    3. "Hoodoos and Hoodonts" – Producer Named
    4. "Grab a 'Nug" – Dave
    5. "Death By Lentils" – Producer Named
    6. "Check the Cannons!" – Jody
    7. "We Don't Have Time for the Bathroom" – Tim Sr.
    8. "Clutch and Release" – Vanessa
    9. "Ah-mazing" – Jet & Dave; Vanessa & Celina
    10. "The Family Race Off" – Producer Named


    The prize for each leg is awarded to the first place team for that leg. Trips are sponsored by Air Canada.

  • Leg 1 – Two Express Passes – an item that can be used on the race to skip any one task of the team's choosing up and until the seventh leg of the race. The winning team keeps one for themselves and may give the second to another team before the end of the third leg of the race. Also two round trip plane tickets to Sydney, Australia.
  • Leg 2 – Two round trip plane tickets to anywhere in Asia
  • Leg 3 – Two round trip plane tickets to anywhere in the United States
  • Leg 4 – An all inclusive trip to Cancun, Mexico.
  • Leg 5 – Two round trip plane tickets to anywhere in Canada
  • Leg 6 – Two round trip plane tickets to anywhere in Europe
  • Leg 7 – Two round trip plane tickets to anywhere in the Caribbean
  • Leg 8 – Two round trip plane tickets to anywhere in South America
  • Leg 9 – Air Canada Altitude Super Elite 100K status for a year and a BBM Video Chat on a brand new BlackBerry Z10.
  • Leg 10 – A CA$250,000 cash payout, the opportunity to fly for a year anywhere Air Canada flies worldwide in Executive First Class, and two Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays.
  • Leg 1 (Ontario → British Columbia)

    Airdate: July 15, 2013

  • Niagara Falls, Ontario , Canada (Oakes Garden Theatre Park) (Starting Line)
  • Niagara Falls (Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory)
  • Toronto (Toronto Pearson International Airport) to Kelowna, British Columbia (Kelowna International Airport)
  • Kelowna (Stuart Park – The ′Kelowna Bear′)
  • Kelowna (Kelowna Yacht Club – Houseboat) (Overnight Rest)
  • Kelowna (Lakefront Water Sports Kiosk)
  • Okanagan Valley (Lake Okanagan)
  • Okanagan Highland (Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park – Bellevue Trestle)
  • Westbank (Quails' Gate Winery)
  • In the first Roadblock of the season, one team member had to don diving gear, dive down to the bottom of Lake Okanagan, and search for a statue of Ogopogo where they would find their next clue.

    In the second Roadblock, the team member did not participate the first Roadblock had to walk across a narrow plank attached to a railway trestle suspended high above the canyon in order to retrieve their clue, which was dangling off the edge of the plank. They then had to bungee jump off the plank to the ground to meet their partner before continuing.

    Additional tasks
  • At the starting line, teams instructed to pick up their clues from their backpacks and must choose one of marked Chevrolet Sparks to their next destination.
  • At the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory, teams had to search the conservatory for one of nine terrariums, each containing a variety of creatures. They had to reach into the terrarium to retrieve two clues containing Air Canada ticket vouchers for their first destination: Kelowna, British Columbia, one for each team member. The terrariums containing more dangerous creatures (such as scorpions) held earlier departure times. There are two flights, with the second flight arriving 90 minutes behind the first.
  • At The Bear statue, teams needed to find a model of the yellow Interac truck, where teams would find their next clue along with an Interac debit card that would serve as the teams' source of money for the rest of the race.
  • At the Lakefront Water Sports Kiosk, teams needed to rent a personal watercraft and use a rudimentary map of Lake Okanagan to find the diving platform where the Roadblock took place.
  • Leg 2 (British Columbia)

    Airdate: July 22, 2013

  • Kelowna (Kelowna International Airport) to Vancouver (Vancouver International Airport)
  • Sea Island (Vancouver International Airport – Maple Leaf Lounge)
  • Richmond (Richmond Olympic Oval)
  • Vancouver (Chinatown – Millennium Gate)
  • Vancouver (Ten Ren Tea & Ginseng Company and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden or Chinatown and Chinese Cultural Centre)
  • Vancouver (DP World container terminal)
  • Vancouver (Vancouver Convention Centre – Green Roof)
  • In this leg's Roadblock, one team member had to perform two laps of Short Track Speed Skating in under 1 minute and 30 seconds. If they manage to reach the clock to finish, they would receive their next clue from professional speed skater Michelle Pepin.

    The Detour was a choice between Dance It and Draw It. In Dance It, teams went to the Chinese Cultural Centre, where they would receive a list of destinations written entirely in Mandarin Chinese. They would have to travel to these locations in Chinatown to find the four pieces of a Chinese Lion costume. Then, they would translate the locations return to the Cultural Centre, where they would have to put on the outfit and successfully perform the traditional Lion Dance, they would receive their next clue. In Draw It, teams traveled to Ten Ren's Tea and Ginseng Company, where each team member would drink a cup of green tea. Printed on the bottom of each cup was a Chinese symbol representing one of the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac. They would have to memorize these characters, then go to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, and successfully reproduce them with a calligraphy brush on a rice paper, and give it to a Chinese woman. If the characters were wrongly reproduced, teams would start all over again with new Chinese symbols. Once the calligraphy was satisfied in both symbols, the woman would get their next clue.

    Additional task
  • At Vancouver's Chinatown, teams had to search Millennium Gate inside the historic center to get their next clue.
  • At the DP World container terminal, teams must climb to the top of a shipping crane and use a pair of binoculars to search for flags marking the location of the next Pit Stop: the green roof at Vancouver Convention Centre.
  • Leg 3 (British Columbia → Alberta)

    Airdate: July 29, 2013

  • Vancouver (Nicola Internet Cafe)
  • Vancouver (Vancouver International Airport) to Calgary, Alberta (Calgary International Airport)
  • Calgary (Statue of Outlaw)
  • Calgary (Ranchman's Cookhouse)
  • Drumheller (Hoodoos)
  • East Coulee (Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site) or Midland Provincial Park (Royal Tyrrell Museum)
  • Drumheller (Horsethief Canyon Outlook)
  • In this leg's Roadblock, one team member had to properly learn and perform a classic Canadian line dance. If they could impress the dance correctly to the judge, a professional line dancer would receive their next clue – if not, they have to start all over again.

    The Detour was a choice between Lump by Lump and Bone by Bone. In Lump by Lump, teams traveled to the Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site and rode a locomotive called "Linda" to the Wash House, where they dressed up in coal mining outfits. They then had to shovel coal into a mine cart so that it overflowed and touched all four edges of the cart. After properly hanging their teams' dogtag on the cart, they would receive their next clue; if the cart wasn't ready for haulage, they would have to start over and keep shoveling coal. In Bone by Bone, teams traveled to the Tyrrell Museum where they studied a mounted display of a dinosaur's skeleton. They then had to enter the specimen preparation laboratory and completely build a model of the same skeleton from their memory.

    Additional tasks
  • At the internet cafe in Vancouver, teams must book their flight to Calgary in Air Canada's website.
  • Upon arrival in Calgary, teams had to pick one of marked Chevrolet Pickups to Statue of Outlaw in Downtown Calgary.
  • Leg 4 (Alberta → Northwest Territories → Yukon)

    Airdate: August 5, 2013

  • Calgary (Calgary International Airport) to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (Yellowknife Airport)
  • Yellowknife (Bush Pilot's Monument National Historic Site)
  • Yellowknife (Government Dock)
  • Yellowknife (Great Slave Lake – Yellowknife Bay Floating Bed & Breakfast)
  • Yellowknife (Yellowknife Airport) to Carcross, Yukon (Carcross Airport)
  • Carcross (White Pass and Yukon Railway Last Spike – "The Duchess")
  • Carcross (Bennett Lake)
  • Carcross (Carcross Desert)
  • For this leg's Roadblock, one team member had to do a polar bear dip – they had to strip down to a bathing suit and jump into a hole cut into the ice, retrieving their clue from the opposite side of the freezing water.

    The Speed Bump required Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. had to recite the first four stanzas of "The Shooting of Dan McGrew" to a Robert W. Service impersonator. If the four stanzas are not recited properly, they have to start the poem all over again until they get it right before they could continue with the Detour.

    For the Detour, teams chose between Yukon Supply Run or Klondike Gold Rush. In Yukon Supply Run, teams had to use the provided tools and materials to build a raft and would have to paddle themselves, as well as some supplies, out into the lake to retrieve their next clue. In Klondike Gold Rush, teams completed three games inspired by the task's namesake. First, they would have to use a two-person saw to cut off a slice of wood from a log. Next, both team members would have to toss a hatchet and have it stick to a wooden target. Finally, one team member would ride in a wheelbarrow and had to direct their blindfolded partner around a course while they collected all five "gold nuggets" in a gold pan.

    Additional tasks
  • Upon arrival in Yellowknife, teams had to drive themselves to Bush Pilot's Monument National Historic Site and searched the grounds with their next clue.
  • After completing the Roadblock, teams returned to the Yellowknife airport where they had to sign up for one of three charter flights, each departing 20 minutes apart.
  • After completing the Detour, teams must ride an ATVs to the Pit Stop at Carcross Desert.
  • Leg 5 (Yukon → Saskatchewan)

    Airdate: August 12, 2013

  • Whitehorse (SS Klondike National Historic Site)
  • Whitehorse (Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport) to Regina, Saskatchewan (Regina International Airport)
  • Regina (Saskcan Pulse Trading Company)
  • Regina (RCMP Heritage Centre) (Unaired)
  • Regina (Regina City Hall – ′I Love Regina′ sign)
  • Regina (Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field)
  • Regina (Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field – Luxury box between Sections 26 and 27)
  • Regina (Wascana Centre – Pine Island)
  • In this leg's Roadblock, one team member must attend an RCMP Boot Camp. The team members must be dressed in cadet uniforms. They must first get a supply of clothes, then go to their room, where they will place their clothes in the closet and cabinets neat and tidy, then they must make their bed. If an inspector thinks it met RCMP standards, assistant commissioner Roger Brown will give their next clue. If not, the inspector will dump all the clothes onto the bed and the "cadet" would have to start again.

    The Detour was a choice between Brawn or Beauty. In Brawn, teams will have a chance to become football players. They must perform a series of football drills, then they must catch a touchdown pass from coach Khari Jones, then kick the football for a winning field goal. If they shot in a right score, Khari would give their next clue. If they fail, they must run a lap around the field (take a hike) then start over again. In Beauty, teams will have a chance to be a cheerleader. To become a cheerleader, they first must perform a choreographed dance, cartwheels, then flips. After that, they will perform a cheerleader dance for Saskatchewan Roughriders fans. If team mascot Gainer the Gopher thinks its good, he will hand them their next clue.

    There was a Fast Forward in this leg, however, Vanessa is seen holding a Fast Forward clue in her hand, and it was unaired but included driving a police car simulation.

    Additional tasks
  • At the SS Klondike, teams had to search the decks for a hidden clue.
  • Upon arriving in Regina, teams had to find a Chevrolet Trax in the parking lot where they would find a BlackBerry Z10 which they tapped with the parking attendants' Z10 to reveal turn by turn directions to their next location.
  • At the Saskcan Pulse Trading Company, teams dug through dry bulk trailer loads of lentils to find 2 stuffed moose dolls (one tagged "RCMP", the other tagged "Heritage Centre") which led to their next clue.
  • At the Regina City Hall, teams learned how to perform a Ukrainian dance to get their next clue.
  • Leg 6 (Saskatchewan → Quebec)

    Airdate: August 19, 2013

  • Regina (Regina International Airport) to Quebec City, Quebec (Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport)
  • Lévis (Lévis Forts National Historic Site)
  • Lévis to Quebec City (Port of Quebec)
  • Quebec City (Château Frontenac (Dufferin Terrace (French)) – Statue of Samuel de Champlain)
  • Quebec City (Place Royale (French) – Notre-Dame-des-Victoires or Parc de la Cetière and 102 Rue du Petit-Champlain)
  • Quebec City (Place de l'Université-du-Québec (French))
  • Quebec City (Plains of Abraham)
  • Quebec City (The Battlefields Park – Avenue Saint-Denis)
  • The Detour was a choice between Sculpt It or Spot It. In Sculpt It, teams must travel to Place Royale at Notre-Dame-des-Victoires and choose an ice sculpture of a star, a house, or a boat, then chisel out a copy of the same design on another ice block to get their next clue. In Spot It, teams must find a replica painting in Parc de la Cetière with missing items. They must find the original mural image at 102 Rue du Petit-Champlain, and then place Québécois French words in the correct order to receive their next clue.

    In the leg's Roadblock, one team member must take orders from customers, then a chef will demonstrate how to make a proper crêpe, two savoury and two sweet crêpes, with instructions are in French. Then they must create four crêpes with the right ingredients and using the proper method to make crêpes, then serve it to the customer. Once they served all four crêpes, the chef will give them the next clue.

    Additional tasks
  • Upon arriving in Quebec City, teams had to head to Lévis Forts National Historic Site in Lévis where they had to search their next clue.
  • After receiving the next clue, teams must board a ferry across Saint Lawrence River and up the Old Quebec Funicular to Château Frontenac, where they find the statue of Samuel de Champlain at Dufferin Terrace to find their next clue.
  • At the Plains of Abraham, teams learned how to play lacrosse. Each team member had to catch a pass from their partner and score a goal to receive their next clue.
  • Leg 7 (Quebec → Nunavut)

    Airdate: August 26, 2013

  • Quebec City (Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport) to Iqaluit, Nunavut (Iqaluit Airport)
  • Baffin Region (Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park – Sylvia Grinnell River)
  • Baffin Region (Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park – Tundra)
  • Baffin Region (Frobisher Bay)
  • Iqaluit (Hudson's Bay Company Trading Post)
  • Iqaluit (Panoramic Outlook)
  • The Detour was a choice between Harpoon Hunter and Igloo Builder. In Harpoon Hunter, one team member must put on snow shoes and pull their teammate on a sled one kilometer across the tundra. They must then both throw a traditional harpoon and hit a target. Once they are both successful the other team member must pull the sled back to the starting point to receive their next clue. In Igloo Builder, teams must build an igloo using only the tools provided and pre-cut blocks of ice. Once the Inuit elder feels that the igloo can withstand an arctic night, he will hand over their next clue.

    The Speed Bump required Tim Sr. & Tim Jr. to lead a dog sled team across Frobisher Bay to retrieve a food cache and deliver it back to the starting point in order to continue racing. In this leg's Roadblock, one team member to consume an entire serving of Muktuk (ᒪᒃᑕᒃ) – 10 pieces – to receive their next clue.

    Additional tasks
  • Once teams arrived at Iqaluit airport, they had to decipher their next clue written entirely in Inuktitut, leaving to figure out that their next destination is at Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park.
  • Once teams arrived at Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park, they had to locate two throat singers by the Sylvia Grinnell River and listen to an Inuit throat singing performance to receive their next clue.
  • Teams traveled by snowmobile across Frobisher Bay to the Hudson's Bay Company Trading Post.
  • After completing the Roadblock, teams had to walk one kilometer northwest from the Hudson Bay Trading Post to their Pit Stop, which is located up the hill.
  • Leg 8 (Nunavut → Nova Scotia)

    Airdate: September 2, 2013

  • Iqaluit (Iqaluit Airport) to Halifax, Nova Scotia (Halifax Stanfield International Airport)
  • Halifax (Pier 21) (Overnight Rest)
  • Mahone Bay (St. James' Anglican Church)
  • Mahone Bay (Gazebo Cafe – Gazebo)
  • Lunenburg (Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic)
  • Lunenburg (Lunenburg Harbour and Grand Banker Seafood Bar & Grill or Boscawen Inn and Zwicker Wharf)
  • Lunenburg (St. John's Anglican Church)
  • Lunenburg (Bluenose II)
  • In this leg's Roadblock, one team member must search for the scarecrow pictured on their Race sponsor BlackBerry Z10. Once they found the scarecrow, they must bring it to a gazebo where they must build a copy of it with the items provided there. Then when they are ready for inspection, they must take a photo with the Z10 then hand it to a scarecrow expert. If the expert is satisfied, they will receive their next clue.

    The Detour was a choice between Surf and Turf. In Surf, teams made their way to Lunenburg Harbour where they had to board a lobster fishing boat and pull six lobster traps from the sea. They had to catch and band the claws of one lobster from each, and then deliver them to the Grand Banker Seafood Bar & Grill restaurant to receive their next clue. In Turf, teams must their way to Boscawen Inn were presented with samples of 12 different kinds of sausages, and they had to memorize their German names. They then had to run to Zwicker Wharf and identify the 12 sausages from another, unlabeled set of samples, in order to receive their next clue.

    Additional tasks
  • At the Halifax airport, teams found a USB flash drive inside their Chevrolet Sonics which played a message on the MyLink video system, directing them to Pier 21.
  • When Pier 21 opened, teams received a passport and had to find 7 different stamps; then ink the 7 stamps on the passport to receive their next clue.
  • At St. John's Anglican Church, the teams' clue was a Canadian dime, which features the Bluenose sailing ship on one side. The teams had to recognize this and make their way to its successor, the Bluenose II – which was in a Lunenburg drydock at the time – where Jon was waiting for them.
  • Leg 9 (Nova Scotia → Newfoundland and Labrador)

    Airdate: September 9, 2013

  • Lunenburg to North Sydney, Cape Breton Island
  • North Sydney to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • St. John's (The Rooms) (unaired)
  • St. John's (Trans-Canada Highway Mile Zero – Terry Fox Memorial Site)
  • St. John's (Quidi Vidi – Quidi Vidi Brewing Company)
  • St. John's (Shea Heights Overlook)
  • St. John's (Petty Harbour, Avalon Peninsula (Petty Harbour Fisherman's Co-op – Dock) or Harbourside Park and Holloway Street)
  • St. John's (O′Brien's Music Store and George Street)
  • St. John's (Cape Spear)
  • The Detour was a choice between Tell a Tale or Wag a Tail. In Tell a Tale, teams traveled to the Petty Harbour dock, where they listened to two local fishermen tell a story in Newfoundland slang. They then had to relay the story, word-for-word, to a group of listeners nearby to get their next clue. If they got a key word, they had to start over. In Wag a Tail, teams made their way to Harbourside Park and chose a Newfoundland dog. They would then load up a cart with four dozen eggs and 12 bottles of milk, and had to have the dog draw the cart up the extremely steep Holloway Street (known as "Heart Attack Hill") to deliver these goods, undamaged, to four households. If these eggs or milk bottles are going to break, they would go back and start over.

    In this leg's Roadblock, one team member could use whatever musical items are available to them in the music store to perform at George Street and sing with the crowds to earn C$50. Whatever the cash they earned, a street performer would give their next clue.

    Additional tasks
  • At Port aux Basques, teams had to rush from the ferry dock to one of three waiting cars, each with drivers who took them overnight to St. John's. The first would carry one team, which left 15 minutes ahead of the second. The second also carried one team, which left 15 minutes ahead of the third vehicle, which took the other two teams.
  • At the Quidi Vidi Brewing Company, teams had to recite Terry Fox's inspirational quote at the monument that they had earlier memorized at St. John's Terry Fox Memorial Site ("I just wish people would realize that anything’s possible if you try, dreams are made if people try"). If correct, they would be granted entry into a traditional Newfoundland kitchen party, where they would have to kiss a cod and each drink a shot of Newfoundland Screech.
  • After completing the Roadblock, teams had to find their Pit Stop location at the most easterly point in North America, leaving them to figure out that it was Cape Spear, not the nearby Fort Amherst.
  • Leg 10 (Newfoundland and Labrador → Ontario)

    Airdate: September 16, 2013

  • St. John's (St. John's International Airport) to Toronto, Ontario (Toronto Pearson International Airport)
  • Toronto (L Tower)
  • Toronto (Cadbury Gladstone Chocolate Factory)
  • Toronto (Toronto Zoo)
  • Toronto (Evergreen Brick Works)
  • Toronto (Jack Layton Ferry Terminal to Centre Island Dock)
  • Toronto (Toronto Islands – Olympic Island)
  • In the first Roadblock of the final leg, one team member had to rappel face-first down the side of the L Tower, a building that was under construction at that time, about 44 stories tall. When they reached the roof of another three storey building, they would reunite with their partner and get the next clue.

    In the final Roadblock of the Race, the team member did not participate the first Roadblock must match the provincial and territorial flags with the floral emblems visited during the race onto a map board. If teams were sharp, they would have noticed the Pit Stop greeters on each leg wore the floral emblem of their province or territory:

    Once they got all the flags and emblems matched onto their map, they received their final clue.

    Additional tasks
  • Upon landing in Toronto, teams searched outside Pearson International Airport for a woman wearing a maple leaf baseball cap who would give them their next clue.
  • After completing the first Roadblock, each team was given a Cadbury Caramilk bar inside their clue envelope, leaving them to figure out that they were headed to the Cadbury Gladstone Chocolate Factory.
  • At the Cadbury Chocolate Factory, teams must search through cartons of Cadbury Caramilk bars to find one of three "golden chocolate bars". Once they found one, they will have to proceed to the president's office, where he will give the team a golden key to unlock a safe, where their next clue was located.
  • At the Toronto Zoo, teams had to search the grounds for their next clue, which had been set up inside the panda exhibit.
  • Additional note
  • At the start of the leg, teams received a free upgrade to business class on their flight to Toronto.
  • Ratings

    The season ranked as the number one new show in Canada, and the number one show in Canada for the year, with an average audience of 3.5 million viewers.

  • Episode 4, "Grab a Nug", aired on Civic Holiday Monday.
  • Episode 8, "Clutch and Release", aired on Labour Day.
  • References

    The Amazing Race Canada 1 Wikipedia

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