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SummerSlam (2004)

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Tagline(s)  Let the Games Begin
Date  15 August 2004
Promotion  WWE
Brands  WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown
Sponsor(s)  Stacker 2's YJ Stinger
Venue  Air Canada Centre
Attendance  17,640

Theme song(s)  "Summertime Blues" by Rush
City  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Location  Air Canada Centre, Toronto Entertainment District, Canada
Other Instances  SummerSlam (2016), SummerSlam (2015), SummerSlam (2014), SummerSlam (2013), SummerSlam (2012)

SummerSlam (2004) was the seventeenth annual SummerSlam professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It was presented by Stacker 2's YJ Stinger and took place on August 15, 2004, at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario and featured talent from the Raw and SmackDown! brands.


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The main match on the Raw brand was Chris Benoit versus Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship, which Orton won by pinfall after performing an RKO. The predominant match on the SmackDown! brand was John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL) versus The Undertaker for the WWE Championship, which JBL won after Undertaker was disqualified. The featured matches on the undercard included Kurt Angle versus Eddie Guerrero and Triple H versus Eugene.

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At Vengeance, Chris Benoit defeated Triple H to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. On the July 26 episode of Raw, Randy Orton won a 20-man battle royal, lastly eliminating Chris Jericho, to face Benoit at SummerSlam for the title. Also that night, Benoit defeated Triple H in a 60-minute Iron Man match to retain the title with the help of Eugene. The next week on Raw, Evolution (Orton, Batista, and Ric Flair) defeated Benoit, Edge, and Chris Jericho after Orton pinned Benoit following an RKO. On the August 9 episode of Raw, Benoit defeated Orton and Triple H in a Handicap match by disqualification.

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At The Great American Bash, in June, JBL defeated Eddie Guerrero in a Texas Bullrope match to win the WWE Championship. On the July 22 episode of SmackDown!, JBL defeated a jobber to retain the title. After the match, Undertaker came out and challenged JBL to a match at SummerSlam. On the August 5 episode of SmackDown!, as JBL called out The Undertaker, a midget wrestler came out and began to imitate the real Undertaker. The real Undertaker came out shortly afterwards and attacked JBL, until Orlando Jordan came out to help him. The next week, Undertaker defeated Jordan by disqualification after JBL interfered and executed a Clothesline from Hell on Undertaker.

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The secondary feud on SmackDown! featured Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero. The feud first started at WrestleMania XX, when Guerrero defeated Angle to successfully retain the WWE Championship. Guerrero lost the title to John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL) in June, when Angle, then-SmackDown! General Manager, screwed Guerrero and declared JBL the winner. Three weeks later, on the July 15 episode of SmackDown!, JBL defeated Guerrero in a Steel Cage match to retain the title. Towards the end of the match, El Gran Luchadore (portrayed by Angle) interfered, giving JBL enough time to escape the cage and win the match. After the match ended, Guerrero attacked Luchadore and pulled off his mask, revealing him to be Kurt Angle. On the following episode of SmackDown!, Vince McMahon scheduled a match between Angle and Guerrero for SummerSlam.

The secondary feud on Raw featured Triple H and Eugene. The feud first started, when on the May 17 episode of Raw, during an in-ring segment with The Rock, Eugene revealed that his favorite wrestler was in fact Triple H due to Eugene's adoration of "playing games". Capitalizing on this opportunity, Triple H began to befriend the star-struck and naive Eugene even making the young wrestler an honorary member of Triple H's stable Evolution. However, Triple H soon revealed that this was all a calculated ploy and that he planned to utilize Eugene to help him win back the World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Benoit. Yet, Triple H's plan failed miserably when during his title match with Benoit at Vengeance, Eugene inadvertently hit him with a steel chair costing him the match and the championship. The following night on Raw, Triple H responded by brutally assaulting Eugene in the ring after falsely implying that he had forgiven him for the preceding night's events. On the July 26 episode of Raw, Eugene would return to exact a degree of revenge by costing Triple H his re-match with Benoit. This led to an infuriated Triple H demanding a match between the two at SummerSlam, to which Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff consented.

Preliminary matches

Before the event went live on pay-per-view, Rob Van Dam defeated René Duprée in a match taped for Sunday Night Heat. The first match was a six-man tag team match between The Dudleys (Bubba Ray, D-Von, and Spike] and the team of Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, and Paul London. Spike pinned Kidman after a 3D from Bubba Ray and D-Von to win the match for his team.

The next match was between Kane and Matt Hardy. Hardy gained control over Kane after performing a Twist of Fate on Kane outside of the ring and attacking him with the ring bell. Kane then countered a suplex attempt by Hardy into a chokeslam from the top rope to win the match. As a result of the pre-match stipulation, Lita was forced to marry Kane, as part of their on-going storyline.

The third match was between John Cena and Booker T in a "Best of 5 series" for the WWE United States Championship. Early in the match, Cena gained the advantage over Booker. In the end, Booker performed a scissors kick on Cena, who retaliated by performing an FU to win the match.

The following match was a Triple Threat match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship involving Edge, Batista and Chris Jericho. During the match, Edge and Jericho performed double-team maneuvers onto Batista. Edge performed a spear on Jericho to retain the title.

The fifth match was between Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero. Angle gained control over Guerrero early on in the match. Mid-match, the referee was knocked out, and as a result, Guerrero took his boot off and used it to hit both Angle and Luther Reigns, who was at ringside with Angle and tried to get involved in the match. The match concluded when Angle was able to counter a frog splash and forced Guerrero to submit to the Ankle Lock.

The next match was between Triple H and Eugene. At the start of the match, Triple H pretended to attack the ring announcer, Lilian Garcia, as a distraction to attack Eugene. Eugene countered Triple H's attacks by executing a Rock Bottom. During the match, Ric Flair attempted to interfere but he was ejected by the referee. As Flair was leaving from ringside, William Regal hit Flair with a pair of brass knuckles. Triple H performed a Pedigree on Eugene to win the match.

Main event matches

The following match was for the WWE Championship between John "Bradshaw" Layfield and The Undertaker. Immediately, JBL and Undertaker started the match outside of the ring. Mid-match, the referee was knocked out. Orlando Jordan passed JBL the title belt, which JBL used to hit Undertaker with. Undertaker was disqualified after the referee saw him hit JBL with the title belt, meaning JBL retained the title. Undertaker executed a chokeslam to JBL through the roof of JBL's limousine, leading to JBL being taken out of the arena on a stretcher.

The main event was between Chris Benoit and Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship. Orton attempted to apply a Sharpshooter on Benoit but Benoit applied a Sharpshooter on Orton. Later in the match, Benoit performed seven German suplexes on Orton but Orton blocked a diving headbutt. In the end, Benoit attempted to apply the Crippler Crossface but Orton countered into an RKO to win the title. Following the match whilst Orton was celebrating his victory, Benoit returned to the ring and offered Orton a handshake, telling him to "be a man", which Orton accepted.


On the August 16 episode of Raw, Randy Orton defeated Chris Benoit in a rematch to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Evolution (Batista, Ric Flair, and Triple H), threw Orton a mock celebration, only to reveal that they were not pleased with his new victory. While Batista had Orton propped on his shoulders, Triple H gave him a pleased thumbs up, but abruptly changed it to a thumbs-down. He then told Batista to drop Orton to the mat, and Flair and Batista attacked Orton as Triple H told him that he was nothing without Evolution. On the August 23 episode of Raw, Triple H told Orton to give him the title or "pay the price". Orton refused, and then he spat in Triple H's face and hit him with the title belt turning Orton face. Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff then scheduled a match between Orton and Triple H for the title at Unforgiven. At Unforgiven, Orton lost the title when he was pinned by Triple H.

The feud between John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL) and The Undertaker continued. The next few weeks on SmackDown!, JBL wore a neck brace, to signify that he was recuperating from Undertaker's chokeslam. On the August 26 episode of SmackDown!, Orlando Jordan defended the WWE Championship for JBL against The Undertaker. Undertaker won the match via disqualification following interference from JBL; as a result, JBL retained the title. The following week on SmackDown!, General Manager Theodore Long scheduled a Last Ride match at No Mercy between JBL and Undertaker. At No Mercy, JBL retained the title after interference by Heidenreich.


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