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Sue Randall

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Sue Randall


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Full Name
Marion Burnside Randall

October 8, 1935 (
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Resting place
Body donated to medical science

Peter Blake Powell (1957-?) (divorced) 2 childrenJames J. McSparron (?-1984) (her death)

Blake and Kenneth Powell

October 26, 1984, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Similar People
Dina Merrill, Diane Brewster, Stanley Fafara, Barbara Billingsley, Jeri Weil

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Marion Burnside Randall, who acted under the name Sue Randall (October 8, 1935 – October 26, 1984), was an American actress best known for her role as the kindly Miss Alice Landers, Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver's elementary school teacher in the CBS and ABC sitcom Leave It to Beaver.


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Sue Randall (Beaver's Miss Landers) in The Rifleman 1959

Early life and education

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Born in Philadelphia and the daughter of a prominent real-estate consultant, Sue Randall began acting on stage at the age of ten in a production of the Alden Park Players. In 1953 she completed her early education at the Lankenau School for Girls in the historic Germantown District of Philadelphia and then moved to New York, where she attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, graduating from that prestigious institution with honors.

Film and television career

Randall's credited debut on the small screen came in the 1955 episode "Golden Victory" of the series Star Tonight. She was one of the actresses who had the role of Diane Emerson in the television version of Valiant Lady (1953-1957). In 1954, she also portrayed a character named Diane Emerson on the CBS drama Woman with a Past.:1189

Randall appeared in several other television productions before performing as the character Ruthie Saylor, a reference-desk worker, in the 1957 film Desk Set starring Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn.

Sue Randall Sue Randall Tragedy Among the Stars

Randall's reoccurring role as a teacher on Leave It to Beaver spanned the years 1958 to 1962, when the actress was in her twenties. She appeared in twenty-eight episodes of the popular sitcom after replacing Diane Brewster, who played "Miss Canfield" both during the first season and in the 1980s television movies based on the series. Sue Randall's first appearance as Miss Landers was in the Leave It to Beaver episode "Ward's Problem," which originally aired on October 16, 1958.

Primarily, Randall's roles on television were as a featured actor or supporting character, often in westerns. For example, she was cast as Kathy O'Hara, an aspiring concert pianist, in the episode "The Mysterious Stranger" (February 17, 1959) on the ABC/Warner Brothers series Sugarfoot, with Will Hutchins in the title role. She was cast too in the ABC series The Rebel as Elaine, the daughter of a man sentenced to hang; but Nick Adams, the star, saves him. That episode is titled "Judgment Day" and was first broadcast on October 11, 1959.

In the late 1950s, however, television-series producers did cast Randall as a co-star with actress Theodora Davitt in a proposed weekly sitcom titled Up on Cloud Nine. A pilot for this comedy was completed, but no potential sponsors opted to buy or underwrite the series about "the daffy misadventures" of two airline stewardesses. In the pilot episode's storyline, described by one later reviewer as "painfully unfunny," Randall and Davitt's characters insult passengers and frighten them while in flight by mistakenly preparing their plane for a crash landing.

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Sue Randall appeared in many other series, including CBS's The Twilight Zone, Have Gun – Will Travel, Gunsmoke, The Aquanauts, Pete and Gladys, and Hennesey, NBC's Bonanza and The Man and the Challenge, and ABC's The Real McCoys, The Dakotas, 77 Sunset Strip, The Fugitive, and The Rifleman. In addition, she made three guest appearances on Sea Hunt with Lloyd Bridges in 1961. That same year she also guest starred as Ellen, with Adolphe Menjou as Fitch and Orson Bean as her husband John Monroe, in the episode "The Secret Life of James Thurber", based on the works of the American humorist James Thurber, in the CBS anthology series The DuPont Show with June Allyson. She made two guest appearances as well on Perry Mason, both times as the defendant: Betty Wilkins in the 1960 episode, "The Case of the Ill-Fated Faker," and Arnell Stiller, alias Amy Scott, in the 1964 episode, "The Case of the Garrulous Go-Between."

Randall appeared too in five episodes of the long-running, syndicated western anthology Death Valley Days. Her last performance in that series was in 1966, when she was cast as Carrie Huntington in the episode "The Courtship of Carrie Huntington," set in the future Washington state. In the storyline Jesse Pearson plays Henry Windsor, who is hired to take Carrie to her sister's wedding after she misses the stagecoach. Henry and Carrie engage in a mock wedding, but on the return trip Henry wins her over after they are held by Indians and Carrie nurses a sick child to health. Helen Kleeb, a native of Washington State, plays Carrie's mother, and Dub Taylor was cast in a cameo role as a station agent.

Later years and death

Randall retired from her television acting career at an early age, reportedly due to lingering complications from injuries she suffered in 1967 in an automobile accident. Her last credited television performance did, in fact, occur in 1967. She played the part of "Ruth" in an episode of Vacation Playhouse, a summer replacement series that showcased a variety of unsold pilots. Two years after her work on Vacation Playhouse, Randall returned to her hometown of Philadelphia, where she became involved with a variety of professional associations and participated in telethons and other charitable events to raise money to support programs and research battling arthritis, multiple sclerosis, blindness, and poor childhood education.

Randall died October 26, 1984, at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at age 49. In 1982 she had been diagnosed with both lung and larynx cancer. Her death followed treatments for the malignancies, including the removal of her larynx. Randall was survived by her two sons, Blake and Kenneth; and, in accordance with her wishes, her body was donated for medical science to the Humanity Gifts Registry in Philadelphia.


Vacation Playhouse (TV Series) as
- Heaven Help Us (1967) - Ruth
Death Valley Days (TV Series) as
Carrie Huntington / Mary Ann Duncan / Julie / ...
- The Courtship of Carrie Huntington (1966) - Carrie Huntington
- A Bargain Is for Keeping (1964) - Mary Ann Duncan
- See the Elephant and Hear the Owl (1964) - Julie
- The Man Who Died Twice (1963) - Virginia Slade
- The Private Mint of Clark, Gruber and Co. (1962) - Martha Clark
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Sarah Bentley
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I Spy (TV Series) as
Louise Richards
- No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise (1965) - Louise Richards
Bonanza (TV Series) as
Sue Watson / Ann Fleming / Ann Davis
- Mighty Is the Word (1965) - Sue Watson
- Patchwork Man (1965) - Ann Fleming
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O.K. Crackerby! (TV Series) as
Miss Laura Shepherd
- The Griffin Story (1965) - Miss Laura Shepherd
The Fugitive (TV Series) as
Nurse Thompson / Ruth Fisher / Jen
- Wings of an Angel (1965) - Nurse Thompson
- When the Bough Breaks (1964) - Ruth Fisher
- Nightmare at Northoak (1963) - Jen
My Favorite Martian (TV Series) as
Miss Turner
- Crash Diet (1965) - Miss Turner
Kraft Suspense Theatre (TV Series) as
Anne Crane
- Four into Zero (1965) - Anne Crane
Profiles in Courage (TV Series) as
Joan Owens
- Robert A. Taft (1965) - Joan Owens
Wendy and Me (TV Series) as
Ruth Harris
- It Takes Two to Tangle (1964) - Ruth Harris
Summer Playhouse (TV Series) as
- Satan's Waitin' (1964) - Linda
Perry Mason (TV Series) as
Amy Scott / Betty Wilkins
- The Case of the Garrulous Go-Between (1964) - Amy Scott
- The Case of the Ill-Fated Faker (1960) - Betty Wilkins
The Twilight Zone (TV Series) as
Millie / Nurse
- From Agnes - with Love (1964) - Millie
- And When the Sky Was Opened (1959) - Nurse
Arrest and Trial (TV Series) as
Maris Hewitt
- Somewhat Lower Than the Angels (1964) - Maris Hewitt
Ripcord (TV Series) as
Nora Willis
- Wrong Way Down (1963) - Nora Willis
The Bill Dana Show (TV Series) as
Margaret Ann Austin
- Jose the Playboy (1963) - Margaret Ann Austin
Dr. Kildare (TV Series) as
Emily Gunderson
- The Balance and the Crucible (1963) - Emily Gunderson
The Dakotas (TV Series) as
Hardi Masters
- Reformation at Big Nose Butte (1963) - Hardi Masters
Saints and Sinners (TV Series) as
- Slug It, Miss Joyous (1963) - Ann
I'm Dickens, He's Fenster (TV Series) as
- The Acting Game (1962) - Bianca
Pete and Gladys (TV Series) as
- Maternity House (1962) - Helen
Leave It to Beaver (TV Series) as
Miss Alice Landers
- Nobody Loves Me (1962) - Miss Alice Landers
- Substitute Father (1961) - Miss Alice Landers
- Junior Fire Chief (1961) - Miss Alice Landers
- The School Picture (1961) - Miss Alice Landers
- Beaver's Report Card (1961) - Miss Alice Landers
- The Dramatic Club (1961) - Miss Alice Landers
- Beaver's Poster (1961) - Miss Alice Landers
- Beaver's Secret Life (1961) - Miss Alice Landers
- Beaver and Kenneth (1960) - Miss Alice Landers
- Miss Landers' Fiance (1960) - Miss Alice Landers
- Beaver Becomes a Hero (1960) - Miss Alice Landers
- The Last Day of School (1960) - Miss Alice Landers
- Beaver and Ivanhoe (1960) - Miss Alice Landers
- Pet Fair (1960) - Miss Alice Landers
- June's Birthday (1959) - Miss Alice Landers
- Teacher Comes to Dinner (1959) - Miss Alice Landers
- Beaver's Tree (1959) - Miss Alice Landers
- Baby Picture (1959) - Miss Alice Landers
- School Bus (1959) - Miss Alice Landers
- Most Interesting Character (1959) - Miss Alice Landers
- The Cookie Fund (1959) - Miss Alice Landers
- Friendship (1959) - Miss Alice Landers
- Beaver Says Good-bye (1959) - Miss Alice Landers
- Beaver Plays Hooky (1959) - Miss Alice Landers
- School Play (1958) - Miss Alice Landers
- Beaver's Ring (1958) - Miss Alice Landers
- Her Idol (1958) - Miss Alice Landers
- Ward's Problem (1958) - Miss Alice Landers
Margie (TV Series) as
Miss Franklin
- A Lesson in Teaching (1962) - Miss Franklin
Gunsmoke (TV Series) as
Laura / Effie
- Milly (1961) - Laura
- The Cook (1960) - Effie
Sea Hunt (TV Series) as
Peg Nicholson / Liz Brenner / Mary Carter
- Crime at Sea (1961) - Peg Nicholson
- Superman (1961) - Liz Brenner
- Rescue (1961) - Mary Carter
Surfside 6 (TV Series) as
Maggie Littrell
- Spinout at Sebring (1961) - Maggie Littrell
Michael Shayne (TV Series) as
Marcella Colby / Georgia
- The Trouble with Ernie (1961) - Marcella Colby
- Murder Plays Charades (1960) - Georgia
Hennesey (TV Series) as
Gloria Landis / Linda Shafer
- The Green-Eyed Monster (1961) - Gloria Landis
- The Matchmaker (1959) - Linda Shafer
The Detectives (TV Series) as
Jean Morley
- Time for Decision (1961) - Jean Morley
The DuPont Show with June Allyson (TV Series) as
Ellen Monroe
- The Country Mouse (1961) - Ellen Monroe
The Tom Ewell Show (TV Series) as
Miss McNulty
- Storm Over Shangri-La (1961) - Miss McNulty
Lock Up (TV Series) as
Peggy Tyler
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The Jim Backus Show (TV Series) as
Evelyn Darton
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Thriller (TV Series) as
Kay Salisbury
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77 Sunset Strip (TV Series) as
Alice Smith Gallante / Ruth Douglas / Chick Hammons
- The Affairs of Adam Gallante (1960) - Alice Smith Gallante
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- Hit And Run (1959) - Chick Hammons
The Roaring 20's (TV Series) as
Kathy Potter
- Judge Seward's Secret (1960) - Kathy Potter
- Brother's Keeper (1960) - Kathy Potter
The Aquanauts (TV Series) as
Mimi Newell
- Night Dive (1960) - Mimi Newell
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (TV Series) as
Lucy Tedder
- Big Brother (1960) - Lucy Tedder
Bat Masterson (TV Series) as
- The Hunter (1960) - Elizabeth
New Comedy Showcase (TV Series) as
- You're Only Young Twice (1960) - Lois
The Man and the Challenge (TV Series) as
Phyllis Wright
- The Windowless Room (1960) - Phyllis Wright
Have Gun - Will Travel (TV Series) as
Ruth / Anna Ainslee
- The Day of the Bad Man (1960) - Ruth
- Shot by Request (1959) - Anna Ainslee
Grand Jury (TV Series) as
Union Boss's Daughter
- Off the Record (1959) - Union Boss's Daughter
Wagon Train (TV Series) as
Mrs. Sherman
- The St. Nicholas Story (1959) - Mrs. Sherman
M Squad (TV Series) as
Mrs. Jim Wilson
- Mama's Boy (1959) - Mrs. Jim Wilson (uncredited)
General Electric Theater (TV Series) as
Bride's Friend
- Night Club (1959) - Bride's Friend
The Rebel (TV Series) as
Elaine Randall
- Judgment (1959) - Elaine Randall
The Real McCoys (TV Series) as
Susan Meade
- The Girls at Mom's Place (1959) - Susan Meade
The Rifleman (TV Series) as
Lucy Hallager
- The Mind Reader (1959) - Lucy Hallager
Sugarfoot (TV Series) as
Kathy O'Hara
- The Mysterious Stranger (1959) - Kathy O'Hara
The Millionaire (TV Series) as
- The Newman Johnson Story (1958) - Kate
Steve Canyon (TV Series) as
Sgt. Addie Malone
- Operation Jettison (1958) - Sgt. Addie Malone
Bronco (TV Series) as
Hope Cabot
- The Besieged (1958) - Hope Cabot
Matinee Theatre (TV Series)
- The Canterville Ghost (1958)
- The Awakening (1957)
Desk Set as
Ruthie Saylor
Playhouse 90 (TV Series) as
Kitty Verdun
- Where's Charley? (1957) - Kitty Verdun
Valiant Lady (TV Series) as
Diane Emerson Soames #3 (1955-1956)
Ponds Theater (TV Series)
- Life and Taxes (1955)
Star Tonight (TV Series)
- Golden Victory (1955)
A Wonderful Life (Short) as
College Girl Holding Newspaper (uncredited)
Sea Hunt (TV Series) (performer - 1 episode)
- Crime at Sea (1961) - (performer: "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" - uncredited)
Archive Footage
Leave It to Beaver (TV Series) as
Miss Landers
- Family Scrapbook (1963) - Miss Landers


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