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Shadow Hare

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Shadow hare

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c. 1987 (age 33–34)

Allegiance of Heroes

Phoenix Jones, Superbarrio Gómez, Batkid

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Shadow Hare (or Shadowhare) is the pseudonym of a vigilante superhero operating in Cincinnati, Ohio since 2005. He states that he is 22 years old and lives in Milford, Ohio. Wearing a handmade black suit with a stylized hare on the front, along with a cape and mask, he patrols the streets looking for crimes in progress, and gives out meals to the homeless. Although not supported or endorsed by the Cincinnati Police Department, he cooperates with police, making citizen's arrests when necessary.


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Shadow Hare claims to be skilled in Shōrin-ryū and mixed martial arts, and carries mace, a taser, and handcuffs.

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Shadow Hare has been injured—he once received a dislocated shoulder while assisting a woman who was being robbed. He frequents Cincinnati public events, especially ones he suspects may turn violent, using his tagline "I see the shadows of shadows." He has received international internet and television news coverage, ranging from supportive to mocking. The Milford chief of police was wary, saying "He's putting himself in jeopardy for something he's not trained for.... We don't want people to get hurt." But Shadow Hare continued his activities as of 2009, stating "If I have to save someone else in an alleyway, or if there is someone right now who needed my help, I will rush in and give my life."

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Allegiance of Heroes

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Shadow Hare is part of the "Allegiance of Heroes", a group that includes masked crime-fighters calling themselves Eclyptico, Wall Creeper, and Master Legend. He patrols Cincinnati either alone or with a few other members of the Allegiance, distributing business cards to those interested. At times he travels to work with local superheroes in other cities, such as Mr. Xtreme in San Diego; according to Shadow Hare, the two attempted to identify and locate a rapist.

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