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Country  India
State  Haryana

Language spoken  Hindi
District  Jind
Safidon in the past, History of Safidon

Map of Safidon

Safidon is a city and a municipal committee in Jind district in the Indian state of Haryana. Safidon is the center of Panipat and Jind. The town is the headquarters of the tehsil of the same name. It is situated on the bank of the Hansi branch of the Western Yamuna canal, 35 km northeast of Jind. The Safidon Sub-Division comprises Safidon tehsil and sub-tehsil Pillukhera. There are 73 villages under Safidon Tehsil. Safidon is the constituency no. 35 of Haryana Vidhan Sabha. It is located on the Panipat-Jind railway line.


Safidon haryana farm tubewell

Varun safidon marriage dance


Safidon is possibly the site of Sarpadevi or Sarpidadhi referred in Mahabharata and Vamana Purana. It is associated with the snake sacrifice of Janamejaya, son of Parikshit. The latter lost his life in the struggle against the Nagas of Taxiles, which was later avenged by his son Janamejaya, symbolised in the epic tradition of Sarpasastra (snake sacrifice) which possibly took place at Sarpadevi. There are three ancient temples and tirthas of Nagesvara Mahadeva, Nagadamni Devi and Nagashetra.

The area was first occupied by a Pre-Harappan Chalcolithic agricultural community, whose pottery has been recovered from a number of places near Safidon, including Hatt,Harigarh(Hattkeshawar), Anta, Morkhi, and Beri Khera. The area was irrigated during the reign of Firuz Shah Tughlaq (1351-1388) of the Tughlaq dynasty, who built a canal from the Yamuna which entered the district at Anta, and thence flowing through the present Jind tehsil from east to west in the line of the old Chutang nadi past the town of Safidon and Jind, reached up to Hisar. Firoz also made administrative changes, creating a separate Iqta of Safidon and placed the entire area of the present district under its Mukta, Yalkhan, a trusted noble. He also changed the name of Safidon to Tughluqpur.

After Firoz's death, discord disrputed the Delhi Sultanate, and the Tughlaq dynasty lost Safidon and Jind. Timur attacked northern India in 1398, entering Haryana from Punjab. The district of Jind did not suffer much at his hands; during his march from Kaithal to Panipat he touched only the outskirts of the district except for a short distance of a few kilometres from Muana (a village)to Safidon and a little beyond. While local inhabitants fled, the fort of Safidon was burned.

Gajpat Singh, a great grandson of Phul, the founder of the Phulkian Misl, one of the 12 confederacies of the Sikhs in the 18th century took advantage of the above situation. He took part in the attack of the Sikhs on the province of Sirhind in 1763 in which Zain Khan, the Afghan governor of the province, was killed. Gajpat Singh occupied a large tract of the country including Jind and Safidon as his share of the spoil.

During the reorganization of the Punjab in 1966, the Sangrur district was divided and Jind and Narwana Tehsils were allocated to Haryana and were constituted into Jind district. The Jind tehsil was divided into two tehsils of Jind and Safidon in 1967. In January 1973, five villages of Kaithal Tehsil were transferred to Safidon Tehsil .


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  • Rk and Kp Khera Khemawati(singer/Artist)
  • Politician

  • Naresh Jangra
  • Distance from other cities

  • New Delhi: 110 km;
  • IGI Airport: 120 km;
  • Panipat: 27 km;
  • Jind: 34 km;
  • Karnal: 54 km;
  • Chandigarh: 190 km;
  • Ambala: 150 km.
  • Assandh: 14 km.
  • Gohana: 38 km.
  • Kaithal: 54 km.
  • Paonta Sahib: 185 km
  • Rohtak: 68 km
  • Gurgaon: 140 km
  • Harigarh: 12 km
  • Rewari: 152 km
  • Sonipat: 89 km
  • Haridwar: 180 km
  • Sisa: 179 km
  • Hisar: 112 km
  • Hansi: 81 km
  • Khera Khemawati: 1 km
  • Demographics

    The 2011 India Census reported that:

  • Safidon City has population 110500 in 2011
  • Males constituted 54% of the population and females 46%
  • Safidon had an average literacy rate of 65%, higher than the national average of 59.5%
  • Male literacy was 71% and female literacy 58%
  • 14% of the population was under six years of age
  • Safidon had evenly distributed Hindu and Sikh populations, with small Jain communities
  • Safidon in Cast Aggarwal 21% , Saini 18% , Punjabi 15% , Sikh 10% , S.C. 12% Other 24%
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    Economy and infrastructure

    This city is connected by railway and roadway to Panipat, Jind, Rohtak, Delhi, and Chandigarh. Safidon is the sub-depot of the Haryana Roadways (Haryana state transport).

    Safidon, being the main city in Jind district, is also the site of a container rail terminal of the Container Corporation of India (CONCOR), and a bus terminal. Because it has the largest Mandi in district its economic place is very high. The new Anaj mandi located on asandh road also biggest mandi of haryana more than 300 plus shops. Agrasen Chowk is the main chowk of safidon city and the centre of city. HUDA also develop the city and reqire the land for housing board.The Delhi NCR board also join the jind, karnal dist. In national capital board.In Safidon overall 22 banks in the city. It also have wide range of hatchery and poltery farms near about 198 hatcheries.

    Notable Personalities

  • Kulbir Singh Dhaliwal - A famous lawyer in Haryana Punjab High Court, Chandigarh was born in Village Chappar of Block Safidon.
  • Sardul Singh Dhaliwal - First Sikh MLA of the city and won with highest votes in the State Elections of Haryana, 1988.He also belongs to Village Chappar.
  • Nirvel Singh - Famous Politician of the area. He was Former Vice-President of Haryana Youth Congress. The most active Sikh Leader belongs to Village Anta.
  • jasbir Deswal - Current MLA of 2015 State election also from Safidon village anta. He is owner of the biggest poltry company of India skylark group.
  • Late Shri Janak Raj Bhakhri - A Famous person of Safidon. He moved to Safidon in 1950
  • Late S.Dalbir singh Natt- He moved to safidon in 1950's
  • Places of interest

  • Ancient Fort at Safidon
  • Location -: Safidon, District : Jind Situation -: Situated in the heart of the city, near Nag kshetra 'tirth' on Safidon-Urlana road. Period -: Circa 18th century AD History and description -: This historical fort at Safidon was built by the rulers of Jind state in the 18th century AD. The history of Jind as a separate ruling state begins with 1763 AD. It is the first fort built by the rulers of Jind state who were the ancestors of Phulkian family. Afterwards, it was used as a military cantonment of the state. This fort has bastions for providing strength to the fortification, which were also used to ensure security. Traditionally, this town Safidon is connected with Mahabharata story and it is said that Janmejay, the son of Parikshit, and grandson of Arjuna. had performed 'sarpyajna' (snake-sacrificial ritual) at this place after the death of his father, who was bitten by a snake.

  • Nagakshetra temple is the oldest temple in the city.And also oldest temple in haryana.The name of Safidon is actual sarafdaman refers to this temple and after change the name.This temple located center of the city
  • Dasasvamedha Tirtha is at the village of Didwara in Safidon Tehsil, 13 km North of Safidon; bathing there with devotion is considered to have the merit of ten Ashvamedha sacrifices.
  • Gurudwara Singhpura Sahib, Village Singhpura - a Gurudwara in the name of 9th Guru, Shri Guru Teg Bahadar Ji.
  • Aruna tirtha lies at village Anta, 6 km south of Safidon. It is mentioned in the Mahabharata
  • Suraj Kund built in honour of Sun God at Kalwa (15 kilometres south-west of Safidon)
  • Temple of Mahadeva at Barod (5.5 kilometres north-east of Safidon)
  • A tank named after the Vedic sage Vasishtha at Budha Khera (12 kilometres north-west of Safidon)
  • Ramsar park
  • Ram Nagar (jasvinder phourVillage) a village known for its farming method is about 12 km southwest of Safidon
  • Shiv Mandi temple at Ratta Khera village
  • The jafariya PirBaba mandir famous pir and this mandir was very old.Most rushest mandir in the city
  • The Hanuman mandir in the main bazaar street located
  • The Sai baba mandir located in Assandh road chungi
  • The Jain temple located in Safidon Mandi
  • The different parks are in the city Nagchetar park, Om shanti park, Maharaja Janamjay stadium, Ramlila ground etc.
  • The khera khema wati Village is very fastly growing then other villages.
  • Sabal Singh Bavri Temlple is very old temple.
  • Makbra pir is present in the center of safidon.
  • Khanser Chock name located at the name of Khanser Peer.
  • Maharaja Janmejay Stadium Near New bus stand at MG Road.
  • Schools

  • KALI RAM DAV Public School, Safidon City
  • Tagore Middle School, Safidon
  • Gian Jyoti Sr. Sec .School, near Purani Chungi, Safidon City
  • Guru Gobind Singh Sr Sec School, Hatt Road, Safidon City
  • Vikas middle school, Safidon
  • Hindu public school,MG road,Safidon
  • Iskon public school,jind road safidon
  • New Balwan Singh Memorial Sen. Sec. School, Rampura
  • Saraswati vidya mandir sen sec school, Safidon City
  • Saraswati Sr Sec School (Baghru Kalan)
  • Aryavart Public School, Muana
  • Govt. High School Nimnabad
  • city public school,Pilukeda
  • Lucky high school, anta
  • Haryana Public School, Safidon City
  • Pioneer Sen. Sec.School, Safidon City (chingar)
  • Kids Valley Public School Safidon
  • Maharishi Sayanand Sr. Sec. School Pillukhera
  • BRSK International Public School, Safidon
  • Safidon Green Valley Public School
  • Metis Public School, Safidon
  • Govt Sr. Sec. School, Paju Kalan
  • Govt Sr. Sec. School, Hatt
  • Arya Sr. Sec. School, Hatt
  • Geeta Vidhya Mandir, Khanser Chowk, Safidon.
  • Govt primary school, Paju Khurd.
  • Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Karkhana, Safidon.
  • Govt.High.School, Khera Khemawati Safidon.
  • Divs play School, Khera Khemawati Safidon.
  • Dr Bhim Rav Ambedkar Middle School Khera Khemawati Safidon.
  • Govt Sr Sec School Near old Bus stand Maharaja Agarsen Chock Safidon.
  • Colleges

  • PDM Instt. of Engineering & Technology, Safidon
  • PDM College Diploma Engineering & Technology, Safidon
  • PDM School of Pharmacy, Safidon
  • Government College, Safidon
  • METIS College
  • METIS Girls College, Safidon
  • Haryana College Of Education.Safidon
  • Aryavart College of Education Muana, Safidon
  • Govt.Girls College, Safidon
  • Rachit Group of Colleges
  • Sarla govt college for woman, Panipat road, Safidon
  • Hotels and Restaurants

  • Luxmi Palace
  • Midtown Hotel
  • Royal Hotel
  • Taj Hotal
  • Sardar barfi wala
  • Guljari Dhaba
  • Golden Palace & Conference hall
  • Riverhut Resort
  • Hotal Subham Palace
  • Fulla saini sweets Restaurants
  • Matta hot spice
  • kapoor hot spice
  • do bhai dhaba
  • Foji Dairy
  • Foji Sweet
  • Maan Dhaaba khera Khemawati Safidon
  • Dharamshala

  • Aggarwal Dharamshala
  • Jain Dharamshala
  • Saini Dharamshala
  • Jat Dharamshala
  • Sikh Dharamshala
  • Bharaman Dharamshala
  • Kashyap Rajput Dharamshala
  • Vishavkarma Dharamshala
  • Laiya Dharamshala
  • Rajput Dharamshala
  • Maharaja Soorsaini Dharamshala
  • Saini Bhai Ekta Dharamsala
  • Companies & Industries

  • Skylark Group
  • Nishadil Technologies
  • Nishadil Advertisements
  • Nishadil Services Pvt Ltd.
  • Nishadil Tel (BPO/KPO)
  • NIRMS Edu. Technologies
  • Yicox fashion and garments
  • References

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