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Panipat    (Hindi: ) is an ancient and historic city in Panipat district, Haryana state, India. It is 90 km north from Delhi and 169 km south of Chandigarh on NH-1. The battles fought at the city in 1526, 1556 and 1761 were turning points in Indian history. The city is famous in India by the name of "City of Weaver". The first verse of the Bhagavad Gita is possibly referencing to Panipat as Dharmakshetra


Map of Panipat

38 story of bu ali shah qalandar panipat india


Panipat in the past, History of Panipat

According to the legend, Panipat was one of the five cities (prasthas) founded by the Pandava brothers during the times of the Mahabharata; its historic name being Panduprastha. Panipat was the scene of three pivotal battles in the Indian history. Panipat is first recorded in the Mahabharata as one of the 5 villages that the Pandavas demanded from Duryodhana. The five villages are the "panch pat"

  • Padavaprastha (Now known as Panipat)
  • Sonaprastha (Now known as Sonipat)
  • Indraprastha (Now known as Delhi)
  • Bahakprastha (Now known as Baghpat)
  • Tilprastha (Now known as Tilpat)

  • Panipat in the past, History of Panipat

    The First Battle of Panipat was fought on 21 April 1526 between Ibrahim Lodhi, the Afghan Sultan of Delhi, and the Turco-Mongol warlord Babur, who later established Mughal rule in Northern Indian subcontinent. Baburs force defeated Ibrahims much larger force of over one lakh (one hundred thousand) soldiers. This First battle of Panipat thus ended the Lodi Rule established by Bahlul Lodhi in Delhi.

    The Second Battle of Panipat was fought on 5 November 1556 between the forces of Akbar and Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, also known as Hemu, a King of North India, who belonged to Rewari in Haryana and had captured the large states of Agra and Delhi defeating Akbars forces. This king, also known as Vikramaditya had won 22 battles against the Afghan rebels from 1553–1556 from Punjab to Bengal, and had his coronation at Purana Quila in Delhi on 7 October 1556 and had established Hindu Raj in North India, before the 2nd battle of Panipat.Hem Chandra had a large army, and initially his forces were winning, but suddenly Hemu was struck by an arrow in the eye and he lost his senses. On not seeing him in his howdah on the back of an elephant, his army fled. He was later captured and beheaded by the Mughals. His head was sent to Kabul to be hanged outside Delhi Darwaza and torso was hanged outside Purana Quila in Delhi. This Second battle of Panipat thus ended the Hindu Raj established by Hemu in north India, albeit for a short period.

    The Third Battle of Panipat was fought in 1761 between the Maratha Empire and the Afghan and Baloch invaders.


    Panipat Beautiful Landscapes of Panipat

    Panipat is located at 29.39°N 76.97°E? / 29.39; 76.97. It has an average elevation of 219 metres (718 feet).

    Panipat Beautiful Landscapes of Panipat

    Panipat is situated on G.T. road or NH-1, 90 km north of Delhi. On three sides, Panipat district boundaries touch other districts of Haryana – Karnal in the north, Jind in the west and Sonipat in the south. Panipat district borders the state of Uttar Pradesh across the Yamuna river in the east.

    Panipat was a part of Karnal district until 31 October 1989. It was separated from Karnal, along with another subdivision, the Assandh tehsil. When the district was re-formed on 1 January 1992, the Assandh tehsil was excluded. The newly constructed flyover across the Grand Trunk Road completed in the year 2008 is one of the longest flyovers in India.

    Places Of Interest

    The main places of attraction are

  • Panipat Museum
  • Hemu Samadhi Sthal(Village Sodhapur)
  • The grave of Ibrahim Lodhi
  • The dargah (mausoleum or shrine) of the 13th century sufi saint Bu Ali Shah Qalandar
  • Kabuli Bagh
  • Shri Devi Mandir
  • Kala Amb
  • Shri Ram Sharnam
  • Salar Gunj Gate
  • Insaar Bazaar
  • Shopping Malls in Panipat
  • Gandhi Park and Library at Quila
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