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How to pronounce pterocarpan

Pterocarpans are derivatives of isoflavonoids found in the Fabaceae family. It is a group of compounds which can be described as benzo-pyrano-furano-benzenes (i.e. 6H-[1]benzofuro[3,2-c]chromene skeleton) which can be formed by coupling of the B ring to the 4-one position.


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2'-hydroxyisoflavone reductase is the enzyme responsible for the conversion in Cicer arietinum and glyceollin synthase for the production of glyceollins, phytoalexins in soybean.

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Known compounds

Pterocarpan The coumarinpterocarpan conjugate a natural product inspired
  • Bitucarpin A and B, isolated from the aerial parts of Mediterranean plants Bituminaria morisiana and Bituminaria bituminosa
  • Erybraedin A and B, isolated from the stems of Erythrina subumbrans and C, isolated from the leaves of Bituminaria morisiana
  • Erythrabyssin II, erystagallin A, erythrabissin-1, and erycristagallin isolated from the stems of Erythrina subumbrans
  • Glycinol, glyceollidin I and II, glyceollins (glyceollin I, II, III and IV), found in the soybean (Glycine max)
  • Glycyrrhizol A, isolated from the root of the Chinese licorice plant (Glycyrrhiza uralensis)
  • Maackiain, isolated from the roots of Maackia amurensis subsp. Buergeri
  • Medicarpin, found in Medicago truncatula
  • Morisianine, isolated from the seeds of Bituminaria morisiana
  • Orientanol A, isolated from the wood of Erythrina orientalis
  • Phaseolin, found in French bean seeds
  • Pisatin, found in Pisum sativum
  • Striatine, isolated from aerial parts of Mundulea striata
  • Trifolirhizin, found in Sophora flavescens

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