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Erythrina orientalis

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Fabaceae
Tribe  Phaseoleae
Scientific name  Erythrina variegata
Rank  Species
Order  Fabales
Subfamily  Faboideae
Genus  Erythrina
Higher classification  Erythrina
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Similar  Erythrina, Erythrina crista‑galli, Phanera variegata, Indian‑almond, Sacred Tree

Erythrina orientalis is a plant species in the genus Erythrina. This plant is a climbing herb that grows up to 6 m long, and has compound leaves with petioles that are 5–6 cm long. Its leaflets emerge in groups of three, and are 7–9 cm long and 5–8 cm wide. The plant's young leaves, flowers and pods are consumed as vegetables.

Erythrina orientalis Erythrina orientalis Fabaceae image 29804 at PhytoImagessiuedu

The pterocarpan orientanol A can be isolated from the wood of E. orientalis. The pterocarpans orientanol B and C, folitenol and erythrabyssin II, the pterocarpene erycristagallin and the prenylated isoflavone bidwillol A can be isolated from the roots.

Erythrina orientalis Erythrina orientalis Fabaceae image 29806 at PhytoImagessiuedu
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Erythrina orientalis Erythrina orientalis Fabaceae image 29805 at PhytoImagessiuedu
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