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Oru Second Class Yathra

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Music director  Gopi Sunder
Country  India
6.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama
Language  Malayalam
Oru Second Class Yathra movie poster
Director  Jexson Antony Rejis Antony
Release date  May 8, 2015 (2015-05-08)
Directors  Jeckson Antony, Rejish Antony
Genres  Comedy, Thriller, Drama film
Cast  Vineeth Sreenivasan (Nandu), Chemban Vinod Jose (Maran), Nikki Galrani (Lakshmi), Nedumudi Venu (Narayanan), Sreejith Ravi (Balagopal), Joju George (Jolly Kurien)
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Oru second class yathra official trailer hd vineeth sreenivasan nikki galrani

Oru Second Class Yathra ( Malayalam: ഒരു സെക്കന്റ് ക്ലാസ് യാത്ര) is a 2015 Malayalam comedy thriller written and directed by Jexson Antony and Rejis Antony in their debut film.


Oru Second Class Yathra movie scenes

Ambazham thanalitta full song hd oru second class yathra vineeth sreenivasan nikki galrani


Police constables Balagopal (Sreejith Ravi) and Jolly Kurien (Joju George) have been at odds for years but are under orders to transfer two prisoners from Kannur to Trivandrum. They board the Parasuram express with the handcuffed inmates. While at the Kayamkulam station, prisoner Nandu (Vineeth Sreenivasan) escapes. The two officers get off the train at the next stop with second inmate Maran (Chemban Vinod Jose) and frantically searches for Nandu. The three unlikely musketeers finds the back-story of Nandu. Nandu's father, Narayanan (Nedumudi Venu) always have a wrongful intention to his step-sister, Lakshmi (Nikki Galrani). Nandu, one day determines to kill his father for the same, but the trap he set accidentally killed his mother. He was arrested for his mother's murder. One day his father Narayanan comes to visit him at jail and reveals his true intentions for his step-sister. Nandu determines to escape at any possible opportunities. The three musketeers finds Nandu while roughing with Narayanan, both with the intention to kill. Accidentally Jolly Kurien kills Nandu's father. With knowing Narayanan's story, Maran devises a plan to not let the issue known to others, to which everyone agrees. Narayanan's body is buried in a nearby church cemetery at that night itself. In the end of the day everyone is shown as happy in their karmic lives.


Oru Second Class Yathra Watch Oru Second Class Yathra 2015 Full Malayalam Movie On
  • Vineeth Sreenivasan as Nandu
  • Chemban Vinod Jose as Balu
  • Sreejith Ravi as Balagopal
  • Joju George as Jolly Kurian
  • Nikki Galrani as Lakshmi
  • Nedumudi Venu as Narayanan Mesthiri
  • Indrans as Govindan
  • Sunil Sukhada as Balan Nambiar
  • Maniyanpilla Raju as ASI Johnson
  • Mammukkoya as Alikkoya
  • Pradeep Kottayam as Joppan
  • Aparna Balamurali as Amritha Unnikrishnan
  • Vanitha Krishnachandran as Indira, Lakshmi and Nandu' mother
  • Balu Varghese as Kumar
  • Dr. Shaju Sam as man in the train
  • Sasi Kalinga as Koshi
  • Thomas Unniyadan as D.I.G
  • Chali Pala as Man at funeral
  • Rajasekharan as Police Trainee
  • Nelson Sooranadu as Cleaner at Lorry
  • Koottikkal Jayachandran as James
  • Saju Navodaya as Pindam Biju
  • Hareesh Perumanna
  • Pavithran
  • Arun Ghosh as Commissioner Anil
  • Bilal Ibn Jamal
  • Sarath Chandran as Groom
  • Paravai Muniyamma as Balu's step-mother
  • Veena Nair as Vanajakumari
  • Arya Rohit as young lady in the train
  • Vijayakumari as old lady in the train
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran as Narrator (Voice Only)
  • Critical response

    Oru Second Class Yathra Oru Second Class Yaathra 2015 Mridula Warrier Vineeth

    The film met expectations. The Times of India wrote that the film "has a promising premise, but ends up being just half of what it aspires to be."

    Oru Second Class Yathra Oru Second Class Yathra Plot Story Reviews Wiki Ratings Cast

    Now Running said that the film was neither damaging or offensive. Most of the film's scenes were shot inside a train and they gave it a road movie feel. The story starts when the train is in northern Kerala and ends in southern Kerala. The passengers on the train are shown as they affect the story.

    Oru Second Class Yathra Oru Second Class Yathra Movie Review Totally Feeble Filmibeat

    International Business Times wrote that the film "fails to come out as a comedy suspense thriller as it was supposed to be". The directors, Jexon Antony and Rejis Antony, adopted a flash-back narrative, but "unfortunately the suspense elements went amiss, especially in the second half." The first portion of the film offered promises which failed during its second half.

    Oru Second Class Yathra Oru Second Class Yathra Movie Review Totally Feeble Filmibeat

    Indiaglitz noted that the slow story failed to meet the expectations of a thriller film. The first half of the film was alright, but the narrative flagging in the second half. It was felt that directors Jexson and Rejis Anthony did "okay on their first outing and a more polished movie is expected from them in future." The project's cinematography by Vinod Illampally was praised. Since thrillers require a greater punching up during post-production, "the editing seems a bit lax." The background score was fine, but in considering Gopi Sunder's body of work, it could have been better. They summarized, writing the film

    Oru Second Class Yathra Oru Second Class Yathra ReviewRatingReport

    has a novel theme, yet the execution could have been better. A bit more taut and crisp, with its first half- like narration in the second half too could have taken the movie far ahead. It is not a bad attempt and is very much a family movie and the subject of rape of a different nature is very relevant. Watch it without much expectation and you might be pleasantly surprised"

    The Hindu felt writer/directors Jexson Antony and Rejis Antony tried to strike a proper balance between drama and comedy—juggling between the two modes would not wear down the audience. The Hindu felt this became evident in the film's second half, "where a scene of high tension and tragedy in the flashback cuts abruptly to a light-hearted one happening in the present." It was however, concluded that "Barring a few humorous scenes, Oru Second Class Yathra does not make for a pleasant trip to the cinema."


    Music by: Gopi Sundar, Lyrics by: Hari Narayanan

  • Ambazham Thanalitta - Vineeth Sreenivasan, Mridula Warrier
  • Accolades

    Asianet Film Awards
  • Performer of the Year - Vineeth Sreenivasan (for Various films)
  • Best Villain - Nedumudi Venu (also for Rudra Simhasanam)
  • Vanitha Film Awards
  • Best Villain - Nedumudi Venu (also for Rudra Simhasanam)
  • References

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    Oru Second Class Yathra IMDb Oru Second Class Yathra

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