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Kingdom  Animalia
Branch  Metapterygota
Higher classification  Metapterygota
Phylum  Arthropoda
Scientific name  Neoptera
Rank  Infraclass
Neoptera FileUnidentified Neoptera Germanyjpg Wikimedia Commons
Lower classifications  Endopterygota, Butterflies and moths, Fly, True bugs, Hymenopterans

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Neoptera is a classification group that includes most part of the winged insects, specifically those that can flex their wings over their abdomens. This is in contrast with the more basal orders of winged insects (the "Palaeoptera" assemblage), which are unable to flex their wings in this way.


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The taxon Neoptera was proposed by А.М. Martynov in 1923 and 1924, in the following classification:


Neoptera httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
  • division Palaeoptera
  • order Odonata
  • order Agnatha (correct name: Ephemeroptera)
  • †order Dictyoneuridea
  • †order Megasecoptera
  • †order Protodonata
  • †order Protephemeroidea
  • division Neoptera
  • subdivision Polyneoptera
  • superorder Orthopteroidea
  • order Orthoptera (correct name: Saltatoria)
  • order Plecoptera
  • order Dermaptera
  • order Embioptera
  • superorder Blattopteroidea (senior name: Pandictyoptera)
  • order Blattodea
  • order Mantodea
  • order Isoptera
  • subdivision Paraneoptera
  • order Hemiptera (correct name: Arthroidignatha)
  • suborder Phytophtires (correct name: Plantisuga)
  • suborder Auchenorrhyncha
  • suborder Heteroptera
  • subdivision Oligoneoptera
  • The order Thysanoptera originally had uncertain systematic position, and later was attributed to Paraneoptera.

    Neoptera Pterygota Insectos alados Bichos

    Later, a number of other classifications had been proposed. According to various points of view, Neoptera is subordinated either directly to Pterygota (as in the Martynov's classification), or to Metapterygota: 1. Pterygota Gegenbaur 1878 1.1. Ephemeroptera Hyatt & Arms 1890 1.2. Metapterygota Börner 1909 1.2.1. Odonata Fabricius 1793 1.2.2. Neoptera Martynov 1923


    The phylogeny of Neoptera is shown, not yet fully resolved, in the cladogram:


    Neoptera Wikipedia

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