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My Little Pony Tales

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Creative director(s)
Jay Bacal

Final episode date
25 December 1992


First episode date
2 August 1992

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Based on
Written by
George Arthur BloomKayte KuchSheryl ScarboroughDonna HarmanRichard MerwinDoug BoothBuzz DixonNoel WolfmanMarv WolfmanRoger Slifer

Directed by
Seung-Jin OhKyung-Chook SahYoung-Wook YeoNak-Jong KimYoung-Soo LeeHeung-Sun Oh

Voices of
Willow JohnsonMaggie Blue O'HaraKelly SheridanLaura HarrisVenus TerzoBrigitta DauLalainia LindbjergChiara Zanni

Disney Channel, Broadcast syndication


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My Little Pony Tales is an American animated television series produced by Sunbow Productions and Graz Entertainment, animation produced by AKOM, and based on the My Little Pony toys by Hasbro. It ran weekly on The Disney Channel from August 2, 1992 to December 25, 1992 for 26 episodes. The series also aired in syndication starting in 1993. It has been released on DVD in Australia, Europe and the United States.


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My Little Pony Tales My Little Pony Tales Cast Images Behind The Voice Actors

The series follows seven young female ponies who live in the Ponyland, a society of anthropomorphic ponies. The girl ponies are: Starlight, Sweetheart, Melody, Bright Eyes, Patch, Clover and Bon Bon. This is a contrast from the previous series which involved ponies and humans. They live like humans as they attend school, frequent the local ice cream shop, enter talent contests, and even roller skate. Some of the girl ponies begin to show romantic interest in the male ponies, Teddy, Ace and Lancer; they even go on dates with them. At least one song is performed by the ponies in every episode.


Each of the ponies has a distinct flank symbol.


The seven preteen female ponies are sometimes referred to as the 7 Pony Friends.

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Voiced by: Willow JohnsonStarlight, a pink pony with golden-yellow hair, is the sensible and responsible leader of the group. She regards school teacher Miss Hackney highly and aspires to become a teacher herself. Her mother owns the Rainbow Beauty Salon and an ice cream shop where Starlight works. Starlight has a one-sided crush on Ace. Her flank symbol is a yellow star that is surrounded by four blue stars.
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Voiced by: Maggie Blue O'HaraSweetheart, a white pony with pink hair, dislikes letting anyone down, however, she occasionally finds herself in the middle of fights between her friends. She tends to see the good nature of the pony, including ones that seem bad like Teddy, whom she likes. The rest of her friends don't like Teddy and that is what starts all their fights. Especially when it was her birthday party and the party nearly didn't go on because her friends didn't want Teddy to come. She is the oldest of four ponies; two of her siblings are named Sugar and Peaches. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Her flank symbol is a big red heart that is surrounded by three little orange hearts.
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Voiced by: Kelly SheridanMelody, a pink pony with sea-blue hair, is the lead singer in the band The Rockin' Beats. She has a somewhat shallow personality and likes to gossip. She occasionally acts spoiled and puts her own interests ahead of those of her friends. She sometimes offers beauty advice to the others, and aspires to become a famous rock star. Her mother is a nurse. She has younger twin sisters named Jing-A-Ting and Ting-A-Ling. Her flank symbol is a yellow microphone that is surrounded by several music notes.
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Bright Eyes
Voiced by: Laura HarrisBright Eyes, a dark cyan pony with orange hair, loves to learn things. She tends to think things out logically whenever there is a problem. She wants to be an environmentalist when she grows up. She is infatuated with Lancer. Her father works for the newspaper. Her flank symbol is a notebook and pen.
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Voiced by: Venus Terzo (Episodes 1-16), Brigitta Dau (Episodes 17-26)Patch, a peach pony with dark pink hair, who is a member of the soccer team. She acts like an adventurous tomboy and is constantly looking for something to do. She enjoys practical jokes. She wants to join the circus when she grows up. She is also only the few ponies who can see magical phenomena such as Squire's ghost and the Glow 'n' Show Ponies. Her flank symbol is a patch of pink cloth.
Voiced by: Lalainia LindbjergClover, a lavender purple pony with rose-pink hair, tends to be accident prone. She frequently bursts into tears because of her ineptitude, but things generally work out for her in the end because of either luck or because her friends help out. She is very superstitious and gullible. She wants to become a ballerina like her big sister Meadowlark when she grows up. Her flank symbol is a clover leaf.
Bon Bon
Voiced by: Chiara ZanniBon Bon, a yellow pony with burgundy hair, enjoys food and cooking. She hates getting dirty. She wants to become a fashion model when she grows up. She keeps a diary. She comes from a large family, with an older sister named Misty, and four younger siblings Amber, Twink, Rusty, and an unnamed baby brother. Her flank symbol is a piece of blue candy.


Voiced by: Tony SampsonTeddy is a blue male pony with an orange mohawk and wears sunglasses over it. He is an impulsive show off who tends to irritate others. He sometimes carries a satchel over his neck. Despite his bold personality, it is later revealed that he sleeps with a teddy bear, though he keeps it a secret from nearly everyone. He becomes a love interest for Sweetheart. His flank symbol is a comb.
Voiced by: Brad SwaileAce, a gold male pony with light blond hair, is an athletic and confident jock at the school. Many of the female ponies admire him and consider him a dream date. He is Teddy's best friend, and teams up with him in influencing Lancer. He enjoys soccer and many other activities. He has a crush on Melody, but this is largely unrequited. The other ponies sometimes describe Ace with the phrase "Ace likes Ace best." His flank symbol is a soccer ball.
Voiced by: Shane MeierLancer, a dark blue male pony with crimson red hair, is quiet and gentle. He is shy and fond of books. His parents are wealthy and are often away on trips. He has feelings for Bright Eyes, and often sides with the girl ponies in order to impress her. He is talented at roller skating. He wants to be an explorer when he grows up. His flank symbol is a Fleur-de-lis.
Miss Hackney
Voiced by: Kate RobbinsMiss Hackney is a periwinkle pony with lavender hair. She teaches the girl and boy ponies at the school. She shows a high degree of patience, especially with Patch, who has behavior issues. She is strict, but fair. Starlight considers her a role model. It is hinted that she may have feelings for Mr. Kiddoo, who pilots a hot air balloon. Her flank symbol is a small chalkboard.
Voiced by: UnknownSpinner is a brown pony with darker brown hair. He is Bon Bon's skating partner in the episode "Roll Around the Clocks".
Voiced by: UnknownDandy is a cerulean pony with yellow hair. He is Clover's skating partner in the episode "Roll Around the Clocks".
Voiced by: UnknownBuddy is a white pony with turquoise hair. He is Patch's skating partner in the episode "Roll Around the Clocks".


My Little Pony Tales began airing on The Disney Channel on Sunday mornings starting on August 2, 1992, and on weekday mornings starting on September 1, 1992. Reruns of the show continued on The Disney Channel until 1996. The show was also aired in syndication from 1993 to 1995. In the half-hour block, the first part featured an episode from the old 1980s series My Little Pony 'n Friends and the second part was an episode made for the new My Little Pony Tales series. When My Little Pony Tales and its songs were submitted to the US Copyright Office in 1993, the production codes were numbered from 200-01 to 200-13.


In 1992, Hasbro released toys of the 7 Pony Friends to the European market to complement its first generation My Little Pony toy line. They did not produce models for the three male ponies or the teacher from the series, Miss Hackney. Although My Little Pony originated in the United States, the toys were not marketed there. The family ponies, the Barringtons (known as the Berrytowns in toy form), the Sunbrights, and the Meadowsweets were also made into toys, but were only marketed in select European countries. Several pieces of merchandise were also marketed in Europe with the Seven Characters on, such as comic books, an alarm clock, a backpack, an umbrella, and a money box.


MRA Entertainment licensed the series for the Australia (Region 4) area. It released four DVDs in 2005 to cover the entire series.

In the United Kingdom (Region 2), Metrodome Distribution Ltd. released a single volume that contained ten episodes from the series:

Shout Factory licensed the series for the United States (Region 1) area. It was released My Little Pony Tales – The Complete TV Series on DVD on April 28, 2015. The two-disc set contains all 26 episodes of the series.


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