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My Little Pony (TV series)

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7.9/10 TV

Composer(s)  Robert J. Walsh
First episode date  14 April 1984
5.6/10 IMDb

Creative director(s)  Jay Bacal
Country of origin  United States
Program creator  Hasbro
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Based on  My Little Pony toyline by Bonnie Zacherle
Written by  Michael Reaves George Arthur Bloom David Wise Michael Charles Hill Carla Conway Gerry Conway Tracy Mann Hill Gordon Kent Barbara Petty Rebecca Parr Martin Pasko Linda Woolverton
Voices of  Bettina Bush Scott Menville Keri Houlihan Susan Blu Katie Leigh Sherry Lynn Nancy Cartwright Ellen Gerstell
Executive producers  Joe Bacal, Margaret Loesch, Tom Griffin, Jeff Hall
Cast  Tabitha St Germain, Susan Blu, Bettina Bush, Nancy Cartwright, Tony Randall

My Little Pony is an American animated television series produced by Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions based on the My Little Pony toys released by Hasbro. The series featured as the first segment of a program called My Little Pony 'n Friends. The second segment would be an unrelated cartoon based on another Hasbro franchise - including The Glo Friends, MoonDreamers and the Potato Head Kids. The series debuted on September 15, 1986, a few months after the release of My Little Pony: The Movie (which had introduced the Paradise Estate and many of the series' main characters), and ended on September 23, 1987. Two previous television specials were also edited into segments of My Little Pony 'n Friends: Rescue from Midnight Castle and Escape from Catrina. The complete series of My Little Pony segments has been released on DVD in Regions 1 and 4. As of January 25, 2012, none of the other segments has been released on DVD.


My Little Pony (TV series) My Little Pony 39n Friends TV Series 1986 IMDb


My Little Pony (TV series) My Little Pony TV series Wikipedia

Ponyland is a mystical land, home to all kinds of magical creatures. The Little Ponies make their home in Paradise Estate, living a peaceful life filled with song and games. However, not all of the creatures of Ponyland are so peaceful, and the Ponies often find themselves having to fight for survival against witches, trolls, goblins and all the other beasts that would love to see the Little Ponies destroyed, enslaved or otherwise harmed.


My Little Pony (TV series) My Little Pony News Gossip on the My Little Pony TV Series

  • Bettina Bush as Megan Williams
  • Charlie Adler as Spike
  • Susan Blu as Buttons, Paradise
  • Nancy Cartwright as Gusty, Baby Heart Throb, Baby Cuddles, Posey, Truly, Honeysuckle, Surf Rider
  • Jeannie Elias as Whizzer, Masquerade, Baby Lickety-Split, Magic Star, Sweet Stuff, Sun Shower
  • Ellen Gerstell as Lofty, Locket, Mimic, Scoops
  • Skip Hinnant as Narrator
  • Keri Houlihan as Molly Williams
  • Katie Leigh as Fizzy, Heart Throb, Lickety-Split, Ribbon, Baby Shady, Baby Gusty, Baby Tiddley-Winks, Water Lily
  • Sherry Lynn as Galaxy, Gingerbread, Cherries Jubilee, Baby Half-Note, Baby Ribbon, Baby Sundance
  • Scott Menville as Danny Williams
  • Sarah Partridge as Wind Whistler
  • Russi Taylor as Cupcake, Rosedust, Morning Glory
  • B. J. Ward as Surprise, North Star, Peach Blossom, Forget-Me-Not
  • Jill Wayne as Baby Lofty, Shady
  • Additional voices by Michael Bell, Joey Camen, Melanie Gaffin, Tress MacNeille, and Frank Welker


    My Little Pony (TV series) The Cultural Evolution of My Little Ponies

  • Earth Ponies are like normal horses, but brightly colored as many creatures in Dream Valley are.
  • Pegasus Ponies are agile winged horses who can fly in the skies of Dream Valley and even go beyond the rainbow to our world.
  • Unicorn Ponies possess a single horn on their forehead and are able to wink out, making them phase out and disappear.
  • Flutter Ponies are shy but powerful creatures with magic in their gossamer wings, granting them flight as well as various undefined abilities. They live in a remote area of Dream Valley known as Flutter Valley.
  • Sea Ponies are brightly colored seahorse-like creatures who dwell in the rivers and lakes of Dream Valley.
  • The Bushwoolies, a joyful species of furballs that think alike. They seem to be led by a blue Bushwoolie named Hugster.
  • The Furbobs, cousins of the Bushwoolies. They primarily walk on four legs as opposed to Bushwoolies who seem to walk on the equivalent of two legs. They also think more independently compared to the Bushwoolies.
  • Stone Backs, ferocious looking armadillo-like creatures. They are enemies of the Furbobs until Megan helps the Furbobs realize that the two species can overcome their differences with love and understanding.
  • The Grundles, a small race of creatures ruled by the Grundle King. They used to live in Grundleland before it was smoozed; they now live in Dream Castle.
  • Three human children, siblings Megan, Danny, and Molly, often fly across the Rainbow to join the Little Ponies. The group often seeks advice on magical matters from the Moochick, a wise but eccentric gnome who lives in the nearby Mushromp, and his rabbit assistant, Habbit.

    VHS UK history

  • Tempo video (1987–1993)
  • Broadcast UK history

  • CITV (1987–1989)
  • The Children's Channel/TCC (1988–1997)
  • Sky One (1989–1995) (Sky One's Fun Factory and Sky One)
  • Tiny Pop (2007–2008)
  • References

    My Little Pony (TV series) Wikipedia