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Megan Blake

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Full Name  Tammy Fulwider

Name  Megan Blake
Role  Actress
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Occupation  Actress, Pet lifestyle expert
Movies and TV shows  Eyeborgs, The Opposite of Sex, King Cobra, Lost Stallions: The Jour, Dog Days of Summer
Similar People  Don Roos, Sean McNamara, Mark Freiburger, Scott Hillenbrand, Nicolas Roeg

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Megan Blake is a pet lifestyle expert and an actress based in Malibu, CA. She was also Miss Georgia in 1983.


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Blake is a pet expert on, hosts, segment produces and writes for Animal Attractions Television, the #1 Pet Series on PBS and winner of two Tellys and an Honorable Mention at the Genesis Awards presented by the Humane Society of the United States. The show's mission is to help people have the best possible relationship with their pets; and here Blake's canine specialty is the training and integrating dogs into families, especially those with children where she teaches the kids to be pack leaders. In working with and rescuing wolves, Blake has learned pack structure and to "speak dog" directly from the pack source. Having traveled over 100,000 miles with her cat, she is also a trusted pet travel expert in the media.

She is a pet columnist for Dog's Life magazine (also honored by the HSUS and featured on The Bonnie Hunt Show), has been on the covers of, written cover stories for, or been the subject of feature articles in magazines including Cat Fancy, Paw Prints, American Lifestyle, Statement, LAX, San Diego Pets, and Atlanta Magazine. She is a requested essayist for the Humane Society of the United States, has her own pet book imprint, and makes television and live appearances to share pet info and host pet events, but, she doesn't "just play an animal lover on TV." Megan has rescued and worked with animals all her life and now has six living with her: two cats, two dogs, and two horses. She literally found all of them on the street except for the horses whom she rescued from imminent slaughter after one had been made dangerous from abuse. Her cat, Tout Suite The Travel Kitty, guest-stars on Animal Attractions TV, and has traveled over 100,000 miles with her, and has completed a book series chronicling his adventures.

In addition to being a contributing writer/producer for Animal Attractions TV, Blake is an animal spokesperson, serving as a media pet expert, hosting live pet events, like emceeing the Awards Ceremony of the Luxury Pet Pavilion trade show, the Fifi Fashion Shows for the Southern Women's Shows, Paws and Pals, and auctions for pet rescues as well as serving as a celebrity judge for grooming and mutt contests from which many shelter dogs are adopted. Blake uses all Red Carpet opportunities to speak for pets, she is starting a second pet column for LAX magazine after receiving great response to her feature article, and she gives daily pet tips on The Vegas Entertainment Network. An award-winning published poet, she donates her poetry and artwork to raise money for animal shelters and is a member of the Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA Guardians.

Blake is a spokesperson for the Big Oaks Wolf Sanctuary, and in working with and learning "wolf" she translates these lessons into better communicating with dogs. She has worked on set with wolves and mountain lions, participated in endurance races her Arabian horse, Starfire. She has even served as a film set animal wrangler and trained her dog, Spirit, to act in two films, one in which the pooch played opposite Golden Globe nominee David Carradine and the other in which she, with only three legs, graced the stage with dancers from the New York City Ballet.

As an actress, Blake has played in 25-plus feature films alongside some of the biggest names in the business including Academy Award winner Elizabeth Taylor in Sweet Bird of Youth, Golden Globe nominee Christina Ricci and Emmy winner Lisa Kudrow in The Opposite of Sex, Academy Award nominee John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights, and Golden Globe nominee David Carradine in The Puzzle In The Air, and she has appeared on more than 20 award winning television series. Her most recent projects include a sci-fi thriller entitled Eyeborgs, where Blake saves the world opposite Highlander star Adrian Paul and an animated film, The Magistical, which won at the Hollywood Film Festival and in which she voices the central character, a little boy.

Blake sits on the Board of Directors of the Greensboro Ballet in North Carolina, is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Georgia Tech, was speech writer for the Governor of Georgia, is a guest speaker at universities including the University of Richmond Law School in Richmond, VA and the University of North Carolina, and is a former Miss Georgia. She is married to her manager, Kim H. Swartz.


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