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Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay

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Willy CruzBaby Gil

First episode date
8 July 2002

Number of episodes

Laurenti Dyogi


Directed by
Laurenti M. Dyogi

Country of origin

Final episode date
14 November 2003

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Lorna TolentinoJean GarciaEdu ManzanoJohn EstradaJohn Lloyd CruzBea AlonzoRica Peralejo

Opening theme
Sana'y Maghintay ang Walang Hanggan by Zsa Zsa Padilla


Ang Probinsyano, Pangako Sa 'Yo, It Might Be You (TV series)

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Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay (Tagalog: So Long Have I Waited For You) is a Filipino soap opera, produced by ABS-CBN and Star Cinema. It started July 8, 2002 and ended November 14, 2003. The critically acclaimed and top-rating teleserye won the CMMA Best Drama Series and the PMPC Star Awards Best Primetime Drama Series. It is the first local soap opera that became a finalist to the Best Drama Series category of the International Emmy Awards. It was also part of the top five drama series of the Asian TV Awards.


Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay

The series currently re-airs internationally this 2012 via The Brand New Cinema One Global (Movie Entertainment Channel) after 8 years.

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Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay Wikipedia

Lorrea and Lorrinda Guinto (Lorna Tolentino) are twins. Lorrea accidentally takes the place of her twin sister in the world of the drug lords. After many trials and tribulations she finds her missing son, Andrei/Yuri (John Lloyd Cruz).

Plot and synopsis

Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay TWBA Jennylyn Mercado on quotKay Tagal Kang Hinintayquot YouTube

The Story revolves on twins Lorrea and Lorrinda Guinto (both portrayed by Lorna Tolentino). Lorrea grows up feeling abandoned by her mother (Perla Bautista) who loves Lorrinda more. Lorrea does all that she can to save her family from a series of events that threaten to tear the family apart. This includes her rape at the hands of Francis Ventaspejo (Ricky Davao) who lives in the same village and hometown. Lorrea has a child and names him Andrei but loses him. She tries to get him back but is, in the process, blamed for murdering Francis' father.

As she is thrown in jail by the powerful family Lorrea comes face to face with Lorrinda who offers to help her escape. To do so Lorrea must enter the world of the drug lords and as a step mother and wife to Henri Argos (Edu Manzano) a powerful and influential character. Lorrea turns into Lorrinda, known to the people of the underworld as "Red Butterfly" or "Red". She is also plunged into meeting a long lost love Borris Archangel (John Estrada) the man that Lorrea, and Lorrinda, once loved.

Despite all unnecessary events there is also her son Andrei who now grows up as Yuri Orbida (John Lloyd Cruz) the son adopted by Mirdo Orbida (Ronnie Lazaro) whom he grows to love as a real father. Yuri becomes accepted at a new school in Manila and meets Helaena Argos (Rica Peralejo) at the University; the two meet and form a bond. Helaena falls for Yuri, to the dismay of Kayla (Dimples Romana) Yuri's childhood friend and even crush. Meanwhile, Yuri and his childhood friend Ivan (Jhong Hilario) reunite. Ivan's adoptive mother dies in suicide and Ivan retaliates by revealing to Lorrea that her son Andrei died.

Henri Argo's criminal empire is ruined Yuri vows revenge upon "Red" for killing his adoptive father, Kayla is attacked, and the truth is finally revealed about Henri being the drug lord, syndicate, leaving the family penniless. Helaena is heartbroken after overhearing Yuri's true feelings for her and his true love for Kayla. Helaena, a longtime love of Anilov Mijares (Bernard Palanca), eventually tries to support her family and becomes a prostitute.

Lady Morganna (Jean Garcia),Brigitta's evil sister and now Borris' wife, enters the picture and plans to make "Red's" family all suffer. Helaena is connected to Anilov and has sessions with him as Miss X, an Alter Ego. Unknown to Yuri is that Dimitri (Johnny Delgado), who was once his professor and taught him law, is the one who is also connected to his plans for revenge. He grows to hate Anilov, for not stopping his older sister who eventually dies overdosing on a drug made by Henri's family.

After 8 years, Lorrea is still alive and Lady Morganna's old enemies resurface. Yuri falls for Katrina (Bea Alonzo) Henri's younger daughter who has just finished becoming a lawyer the two eventually fall in love. Kayla is successful as well but suffers from jealousy. Dimitri adopts Yuri and takes him under his wing. On the other hand, Lady Morganna becomes insane and eventually tries to shoot Lorrea, but shoots Borris instead. Yuri is unwilling to forgive Lorrea because there is not enough proof to make him believe she is the real Lorrea and not Lorrinda. Lorrea's face is fixed after surgery after the bloody event that caused the killing of Henri. The real Lorrinda/"Red Butterfly" is alive having suffered from a head trauma and amnesia after the bombing in the Jail. Lorrinda then defends her twin and says that the series of events that took place will truly reveal that everything was staged and that everything was her fault. Yuri then accepts the truth. Helaena and Anilov marry and have a child while Lorrea takes care of Alyssa, both Lady Morganna and Borris' child. Lady Morganna takes full responsibility for all the attempts and killings, and later on commits suicide in jail due to the guilt for Borris' death. Yuri becomes a law lecturer in a university and accepts Lorrea and Francis as his parents and all is forgiven.


  • Lorna Tolentino as Lorrea Guinto / Lorrinda Guinto / Lea Mijares / Ingrid Medrano / Red Butterfly – Lorrea (the female protagonist) is the good twin trying to find her lost son Andre. Lorrinda has always wanted more than life had to offer for her so she became a part of the drug syndicate and adopted the names Ingrid Medrano and Red Butterfly. They both fall in love with Boris.
  • John Lloyd Cruz as Yuri Orbida – The lost son of Lorrea. He grows up to be a lawyer and seeks justice for the deaths of his foster fathers.
  • Rica Peralejo as Helaena Argos – The eldest child of Henri Argos. She does everything in her power to raise her brother and sister after her father dies. She gets seriously hurt from her first love which is Yuri but will learn to love again with Anilov.
  • John Estrada as Boris Arcangel – He becomes the man that both Lorrea and Lorrinda love. He becomes the right-hand man of Henri Argos.
  • Edu Manzano as Henri Argos – Father of Helaena, Katrina, and Niko. One of the leaders of the drug syndicate.
  • Jean Garcia as Lady Morgana Frost Arcangel – The female antagonist of series. She will make Lorrea, Yuri, and the Argos children's lives miserable as hell.
  • Bea Alonzo as Katrina Argos – The middle child of Henry Argos. She grows up to be a lawyer and falls for her sister's first love.
  • Ronnie Lazaro as Mirdo Orbida – The first foster father of Yuri who raised and taught him right from wrong up to his adolescent years.
  • Johnny Delgado† as Dimitri Mijares – The father of Anilov and the second foster father of Yuri who educate him to a law school after Mirdo died.
  • Bing Loyzaga as Brigitta – She pretends to be a caring friend to Henri but underneath of it is the will to do anything to be his one true love. The older sister of Morgana.
  • Shaina Magdayao as Guinivere "Gwenn" Martinez – The foster child of Lorrea.
  • Alwyn Uytingco as Nikolai "Nikos" Argos – The youngest Argos child and the closest to Lorrea.
  • Joshua Dionisio as Andrei Argos
  • Ricky Davao as Francis Ventaspejo – A struggling priest who tries to make up for all the mistakes he has done to Lorrea. The biological father of Yuri.
  • Bernard Palanca as Anilov Mijares – Son of Dimitri but they do not get along. He does the exact opposite of what his father wants even when it comes to his personal life.
  • Dimples Romana as Kayla "Pards" Reneza – She is the childhood friend of Yuri and loves him from a far.
  • Rafael Rosell as Tiborce – He is the man who Kayla married despite her love to Yuri.
  • Jhong Hilario as Ivan – Childhood friend to Yuri.
  • Andre Tiangco as Father Lorenz – He stood as Francis' spiritual voice of reason while Lorrea was recuperating from the blast that destroyed her face.
  • Ariel Reonal and Don Rivera as the two young NBI agents – Assisted Boris in tracking down a list of people suspected to be connected to Dimitri's death.
  • Snooky Serna as Maida Ventaspejo
  • Romeo Rivera as Don Feudor Ventaspejo
  • Gloria Sevilla as Doña Tilda Ventaspejo
  • Jennylyn Mercado as Aira
  • Additional information

  • A movie with the same title but different story was released in 1998. It stars Judy Ann Santos and the late Rico Yan.
  • First TV soap of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo as a loveteam. The two characters had a cross over with the soap Bituin in recurring episodes in 2003.
  • Prior to her fame, StarStruck's first ultimate female survivor Jennylyn Mercado played a small part in this series.
  • The soap also was featured on the 2003 Starstudio Magazine cover of all casts including inside secrets and scoop on the locations and homes of each character portrayed in the series which was the first soap to have a whole magazine based on the series as a farewell special.


  • Highest Household (Mega Manila) Ratings: 40.2% (June 17), 40.7% (June 23), 43.7% (July 28)
  • Kakai Bautista, a recordholder of 10 takes before getting the scene right.
  • For Lorna Tolentino, it takes 1 hour to get her hair for Lorea's role; 4 hrs. to do Tolentino's prostethics for Lorrinda's role and 20 minutes to do makeup.

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