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Province  Anhui

Population  640,878 (2000)
Area  667 km2
Jieshou in the past, History of Jieshou

Country  Peoples Republic of China

Map of Jieshou

Jieshou (Chinese: 界首; pinyin: Jièshǒu) is a county-level city under the administration of Fuyang City, located on the Huang-Huai Plain in northwestern Anhui province, People's Republic of China. Jieshou, an important commercial port and gateway, borders Henan Province on the west and the Ying River, a major tributary of the Huai River flows in a southeasterly direction across the county to Fuyang. According to the "China Statistical Yearbook" the population of Jieshou city stood at 109,103 in 2010, while GeoNames, puts the population at over 140,000 inhabitants. Covering a total area of 667 square kilometers, the county-level city comprises three urban sub-districts of Jieshou, and in the surrounding rural area a further 15 towns and townships make up the total population of 740,000.


Administrative divisions

3 sub-districts, 12 towns, and 3 townships.

Sub-District: East 东城街道 , West 西城街道, and South Ying 颍南街道.

Town: Guāngwǔ Town 光武镇, Quányáng Town 泉阳镇, Lúcūn town 芦村镇, Xīnmǎjí town 新马集镇, Dàhuáng town 大黄镇, Tiányíng town 田营镇, Táomiào town 陶庙镇, Wángjí town 王集镇, Zhuānjí town 砖集镇, Gùjí town 顾集镇, Dàiqiáo Town代桥镇, Shūzhuāng town 舒庄镇.

Township: Bǐngjíxiāng 邴集乡, Jìnzhàixiāng 靳寨乡, Rènzhàixiāng 任寨乡


During the Qing dynasty Jieshou was part of the Yingzhou Prefecture


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