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Jay Park

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Birth name
Park Jae-beom (박재범)

Jay Park

1.70 m

Years active


Music group
2PM (2008 – 2009)

April 25, 1987 (age 36) Edmonds, Washington, United States (

Seattle, Washington, United States

RapHip hopR&BSoulDance

Singer-songwriterdancerrapperrecord producermodelchoreographeractorentrepreneurCEO

JYP Entertainment (2006–2010)SidusHQ (2010–present)AOMG (2013–present)

New Breed, Fresh Air: Breathe It, Take a Deeper Look, Count On Me, New Breed Part 1


My top jay park songs 2015

Jay Park (Korean name: Park Jae-beom; Hangul: 박재범; Hanja: 朴載範, born April 25, 1987) is a Korean-American singer, dancer, rapper, music producer, songwriter, model, choreographer, entrepreneur, and actor. He is a member of the Seattle-based b-boy crew, Art of Movement (AOM). As Park grew up as a b-boy and dancer, he has become known for these skills, as well as his charismatic performances and stage presence. Park was described as a "born entertainer" by legendary Korean pop singer Patti Kim, and The New York Times quoted the president of digital music distributor DFSB Kollective describing Park as "not just an artist, but also his own PR agent, fan club president, and TV network." Park also branched out into entrepreneurship, where he became the founder and co-CEO of AOMG, a Korean independent record label specializing in hip hop.


Jay Park Jay Park Goes Masculine and Sexy for quotNylonquot Soompi

Park initially rose to fame as the leader of South Korean boy band 2PM, formed by record label JYP Entertainment in 2008, after having previously been a trainee for four years. In September 2009, Park returned home to Seattle after comments he wrote about Korea in 2005 as a teenager were publicized by the Korean media; Park officially left the group in early 2010. In March 2010, Park uploaded a cover video of B.o.B's hit "Nothin' on You", with his own rap and lyrics, to YouTube, which went viral and reached over 2,000,000 views in less than 24 hours, leading to the release of Park's first EP, Count on Me (Korean: 믿어줄래; Revised Romanization: Mideojullae) in July 2010, which debuted at number one on the Gaon chart. Park returned to South Korea in June 2010 for the filming of Hype Nation, while being represented by Digital Media Wire's CEO and entertainment attorney Ned Sherman, and in July 2010, Park signed a contract with SidusHQ, one of the largest agencies in South Korea, re-debuting as a solo singer and an actor.

Jay Park Jay Park apologizes for controversial photo on Instagram

Park's first mini album, Take a Deeper Look, released in 2011, went multi-platinum in South Korea. Park became the first ever artist crowned winner on a debut stage by winning on KBS' Music Bank with "Abandoned", and was the only solo artist to win "Record of the Year" at the 2011 Golden Disk Awards. Later in 2011, Park released singles "Demon", "Girlfriend", and "Star", co-starred in the Korean movie, Mr. Idol, and joined the cast of KBS' Immortal Songs 2. At the end of 2011, Park released an EP, New Breed Part 1; the precursor to Park's first full-length album.

Jay Park Jay Park Releases Official Music Video for In This Btch

In February 2012, Jay Park released his first full-length album, New Breed, quickly topping charts in South Korea and internationally, and went multi-platinum in less than a week. Park also released an English mixtape, Fresh Air: Breathe It, which became the first mixtape by an Asian artist to have gold status by surpassing 100,000 downloads on DatPiff. Following the release of New Breed in 2012, Park successfully held his first solo concert in Seoul, as well as embarking on tours around Asia and Australia. Park headlined the Verizon APAHM Tour in the USA, and was the closing act at MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012. Also in 2012, Park returned to KBS' Immortal Songs 2, became a fixed panel member on MBC's Come to Play, and hosted tvN's Saturday Night Live Korea. Park became a permanent cast member of Saturday Night Live Korea in early 2013. In 2014, Jay Park performed 2014 South by Southwest (SXSW) as a Korean representative pop singer.

Jay park singing nothing on you

Early years


Born in Edmonds, Washington, in the Seattle metropolitan area, Park showed great interest in hip hop music and breakdancing at a young age. Park attended Edmonds Woodway High School, where he spent most of his break and lunch times practicing dance with friends instead of focusing on his school-work. Park started listening to hip hop and rap music in his early teens, and spent time learning and writing raps himself during high school. In 2003, Park became one of the first members of the Seattle-based b-boy crew Art of Movement (AOM). In 2004, Park's mother, seeing how her son spent more time breakdancing than studying, suggested he audition for Korea-based JYP Entertainment, which brought him to Korea in January 2005 to receive further training in dancing, rapping, singing, and the Korean language. Park has stated he couldn't converse with all the new people he met, due to not being able to speak the language very well, and he didn't know what to eat. Park says he cried everyday for the first two weeks he was in Korea, but decided to work hard even though he wanted to go back home, to not disappoint his parents. Jay Park eventually completed his university education at Dankook University.

2008–2009: 2PM

Park first appeared through Mnet's Hot Blood Men, a documentary-style reality program that showed the future members of One Day, split as idol groups 2AM and 2PM, in training. Park, finishing at the top spot with the most fan votes, became the leader of 2PM. On September 4, 2008, 2PM debuted with the song "10 Out of 10" (Korean: 10점 만점에 10점; Revised Romanization: Ship Jeom Manjeome Ship Jeom) on the music program M! Countdown after the release of their first mini-album, Hottest Time of the Day, a few days prior. Aside from 2PM's music activities, Park created the song "Jeong" (Korean: ) with Yeeun of the Wonder Girls for the original soundtrack of the television drama Conspiracy in the Court, and featured on V.O.S's "To Luv...". He also participated in special stage performances, such as Navi's "Heart Damage" (Korean: 마음이 다쳐서; Revised Romanization: Maeumi Dachyeoseo) on May 3, 2009, and K.Will's "One Drop per Second" (Korean: 1초에 한방울; Revised Romanization: Il Choe Hanbangul) on June 20, 2009. In addition to Idol Show and Wild Bunny with fellow 2PM members, he also became a regular cast member in several variety programs, including Star King and Introducing a Star's Friend. In August 2009, he and Kara band member, Nicole Jung, became the new hosts for a cultural variety show called Nodaji.

Jay Park Jay Park Profile KPop Music

On September 4, 2009, unfavorable comments towards Korea were found on Park’s personal Myspace account from 2005. The comments, written in English to a friend, were translated by Korean media, quickly spreading across hundreds of news articles. Park expressed deep remorse and shame over his forgotten words and issued an official apology, explained the unhappiness that he experienced during his early days as a trainee in an unfamiliar country where he lacked family, the ability to easily communicate, and an understanding of the culture. Although outraged protesters demanded that Park should be removed from 2PM, JYP Entertainment's CEO, Park Jin-young, stated on September 7, 2009, that he was going to continue as a part of the group. The following day, Park announced on his official fancafe that he would be leaving the group to calm the situation and return to his hometown, Seattle, Washington. He also apologized to the other 2PM members, and promised that he would "come back a better person". However, Park Jin-young suddenly confirmed that 2PM would continue as a six-member group. Additionally, due to the sensitive topic of Park's departure, all 2PM members were withdrawn from their regular appearances on variety shows, and the final episode of their reality show, Wild Bunny, was postponed indefinitely. Park's vocals would not be removed from the older songs he promoted with 2PM, but he would be absent from the newer tracks, and the remaining six members of 2PM re-filmed their music video for "Heartbeat" without Park on October 31, 2009.

2PM's first official album was titled 1:59PM, to symbolize Park's absence, according to the six remaining members. Through their acceptance speeches at end-of-year award shows for "Again & Again", the members thanked Park and reiterated their wish for his return. At the Mnet Asian Music Awards, the group paid homage to him during their performance of "Again & Again" with a spotlight shown over his usual position in the dance formation and his lines left unsung.

2010: YouTube, solo career, and Count on Me (Nothin' on You)

Soon after Park returned to the United States, the South Korean public changed their perspective on the matter when they realized that his Myspace messages had been severely mistranslated and taken out of context, in addition to strong fan support for Park's return. Park was seen at b-boy battles with fellow Art of Movement members during his time in Seattle. However, on February 25, with Park's comeback looking more and more likely, JYP suddenly announced that Jay Park's contract with them had been terminated, citing a separate "personal mistake" that Park had made in 2009. JYP would make reference to this unknown event several times in 2010, but would never elaborate on any details. This termination had been agreed by all 6 members of 2PM and led to the fans boycotts on 2PM-endorsed products. Protests for Park's return to the group began to take place, not only in South Korea, but internationally as well. Various Jay Park-dedicated forums and fansites all over the world organized silent protests and flash dance mobs. Fans also hired a plane with a banner showing "J, what time is it now?" to fly over Seattle, and was broadcast on Seattle-based radio stations.

On several instances, Park was the number one trending topic on Twitter, even topping the Oscars on March 8. Park's fans revealed plans to release a self-produced album in his honor on March 27 to commemorate the 200th day anniversary of his departure from Korea. However, because the album had been in preparation since January and public opinion on 2PM had since changed, the fans decided it would be in the best interest to not release the CD, and instead, mailed 10–20 copies to Seattle, Park's hometown.

Park created his own YouTube channel on March 15, "jayparkaom", with the first upload being his own version of "Nothin' on You", which went viral and reached over 2,000,000 views in less than 24 hours. In Korea, the original song by B.o.B and Bruno Mars topped the Cyworld music chart in a matter of hours upon the video's release. "Nothin' on You" also reached number 1 on other music sites such as Dosirak, Melon, Mnet, Bugs, and Soribada, making $300,000 in sales through the effect of Park's video. On June 15, 2010, B.o.B released "Nothin' on You" featuring Park, in South Korea, where he replaces Bruno Mars' vocals. His YouTube cover helped contribute to much of the song's success in Korea, with more than 5 million copies sold. Park subsequently thanked his fans for their support and continued to urge them not to hate remaining 2PM members.

He appeared with fellow Art of Movement members at an annual Korean-American festival event called Project Korea III: KSA Cinderella Story at Rutgers University, New Jersey on April 3, along with Ailee and Clara C. Videos of the event were uploaded onto internet portal sites, where footage of Park acting as an MC and dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" on stage drew much positive interest. On April 24, Dumbfoundead released a free collaboration track featuring Park and Clara Chung on his website, titled "Clouds".

Los Angeles-based entertainment attorney Ned Sherman, CEO of Digital Media Wire, announced on May 28 that he was representing Park as his legal representative. Sherman and his wife Tinzar reached out to Park, after seeing Park's story and feeling bad about what happened to him during the MySpace controversy. The Shermans and Park worked on a lot of projects together, including his movie deal for Hype Nation, an endorsement deal with dENiZEN, Levi Strauss & Co.'s new brand, and others.

Park returned to Korea on June 18 at Incheon International Airport, to the biggest crowd ever seen at the airport, for the filming of Hype Nation. "Park Jaebeom has returned" became the biggest headline in Korea that day, and "JayIsBack" shot up immediately on the trending topics on Twitter on June 18 at 9:30 AM GMT. Pictures of Park in Hype Nation were released on July 2, and Park was able to meet with the Korean media for interviews for the first time, talking about his current activities. It was also revealed that his single "Demon" would be included in Hype Nation's original soundtrack.

It was reported on July 8 that Park would sign a contract with SidusHQ for his domestic Korean activities in terms of acting and singing; his management stated that he planned to redebut as a rookie artist, and the contract with SidusHQ was finalized on July 16. Park released an EP titled Count on Me (Korean: 믿어줄래; Revised Romanization: Mideojullae) containing 3 tracks, including a rearranged Korean version of "Nothin' on You", on July 13. The English and Korean lyrics were written by Park himself. The song immediately reached number 1 on Cyworld and Bugs music charts, and also on other music sites such as Monkey3, Soribada, Dosirak, and Melon within the hour of its release. The EP sold 21,989 physical copies on the first day of release, coming in at number 1 in sales and number 7 in the overall ranking of albums released from January to July 13. Without any promotion on music shows, more than 41,316 copies sold, and the EP placed at number 32 on Gaon's year end chart, earning Park approximately 700 million.

Park began working with singer, producer, and fellow AOM member, Cha Cha Malone, releasing "Bestie" in both Korean and English, and a duet titled "Speechless". Also in 2010, Park began collaborations and forming close ties with rappers Dok2 and The Quiett of Illionaire Records, titling the partnership "AOM & 1llionaire". On September 5, Park participated in the 3rd International Secret Agents Los Angeles concert held in Cerritos, California, together with well-known YouTube celebrities such as Ryan Higa, KevJumba, AJ Rafael, Alyssa Bernal, Far East Movement, and America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 champions, Poreotix. Park's performance drew many positive responses.

Park was cast for the 2011 Korean movie Mr. Idol, starring alongside friend and fellow SidusHQ actor, Kim Su-ro. Park was also one of the performers, alongside SE7EN, Taeyang and Musiq Soulchild, at the Seoul Soul Festival held at the War Memorial of Korea on October 10. Park and Musiq Soulchild also performed the latter's song "Love" at the festival. Park held a charity concert in December called the "White Love Party Concert", with Supreme Team and Dok2 making appearances. Park and Art of Movement performed at "Fever Seoul Live" alongside Dumbfoundead, David Choi, and several international b-boys.

2011: Take a Deeper Look and rise as a solo artist

On January 6, Park was announced as the winner in "Best Web Video" Category around the globe for his song "Nothin' on You" at the Mashable Awards, and was also nominated in the "Must Follow Personality" category, finishing 2nd. At the beginning of February, Park was featured in two music videos of girl group, 5dolls, called "Lips Stains" and "It's You". Park was chosen to be the sole opener for Ne-Yo in his first concert in Seoul for the "2011 Hyundai Mall 40th Anniversary Concert" held on March 29. He also cooperated with Ne-Yo for a charity event for children dreaming to become musicians on March 28 at the Dream Academy in Seoul. On March 28, Park was a finalist and received the most votes in the special category "Connecting People Award", a joint venture between Shorty Awards and Nokia. Park also was a finalist in the "Celebrity" category at the same event.

Park released his first Korean mini-album, Take a Deeper Look, in April, with the lead single "Abandoned". Take a Deeper Look debuted at number 3 in the Billboard World Album Charts and ranked number 26 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart. Park also made his debut as a solo artist on Korean music shows such as KBS' Music Bank, Mnet's M! Countdown, MBC's Music Core and SBS' Inkigayo, returning for the first time in two years. Park made history as the first artist crowned winner at a debut stage, as he won Music Bank on May 6 and won again a week later on May 13.

On August 6, Park participated in his first KBS Immortal Songs 2 episode, performing "Candy" by Korean boy band H.O.T. with its leader Moon Hee-joon. Park followed up with his own R&B rendition of "Aemo" by Kim Soo-hee on the next episode, which was well received. On his third episode of Immortal Songs 2, Park performed "Tell me the Truth" by Jinusean with Solbi, Jang Hyuk and Kim Su-ro, and was the victor for that episode, allowing him to choose the order for the next episode. For his fourth episode, Park again made his own R&B version of "Feel Good Day" by Kim Wan-sun. On his fifth episode, Park performed a remixed version of "Look Back at Me" by Deux with a b-boy dance break. On his sixth episode and final appearance on the show, he performed "Dear, Do Not Change" by Nam Jin and won the trophy for his last performance, before leaving the show to focus on his next album's preparations. It was revealed that Park would return to Immortal Songs 2 for a special episode "King of Kings" with other singers that have claimed the number 1 spot. This special episode was recorded on November 7 at the KBS Open Hall and aired on November 19.

The single "Demon" was released on September 5 through various Korean digital music websites. The music video was also released on the same day, and Park apologized for its low quality, saying he had no control over the release of both the music video and the song. "Demon" peaked at number 14 on the Gaon Chart and at number 8 on the iTunes R&B/Soul Chart.

Park returned to the US on October 1 to perform at the International Secret Agents Los Angeles concert. On October 29, Park delivered a performance to over 25,000 fans as he headlined the MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) Live in Manila Concert held at the SM Mall of Asia. The concert also featured Californian alternative rock band, Evaline, and international singer/songwriter, Jason Mraz.

Park released his single "Girlfriend", along with the music video via his YouTube channel on November 3. Park performed his single on the same day at the 2011 Style Icon Awards, following a recording of tvN's Taxi. The movie Mr. Idol in which Park starred in was also released on November 3. The single peaked at number 28 on the Gaon chart. Park released Part 1 of his first full-length Korean album, New Breed, with the lead single "Star" (Korean: ; Revised Romanization: Byeol) on December 28. "Star" peaked at number one on various sites like Bugs, Olleh Music, and Soribada while being on the top of other charts of music sites. The first part of New Breed also reached the top of charts of various music sites including Olleh Music, Bugs, Soribada and Daum. "Star" peaked at number 17 on the Gaon Chart.

2012: New Breed and Fresh Air: Breathe It

Park received the Disk Bonsang for his mini album Take a Deeper Look on January 11, on the first day of the 26th Golden Disk Awards, which was held in Osaka. He was the only solo artist to receive the Disk Bonsang among the other Bonsang winners. On January 18, he received the Popular Artist Award of the Asia Model Awards, which was held in Seoul.

Several songs composed and written by Park for other artists were released in 2012. Jay Park produced and composed a song with Cha Cha Malone for Korean-American singer Brian Joo, titled "Can't Stop". Park wrote the Korean version of the song, while Joo wrote the English Version. On April 25, Jay Park's 25th birthday, idol group U-KISS released their 6th mini-album, DoraDora, including the track "4U" written and composed by Jay. Park also produced and composed a song for the girl group Tiny-G, entitled "Polaris"; the lyrics were written by actress Lee Si-young. They worked together through MBC's Music and Lyrics. On July 3, Korean pop singer Younha released her fourth Korean album, Supersonic, including the track "Driver" written by Park. He also featured in the song, providing rap verses.

He released his first full-length Korean album, New Breed, in February, with the lead single "Know Your Name". The album reached number 1 twice on the Gaon Weekly album chart in South Korea, and also reached number 1 on the Hanteo Weekly chart by solding more than 80,000 copies offline in 10 days. New Breed debuted at number 4 on the Billboard World Album Charts and ranked number 16 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart. Park made his comeback stage on Korean music shows on February 16. He won Music Bank on February 24, one week after his comeback. On April 27, Park began Asian promotions for the Asian version release of his album New Breed, and visited 5 countries: Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. On April 28, Jay performed at the 2012 Star Awards in Singapore. On June 13, he released the Japan editions of his albums Take a Deeper Look and New Breed through Universal J. The regular edition of New Breed includes the English version of "I Love You" and the acoustic version of "Know Your Name" as bonus tracks.

Jay Park held his first solo concert, New Breed Live in Seoul, on March 3 at the Olympic Hall of Seoul Olympic Park. Park successfully held a second concert New Breed Asia Tour in Seoul in Seoul on August 18 at the Olympic Hall of Seoul Olympic Park, and unlike the first, which was held in March, this one did not have a 19+ age restriction. Park was selected as the 2012 R-16 Korea ambassador by the Korea Tourism Organization on April 23.

He headlined the APAHM tour organized by Verizon in the USA in May, including concerts in Washington, D.C., New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. On May 16, Park released his first mixtape, Fresh A!r: Breathe !t, containing songs he performed for the tour. The mixtape was certified Gold by Datpiff within a month since its release, meaning it was downloaded over 100,000 times. Jay Park became the first artist of Asian origin to achieve this result on Datpiff.

Park was the closing act at the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia, along with Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber, Korean girl band Kara, and Malaysian singer Mizz Nina, on July 14. Park also performed his song "Carefree", which was included on the New Breed Red Edition repackaged album, and also showed his self-choreographed dance break to "Dirty Bass" by Far East Movement featuring Tyga, which he later shared on YouTube. Park also held his own concerts in Sydney and Melbourne at the end of September 2012. Also in July, Park started a web series, Jay Park TV, through his YouTube channel, filmed and edited by Hep, Park's friend and fellow Art of Movement member. The web series shows Park's daily life with his friends, behind-the-scenes of concerts and filming, and the fun and games that he gets up to.

In August, Jay Park released a music video for "New Breed", from the album of the same name, which was recorded during the album's photo shoot with Park featuring Rick Genest-inspired make-up. Park also uploaded a practice video to "I Love You", showing the complex choreography that he and Prepix members were practising for his upcoming concert. On August 22, Park was announced to be a fixed panel member on MBC's Come to Play, along with Kim Eung-soo and Kwon Oh-joong. He joined as a part of a new corner on the show, titled the "Trueman Show". MBC suddenly axed the show after several months, with no prior warning to the cast nor producers.

Later in September, Park performed for the first time in Australia, successfully holding concerts in Sydney and Melbourne. Park returned to Immortal Songs 2 for a "King of Kings" special in October, where he performed "The Woman in Rain" by Shin Jung-hyeon. In a flying visit to Los Angeles, Jay Park made a last-minute appearance in a YouTube sketch by David So, which parodies Wong Fu Productions' The Last.

In November, he featured on "If You Love Me", a digital single by NS Yoon-G. Although Park does not make an appearance in the official music video, he performed on stage with Yoon-G on music shows, with the first being Mnet's M! Countdown, and also makes an appearance in the behind-the-scenes music video, showing NS Yoon-G and Park in the studio recording the song. A practice video of the choreography was released soon after. Park was the host of the December 1 episode of Saturday Night Live Korea, garnering attention for his R-rated skits, acting, and a parody music video of Eminem's Love the Way You Lie, bringing in the highest ratings of the season for the show.

2013: "Joah", SNL Korea, and launch of hip hop label, AOMG

On January 18, Park held a showcase in Singapore, making the city-state the location in which he has held the most performances, after Korea. In Singapore, Park gave an interview with his fansite, Jay Park Network, revealing he would be shooting 11 music videos this year, and gave a short teaser of an upcoming single.

On February 6, it was announced that Park will be joining the cast of Saturday Night Live Korea, having previously hosted an episode in late 2012. On Valentine's Day, February 14, Park released a song and music video, "Appetizer", available for free download on SoundCloud, produced by friend and fellow Art of Movement member, Cha Cha Malone. On the first episode of Saturday Night Live Korea, Park garnered attention for his skit parodying the film Holiday with Korean actor and host of the episode, Choi Min-soo, and for his ad lib during a skit with Shin Dong-yup and Kim Seul-gie which ended up with the cast trying to hold in their laughter. In mid-February, Mizz Nina's single, "Around the World", which is written by and features Park, and produced by Cha Cha Malone, was played on before public release. The single was officially released on February 25, and had been in the works since Park and Mizz Nina performed at MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012. On February 28, Park received the "Musician of the Year" award at the 2013 Korean Music Awards, and his 2012 album, New Breed, was nominated in the "Best R&B and Soul album" category.

Jay Park featured on the cover of the March edition of Men's Health Korea magazine, and the cover was subsequently chosen by staff as the best in the magazine's 7-year history. On March 25, Park uploaded the 5th episode of Jay Park TV to his YouTube channel. On March 26, the music video for Mizz Nina's "Around The World", featuring Park, was released, and was filmed in Korea in December 2012. On March 28, it was revealed that Park would be rejoining the cast of KBS' Immortal Songs 2 for a third time, with the first episode featuring Park airing on April 20.

Following on from the success of the Jay Park's March edition of Men's Health Korea, the same cover was used for the April edition of Men's Health China, which was also the magazine's 10th anniversary edition, and included large promotional posters across the country. In collaboration with Ustream Korea, Park held an official livestreamed event titled "Fan & Music Live" on April 2, and revealed the titles of the 3 songs from his upcoming single; "Joah" (Korean: 좋아; Revised Romanization: Joha), "1 Hunnit" (Korean: 사실이야; Revised Romanization: Sasiriya), and "Welcome". The title track, "Joah", was revealed to be a mellow feel-good song similar to "Girlfriend" produced by Cha Cha Malone and instrumentals by Saturday Night Live Korea in-session band Common Ground, "1 Hunnit" a rap track featuring Dok2, and "Welcome" a sexy and provocative R&B track. On April 5, Park released the music video of "1 Hunnit" on his YouTube Channel, featuring Dok2 and a variety of Park's friends, including dancers and b-boys. On April 9, Park appeared on tvN's Taxi with fellow Saturday Night Live Korea cast member, Kim Seul-gi. On April 10, Park released his single album "Joah", along with the music video for the title track. The feel-good song features an upbeat melody with the music video filmed in Park's hometown of Seattle earlier in the year starring Korean actress Clara Lee. Members of Park's b-boy crew, Art of Movement, also feature in the music video, including a short scene at The Beacon, the dance studio of fellow Seattle-based b-boy crew, Massive Monkees. On April 16, Park appeared on SBS' Hwasin – Controller of the Heart, the sequel of Strong Heart. On the April 20 episode of Immortal Songs 2, Park sang Sim Soo-bong's "Men Are Ships, Women Are Harbors". On the April 20 episode on Saturday Night Live, Park's digital short with host and singer, Lee Soo-young, parodied American rapper Jay-Z's "Run This Town", and received attention due to scenes with Park dressed in a bikini. On April 25, Park's 26th birthday, Park released a music video for "Welcome" on his YouTube channel. The 19+ video starred Oh Cho-hee opposite Park, who garnered attention himself due to the shirtless and sensual scenes. Immediately after the release of the music video, attention was drawn to various female models and actresses that have starred in all of Park's previous music videos. Also on April 25, the DVD, New Breed Live in Seoul, of Park's 2012 concerts was released. He performed Lee Moon-sae's "Sunset Glow" with friend and R&B singer Crush of VV:D on the April 27 episode of Immortal Songs 2. Park's skit on the April 27 episode of Saturday Night Live with Gayoon of 4Minute gained attention for Park's character mistakenly saying inappropriate and sexual words in Korean, and featured a return of Park's in-character ad lib as the camera's failed to cut away at the end of the skit.

On May 3, it was revealed that Park will be participating in the soundtrack of M. Night Shyamalan's 2013 American science-fiction thriller film, After Earth, having been personally contacted by Will Smith and Jaden Smith. The song, titled "I Like 2 Party", is intended for the ending theme of the film and is written and composed by Park himself, and produced by friend and fellow Art of Movement member, Cha Cha Malone. During the same week, Park was announced to be the official ambassador of international b-boy tournament and cultural festival, R-16 Korea, for the third year in a row. Park released a 30-second snippet of "I Like 2 Party" with a short trailer of After Earth that day. On May 7, Park attended the After Earth red carpet premiere in Korea along with Will and Jaden Smith. On May 11, Immortal Songs 2's 100th episode, Park performed "Everyday Day With You" by Deulgukhwa, remixed with Park's latest single, "Joah", impressing the audience with his singing ability even after dancing and tumbling on stage. Later that month, Jay made a guest appearance at Mizz Nina's concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where they performed their hit single, "Around the World" for the first time. Although not in Korea for the live broadcast, Park's pre-recorded shenanigans in a skit with Jason Mraz on the May 18 episode of Saturday Night Live Korea drew attention from viewers of the late-night sketch comedy show. Two days after this event, Park appeared on Let's Go Dream Team! Season 2 and travelled to Singapore to launch a collaboration between himself and local capsule speaker company, X-mini. Following these events, on May 30th, a song for Korean drama, She is Wow titled "Rude Girl", by Kim Seul-gie and Park was released with a music video.

Information regarding the official anthem of R-16 Korea, "Respect 16", along with the music video to be filmed live during the 2013 international b-boy event was released on June 17th by Park. The next day, Park released the sixth episode of Jay Park TV, showing behind the scenes of filming for television shows, photo shoots, and the music video of his single "Joah".

Jay Park renewed his contract with SidusHQ early in July, after much public speculation of him signing with other labels. He was to perform at the Hennessy Artistry event early in July in Guangzhou, China, alongside B.o.B, but the event was cancelled at the last moment due to technical difficulties. On July 10, Park released a four-track EP, I Like 2 Party, containing the songs "I Like 2 Party", "Hot", "Secret" and "Let's Make Up", and also released a music video for the title track "I Like 2 Party" which was filmed in Los Angeles. On November 30, Park served as the emcee for the Red Bull BC One.

2014—present: Growth of AOMG and Evolution

In April 2014, Park was chosen as a dance master for Season 2 of "Dancing 9," Korea's first dance survival show. Park's team on Dancing nine the blue eye won that season. In September 1, 2014, his second full-length album came out called Evolution. Evolution holds 17 songs, including a remix of his single release after New Breed and new tracks. In 2015 Jay Park participated as a judge on Mnet's Show Me the Money 4.


Park's music takes its roots in R&B and hip hop, more especially from the 90's. He is influenced by the work of American artists he grew up listening to, such as Usher, Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Ginuwine, Musiq Soulchild, Justin Timberlake, Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac, Dr. Dre, and Canibus. Park credits Usher as his idol and as one of his biggest influences, to whom he started listening since 6th grade. He also cites Michael Jackson as his role model, as "he is the best". He cites both Usher and Michael Jackson as singers and dancers who influence him vocally and in dance, as he wanted to dance like them, looking at their music videos. Park also cites Chris Brown as an inspiration, and wants "to be a singer who can be good at both singing and rapping like [him]". Park began listening to hip hop music when he was in second grade, after one of his cousins let him listen to Warren G's "Regulate". In general, Park stated he "doesn't really listen to music to get inspiration, I listen to music because I listen to music, but I do get inspired when I listen to music, it definitely helps".

For his dance, Park cites Art of Movement, Skill Methods, and Massive Monkees as b-boy crews that influence him. He also cites Andrew Baterina from SoReal Cru; Movement Lifestyle's members Keone Madrid, Lyle Beniga, and Shaun Evaristo; Ian Eastwood; and Twitch. Park is also inspired by Taiwanese-American NBA player Jeremy Lin, saying that Lin "was off the radar and now he’s playing with the best of the best. People can’t hate on him even though they want to because he’s so good. That’s how a K-pop star has to be over in America if they want to succeed. They have to be so good in every single way that even if people hate, they can’t really say anything".

Musical style

Jay Park's music is generally contemporary R&B and hip hop, but he also incorporates pop, dance, soul, electronic and acoustic into his songs. Prior to debuting with 2PM, Park was coached vocally by former SOLID member and renowned R&B artist Kim Jo-han, also known to be the vocal coach of many idols in the industry. Kim went on to say that "[Park] has an appealing and unique voice" and "definitely stood out amongst the rest". Park began to write rap lyrics since eighth grade. Since becoming a solo artist, he has complete creative control over his music : he writes and composes his own songs, produces his albums, chooses the people he wants to work with, and participates in the mastering and mixing of his songs, something almost unheard-of for a singer in the Korean music industry. More than making hit songs, Park says he wants people to hear to his style of music, to make them listen to "Jay Park-sounding" music. Being fluent in both English and Korean, Park writes songs in these two languages. He admits that he is more at ease when writing songs in English than in Korean, as he started learning Korean in his late teens. Having grown up listening to music of American artists, he admits his music sounds more "American" than K-Pop, saying it is the style of music he wants to make, while still being recognized as K-Pop. His musical process starts by listening to a lot of beats sent by various producers, while thinking of what kind of song he wants to write, and eventually short-listing a selection of potential beats to work with. Then, Park works on the melody of the song, along with ideas and lyrics. He writes the hook of the song first, and finally the verses. Park is inspired by everything when writing songs : "just listening to good songs, seeing a good live performance, having good conversations with people. Just everyday life". Some songs Park wrote are influenced by songs from other artists, for example, his song "Turn Off Your Phone" (Korean: 전화기를 꺼놔; Revised Romanization: Jeonhwagireur Kkeonwa) from his album New Breed was inspired by Leessang's hit single "Turn Off the TV ..." (Korean: TV를 껐네…; Revised Romanization: TV Reurkkeotne) from their 7th album Asura Balbalta.


In July 2010, Park was announced to be endorsing Levi Strauss & Co.'s new brand, dENiZEN. He had previously revealed on YouTube in June 2010, before coming back to Korea, that he was at a photoshoot without revealing it was for dENiZEN. He continued to endorse the brand until the end of 2011 with female model Kwon Ri-sae. Park and Kwon recorded a remix duet song of dENiZEN's theme song, "Manifesto".

In early 2012, Park was chosen by KT Tech to be the official model of Take HD, a new smartphone by the brand. Park released the maxi-single "Take HD Special Maxi Album" on February 7, 2012, produced by KT Tech to promote the smartphone. The maxi-single includes remixes of Park's lead single from his album New Breed, "Know Your Name", released on the same day.

Park appears with fellow SidusHQ celebrities Jang Hyuk, Kim Su-ro, Kim Shin-young and Jang Hee-jin in the MMORPG Lineage 2 as supporting characters.

On behalf of Naver's first "Fashion Collaboration" event, Park also with fashion designer 275C for creation of a joint T-shirt titled Live Free, representing Park's free mind and lifestyle, and displaying both the Space Needle from Seattle, his hometown, and the Namsan Tower from Seoul, where he currently lives. The back of the T-shirt shows the names of his b-boy crews Art of Movement and Korean Assassins, and dance collaboration team, Project Prepix Asia.

Park was also chosen to endorse and model for casual clothing brand Googims for their 2012 collections; after the announcement was made, it was stated that "the brand's home page server was down every five minutes". A behind the scenes video of Park performing an impromptu dance to "Gangnam Style" by Psy at a Googims photo shoot was uploaded to YouTube on September 2, 2012, capturing the public's attention for his unique take of the choreography. Park also has been selected as the new model for outdoor clothing brand, Williamsburg, participating in TV commercials and fan-signing events.

In March 2013, Park, a long time fan of Nike, participated at a Nike event in Seoul, Korea, titled "Nike on Air", which was streamed live online via Ustream.


Notable appearances
  • Word of the Day - Bromance (2010) - A short skit alongside Ryan Higa and Philip Wang.
  • Dramatic (2011) - First episode aired.
  • Mr. Idol (Mr. 아이돌) (2011)
  • TvN Taxi (2011, 2013)
  • Immortal Songs 2 (2011, 2012, 2013) - A regular cast member for parts of 2011, 2012 and 2013.
  • Music & Lyrics (2012) - Alongside actress Lee Si-young.
  • Come to Play (2012) - A fixed panel member for the 'Trueman Show' corner of the show.
  • Saturday Night Live Korea (2012, 2013–) - Hosted the highest rated episode of Season 3 in 2012, and rejoined as a permanent cast member in 2013.
  • Dancing 9 Season 2
  • Mnet's The 4 Things Show (4가지쇼)(2014) - Episode 1 & 2 featuring Simon D, Gray and Loco.
  • America's Next Top Model(2014)
  • Ding Ge Long Dong Qiang(2015)- Chinese Variety Show.
  • Show Me the Money Season 4(2015) - AOMG producer team with Loco.
  • Running Man (TV series)(2015) - Episode 252 along with Eun Ji-won, Jessi (Lucky J), San E, and Verbal Jint.
  • Unpretty Rapstar Season 2(2015) - producer team with Cha Cha Malone
  • Witch Hunt(2015) - with Loco
  • Tours and concerts


  • New Breed Live in Seoul (2012)
  • APAHM Tour (2012)
  • MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia (2012)
  • New Breed Asia Tour (2012)
  • Australia Tour (2012)
  • Jay Park First European Tour (2013)
  • AOMG 2014 USA TOUR (2014)
  • Show Me The Money 4 Concert Tour (2015)
  • Supporting

  • Ne-Yo Live in Seoul (2011)
  • SXSW(South By Southwest Music Festival) (2014)
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    Know Your Name
    I Like 2 Party
    So Good
    My Last
    Sex Trip
    I Got Your Back
    Count on Me
    Level 1000
    I Can't Be Without You
    Let's Make Up
    Don't Let Go
    I Love You
    Touch The Sky
    AOM & 1llionaire
    End of Me
    Don't Try Me
    You Know
    A Happy Ending
    Nothin' On You
    훅갔어 Wasted


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