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Jay Park videography

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Jay Park videography

The videography of Korean-American singer Jay Park consists of fifteen music videos, six Jay Park TV webisodes, two films and several appearances on television programs, including Immortal Songs 2 and Saturday Night Live Korea.



Park first created his own YouTube channel on March 15, 2010, called "jayparkaom", posting his cover of "Nothin' on You" with his own rap and lyrics. The video went viral and garnered two million views in less than one day. Park continued to use YouTube to reach out to his fans, and uploaded more videos where he covered a variety of songs and played around with his friends from Art of Movement (AOM). Park describes himself as a "huge YouTube freak", and that he enjoys watching covers, comedy, battles, singing, dancing, and his friends Ryan Higa, Kevjumba, and Traphik.

Park also collaborated with other rappers and singers famous for their YouTube following, such as Dumbfoundead and Clara Chung on the track "Clouds". Shortly after Park performed at ISA 2010 in Los Angeles alongside many YouTube celebrities, Park featured in a highly anticipated short skit with Ryan Higa and Phil Wang, titled "Word of the Day - Bromance", which quickly went viral and has reached nearly thirteen million views as of December 2012. Park continued to collaborate and perform with fellow YouTuber's, most notably at ISA LA concert in 2010 and 2011.

Before the release of his EP, Take A Deeper Look, Park's original YouTube channel was unexpectedly removed. Park quickly created a new channel, "jaybumaom0425", reassuring fans not to worry. Park manages his own YouTube channel and uploads all the content himself; a situation which is unheard of in the K-pop industry. Park has stated that he likes to upload content that comes straight from him, and how he reads the comments and replies he gets from fans. Park also continues to upload songs and raps, b-boy and dance practice, acrobatics, choreography, news and updates for his fans, and other humorous clips.

While Park was in Los Angeles as a part of his 2012 APAHM tour, Park collaborated with AJ Rafael on a live remix of "Here All Alone, Pt. 3", an original song by AJ Rafael, and was filmed and uploaded by Knocksteady on June 4, 2012. Park also collaborated on a dance video of Love Faces by Trey Songz, co-starring and choreographed by Di "Moon" Zhang from I.aM.mE dance crew, champions of the sixth season of America's Best Dance Crew. While in Malaysia in May, Park collaborated with Dennis Yin of Elecoldxhot on a choreographed dance video of "Tonight" by John Legend.

On June 27, 2012, Park featured in YOMYOMF Network's comedy webseries with Kevjumba, in a video titled "KevJumba Takes on Zombies w/ Jay Park", where Kevjumba and Park go head-to-head in a series of paintball challenges against zombies and each other. On October 29, Park was featured in a YouTube skit by David So, titled "The Last Resort", along with Dumbfoundead. The skit is a parody of Wong Fu Productions's viral short film, "The Last". Park plays an emotional, but comedic, ex-boyfriend of the female lead, Julie Zhan. His scene was filmed at the last-minute due to a flying visit to Los Angeles.

Jay Park TV

In July 2012, Park began to release regular webisodes of Jay Park TV through his YouTube channel, filmed and edited by Hep, Park's friend and fellow Art of Movement member. The web series shows Park's daily life with his friends, behind-the-scenes of concerts and filming, and the fun and games that he gets up to. Each episode starts with a series of comedic photos of Park or his friends, along with a logo and introduction music made by Cha Cha, a producer and member of AOM. Park has been credited by viewers for being down-to-earth and natural, and also including Korean subtitles for his fans in Korea, as the main language spoken in the episodes is English.

The 1st episode, released on July 23, 2012, shows Park hanging out with his friends from AOM while in Korea. Park also included his personal footage recorded on his iPhone, which shows Park on stage at "Highlight Festival 2012" concert with Far East Movement. Park also showed his comedic nature while posing for photos outside a giant poster of his face at a Googims store. The episode also shows Park behind-the-scenes of filming a TV advert for Williamsburg, and the long hours involved. At the end of the episode, Park is shown with Dok2, The Quiett, KrNfx, AOM, and Park's b-boy friends at R-16 Korea before their performances on stage. Finally, Park sings in an impromptu performance of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson on the streets at night, outside a restaurant, beatboxed by KrNfx.

In the 2nd episode, released two weeks after the first on August 5, 2012, starts by showing Park, his friends, and his dancers, on the way to Malaysia for MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012. Park also included footage of his stage rehearsal for the concert, and him jokingly posing behind Kara when they were being interviewed. Park included a clip of audio problems he was having while performing at the W Hotel in Seoul, which he countered by finishing his song "Girlfriend" by singing a capella. Later, Park is shown joking around with his friends, and goes on to explain to the camera how tired he is due to lack of sleep, but has to go on to b-boy battle at R-16 Korea the same day. At the end of the episode, Park is seen mimicking Internet celebrity Antoine Dodson's Bed Intruder Song by The Gregory Brothers, while wearing a makeshift bandana.

The 3rd episode, released August 26, 2012, is narrated throughout by Park. The episode starts with the members of Art of Movement travelling by car in the early hours of the morning, with Park passed out, much to the amusement of his friends, who take the opportunity to make sexually-suggestive jokes using Park's unconscious body. The episode goes on to show dance and stage rehearsals for Park's "New Breed Asia Tour in Seoul" concert along with Park's friends from the Prepix dance crew. Park also introduces Ailee, who came to watch the concert, backstage in the dressing room before the start of the concert. The episode goes on to show Park performing at a club, hanging out and playing games with his friends and fellow b-boys.

After a 3-month hiatus, the 4th episode was released on December 3, 2012. Park gives viewers an update of the last few months, mentioning his concerts in Australia, time spent at home in Seattle, b-boy battles he attended, and gives shout-outs to Ben Baller and Steven Jo. Park goes on to show behind the scenes clips of his time filming Saturday Night Live Korea skits and a parody music video. Park becomes the cameraman for part of this episode as he films Hep, member of Art of Movement and his videographer, teasing his clothing and making reference to "Low" by Flo Rida, and locking him in a cupboard. The episode goes on to show Park rapping and singing during recording sessions, and practising b-boying, flipping, and tumbling. Park also continues the tradition of introducing video footage from his iPhone, including an appearance by Kyuhyun from Super Junior who lip-syncs to Park's song "Abandoned".

On March 25, 2013, Park released the 5th episode, starting in Singapore where Park had a showcase in January, 2013. Park takes fans behind the scenes during press conferences, interviews, and the concert. Park's brother, Jehan, and members of dance team, Prepix, are featured heavily in this episode. Park is seen dancing and joking with his friends before his Singapore showcase. Footage of Park performing is also included, as well a Park opening and drinking a bottle of champagne given to him by fans after the show. Next in the episode, Park is at a photoshoot for Men's Health Korea Magazine, where Park is mostly shirtless, to the delight of fans. Park also makes reference to Justin Timberlake's 2013 single, "Suit & Tie", as Park is dressed in a suit and tie for the next park of the photoshoot. The next scene is at the "Illionaire 2nd Anniversary Concert", where Park is performing with friends Dok2, The Quiett, and Beenzino. Park also shows behind-the-scenes footage of filming the music video for this free 2013 song, "Appetizer".

On June 18, 2013, the 6th episode of Jay Park TV was released.

On July 30, 2013, the 7th and final episode of Jay Park TV was released.


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