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Częstochowa County

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1,519 km²

Silesian Voivodeship

Częstochowa County

Total 16 Gmina Blachownia Gmina Dąbrowa Zielona Gmina Janów Gmina Kamienica Polska Gmina Kłomnice Gmina Koniecpol Gmina Konopiska Gmina Kruszyna Gmina Lelów Gmina Mstów Gmina Mykanów Gmina Olsztyn Gmina Poczesna Gmina Przyrów Gmina Rędziny Gmina Starcza

Points of interest
Jasna Góra Monastery, Czestochowa Museum, Muzeum Górnictwa Rud Żelaza, Muzeum Produkcji Zapałek, Muzeum Częstochowskie ‑ Zagroda

Colleges and Universities
Jan Długosz University, Częstochowa University of Techno, Wydział Filologiczno‑Historyczny Akademii

Częstochowa County (Polish: powiat częstochowski) is a unit of territorial administration and local government (powiat) in Silesian Voivodeship, southern Poland. It came into being on January 1, 1999, as a result of the Polish local government reforms passed in 1998. Its administrative seat is the city of Częstochowa, although the city is not part of the county (it constitutes a separate city county). The only towns in Częstochowa County are Blachownia, which lies 11 km (7 mi) west of Częstochowa, and Koniecpol, 40 km (25 mi) east of Częstochowa.


Map of Cz%C4%99stochowa County, Poland

The county covers an area of 1,519.49 square kilometres (586.7 sq mi). As of 2006 its total population is 133,553, out of which the population of Blachownia is 9,863, that of Koniecpol is 6,303, and the rural population is 117,387.

Neighbouring counties

Apart from the city of Częstochowa, Częstochowa County is also bordered by Pajęczno County to the north, Radomsko County to the north-east, Włoszczowa County to the east, Zawiercie County and Myszków County to the south, Lubliniec County to the west, and Kłobuck County to the north-west.

Administrative division

The county is subdivided into 16 gminas (two urban-rural and 14 rural). These are listed in the following table, in descending order of population.


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