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Ready (2008 film)

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Director  Srinu Vaitla
Release date  June 19, 2008 (India)
Writer  Gopimohan (story)
Language  Telugu
7.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy
Music director  Devi Sri Prasad
Country  India
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Release date  19 June 2008
Songs  Get Ready!
Cast  Genelia D'Souza (Pooja), Ram Pothineni (Chandu), Brahmanandam (Brahmi), Tanikella Bharani, Sunil, Chandra Mohan
Tagline  Ready for anything

Ready telugu full movie w subtitles ram genelia srinu vaitla devi sri prasad

Ready is a 2008 telugu action romantic comedy film directed by Srinu Vytla. It is produced by Sravanthi Ravi Kishore under the Sri Sravanthi Movies banner. The movie features Ram and Genelia in lead roles while Tanikella Bharani, Nassar, Sunil, Chandra Mohan, Brahmanandam and Jaya Prakash Reddy play other prominent roles. The movie was a run away hit and also was a major grosser in 2008. Navdeep and Tamanna made Guest Appearance. The music of the film is composed by Devi Sri Prasad.


Ready (2008 film) movie scenes

It was remade in Kannada as Raam by Puneeth Rajkumar and was a run away hit. It was remade in Tamil as Uthama Puthiran with Dhanush & Genelia D'Souza in the lead and was highly successful at the box office. It was also remade in Hindi under the same name with Salman Khan and Asin in the lead as Ready and was a high-grossing blockbuster as well.

Ready (2008 film) movie scenes


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The movie begins with Raghupathi (Nassar) being introduced as the eldest of his three brothers - the other two being Raghava (Tanikella Bharani) and Rajaram (Vajja Venkata Giridhar) and sister Swarajyam (Rajitha) and her husband (Chandramohan) with Chandu (Ram) as the only son of Raghava and sole inheritor of the property of 'R S Brothers'. Chandu plans the elopement of his cousin Swapna (Tamannaah) with her boyfriend (Navdeep) due to which he is ousted from the house and is isolated from his family by Raghupathi. However, Chandu tries to re-establish links with his family members, but to no avail. Meanwhile, on the last day of his college, Chandu and his friends meet their friend "Google" Gopi (Ravi Varma) who is depressed because his girlfriend is getting married to someone else. Chandu decides to stop the marriage and marry off her to Gopi. However, they kidnap Pooja (Genelia D'Souza) instead of Gopi's girlfriend due to a mistaken identity. After being chased by some hooligans - who are after Pooja - they escape with the exception of Chandu and Pooja who end up in forest. Chandu falls for Pooja who also reciprocates her feelings.

After learning that her best friend is not in town, Pooja decides to stay in Chandu's home disguising herself as disciple of Raghupathi's spiritual guru. Chandu is also welcomed back in his family. When he was about to propose to Pooja, Chandu gets to know about the true identity of Pooja. She is an NRI who came to visit her warring maternal uncles Peddinaidu (Kota Srinivasa Rao) and Chittinaidu (Jaya Prakash Reddy). Both of them try to force her into marriage with their respective sons to get a hold on her property she inherits. Chandu decides to transform them before marrying Pooja. He joins their auditor "McDowellf" Murthy (Brahmanandam) as his assistant. Murthy introduces Chandu as his nephew to both Peddinaidu and Chittinaidu. When asked about Chandu's experience in auditing, Murthy lies to them that he used to be an auditor in America to imaginary brothers "Chicago" Subba Rao and "Dallas" Nageswara Rao.

Chandu manipulates Murthy's funny idea and makes his uncle Raghupathi and his father pose as Chicago Subba Rao and Dallas Nageswara Rao respectively. Swarajyam's husband and Rajaram pose themselves as the friends of Pooja's parents and make Peddinaidu think twice about his son's marriage with Pooja after they deliberately lie to him that her parents took a loan of 100 crores from World Bank. Chittinaidu also decides to call off his son's marriage with Pooja after Chandu plays a prank on him that Chicago Subba Rao's daughter has more property than Pooja. After some hilarious twists and turns, Chandu and his uncle Raghupathi bring about a positive change in both Chittinaidu and Peddinaidu and Pooja marries Chandu after her uncles give their consent.


  • Ram as Chandu - Chandu is a happy-go-lucky guy who is always willing to help others. He is shown to be the only inheritor of the property of his father.
  • Genelia D'Souza as Pooja - Pooja is an NRI who comes to India to visit her maternal uncles. She lost her parents in an air accident and she is brought up by her uncles.
  • Brahmanandam as "McDowell" Murthy - Murthy is the auditor of both Peddi Naidu and Chitti Naidu.
  • Nasser as Raghupathi/"Chicago" Subba Rao - Raghupathi is the head of his family and business. He loves acting and is shown in the film to have received Best Actor award from N. T. Rama Rao for a play in theater.
  • Chandra Mohan as husband of Swarajyam (Janaki's Father)
  • Tanikella Bharani as Raghava/"Dallas" Nageswara Rao - Raghava is the younger brother of Raghupathi and father of Chandu.
  • Kota Srinivasa Rao as Peddi Naidu - Peddi Naidu is the elder of the two brothers. He tries to marry off his son to Pooja to grab her property, in the process, even breaking up with his brother.
  • Jaya Prakash Reddy as Chitti Naidu - Chitti Naidu is the younger of the two brothers. He also tries to force Pooja to marry his son, eyeing her property. He even spars with his brother on whose son should marry Pooja.
  • Supreet as Narasimha - Narasimha is the right-hand man of Peddinaidu and one of the antagonists.
  • Shafi as Nagappa - Nagappa is the son of Chitti Naidu and one of the antagonists.
  • Sudha as Lakshmi (Raghupathi's Wife)
  • Pragathi as Rajyam (Chandu's Mother)
  • Sunil as Janaki and cousin of Chandu
  • Rajitha as Swarajya Lakshmi (Janaki's Mother)
  • Srinivasa Reddy as Raju Garu (Chandu's Friend)
  • M. S. Narayana as Chinna Sastry
  • Vajja Venkata Giridhar as RajaRam
  • Satya Krishnan as RajaRam's wife
  • Dharmavarapu Subramanyam as Santosh Reddy (Happy Reddy)
  • Balayya as Peddha Sastry
  • Ravi Varma as Google Gopi (Chandu's Friend)
  • Surekha Vani as Chinna Chitti Naidu's Mother
  • Tamannaah Bhatia as Swapna (Chandu's Cousin) (Guest Appearance)
  • Navdeep as Swapna's Boyfriend (Guest Appearance)
  • Master Bharath as Chinna Chitti Naidu
  • Master Uday Nair as Chinna Peddi Naidu
  • Ravishankar Dwivedula as Purohith who performs marriage for Google Gopi
  • Fish Venkat
  • Suman Setty
  • Crew

  • Producer: Sravanthi Ravi Kishore
  • Director:: Srinu Vytla
  • Story: Gopimohan
  • Screenplay: Srinu Vytla
  • Co-Director:Saikishore Macha
  • Dialogues: Kona Venkat
  • Cinematography: Prasad Murella
  • Stunts: Peter Hein
  • Music: Devi Sri Prasad
  • Choreography: Suchitra, Sankar, Prem Rakshit
  • Editing: M.R. Varma
  • Art: Prakash
  • Songs

    The film has six songs composed by Devi Sri Prasad. The lyrics were written by Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry, Ramajogayya Sastry and Benny. The audio was released on May 19, 2008 and the reviews were mostly positive.


    Ready received extremely positive reviews. Jeevi of rated the film at 3.25 out of a scale of 5 saying that it is "Stuffed with ample commercial elements, mainly vibrant comedy". rated the film at 3.75 out of 5 saying that the film is a "Neat family entertainer with an appreciable dose of clean comedy". It also says that though "The story and treatment has shades of Gudumba Shankar to a large extent, but good-natured comedy makes the movie quite enjoyable for a light viewing". Ram was fabulous and Brahmanandam was well appreciated for his performance by saying that "As 'McDowell' Murthy, Brahmanandam brings the house down".


    Filmfare Awards South
  • Best Film - Ravi Kishore
  • Best Director - Srinu Vaitla
  • Best Actor - Ram
  • Best Supporting Actor - Brahmanandam
  • Nandi Awards
  • Best popular feature film providing wholesome entertainment
  • Best Male comedian - Bramhanandam
  • Best Child Actor - Master Bharath
  • Remakes

  • Kannada: Raam - Director: Madesha
  • Tamil: Uthama Puthiran - Director: Mithran Jawahar
  • Hindi: Ready - Director: Anees Bazmee
  • References

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    Ready (2008 film) IMDb Ready (2008 film)

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