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Azhakiya Ravanan

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Music director
Vidhya Sagar





Bhanupriya dancing while Mammootty looking afar and wearing a white and gold robe in the movie poster of the 1996 film, Azhakiya Ravanan

Release date
9 February 1996 (1996-02-09)


(Shankar Das), (Anuradha), (Karayogam President TPV Kuruppu), (Sharath),
Rajan P Dev
(Chathothu Panicker), (Varghese)

Azhakiya Ravanan Trailer

Azhakiya Ravanan (English: Handsome Ravanan) is a 1996 Malayalam romantic comedy drama film directed by Kamal and written by Sreenivasan. The film is a rags-to-riches story of Shankar Das (Mammootty) who eventually gets drunk on his success. It also stars Bhanupriya, Sreenivasan, Innocent, Biju Menon, Rajan P. Dev, and Cochin Haneefa. The music was composed by Vidyasagar. Chirakodinja Kinavukal released on 2015 is a spin-off to this film.


Mammootty sitting on the chair and looking afar while Sreenivasan leaning on the guard rail in a scene from the 1996 film, Azhakiya Ravanan


Bhanupriya smiling while holding an umbrella and wearing a red dress in the 1996 Malayalam drama film, Azhakiya Ravanan

Shankar Das (Mammootty) is a rich businessman who returns to his native village in Alappuzha. No one in the village is aware of his past. During his childhood he was a servant of the local feudal lord Chatothu Panickar (Rajan P. Dev). He left the job after getting severely punished for kissing the lord's young daughter (Kavya Madhava). He fled to Mumbai and there he became a successful businessman.

Sreenivasan as Ambujakshan, with mustache while wearing gray long sleeves in a scene from the 1996 film, Azhakiya Ravanan

Now he has returned to his native village incognito. He is a very boastful man and revels in the praises showered on him by the sycophants. He reveals his identity to Ambujakshan (Sreenivasan), who is his childhood friend and an aspiring writer. He also confides in him his interest for Panicker's daughter Anuradha (Bhanupriya), who was his childhood infatuation. Ambujakshan succeeds in convincing Shankar to produce a film by telling him that it would help him to earn the respect of the villagers and win over Anuradha. Thus the production of the film starts under the direction of Sharath (Biju Menon), who is the love interest of Anuradha.

Mammootty looking afar while wearing sunglasses and brown polo in a scene from the 1996 film, Azhakiya Ravanan

Shankar renders unsolicited financial help to Panicker's family. But, Shankar later realizes about the love developing between Anuradha and Sharath the film director and that leads to a pause on the film's production. Later, Shankar proposes marriage to Anuradha, which she declines. However, the family, which is indebted to him, coerces her to marry him. Anuradha, who is infuriated, decides that she will not present herself as a virgin before Shankar and makes love with Sharath. After the marriage she learns from Shankar that Sharath had accepted money from him for not creating any trouble for their marriage. This causes another heartbreak for her and she confesses about her relationship with Sharath to Shankar. In the end Shankar forgives Anuradha and their marital relationship resumes.


Mammootty paddling while wearing white long sleeves and bracelet in a scene from the 1996 film, Azhakiya Ravanan

  • Mammootty as Shankar Das
  • Bhanupriya as Anuradha (Voice dubbed by Bhagyalekshmi)
  • Innocent as Karayogam President TPV Kuruppu
  • Biju Menon as Sharath
  • Rajan P. Dev as Chathothu Panicker
  • Anju Aravind as Sandhya
  • Valsala Menon as Omanakuttyamma
  • Santhakumari
  • Cochin Haneefa as Varghese
  • Sreenivasan as Ambujakshan
  • Vineeth Kumar as Anuradha's Brother
  • Kavya Madhavan as Young Anuradha
  • Themes

    Zainuddin talking to Innocent while wearing a gray t-shirt and Biju Menon directing the scene in the 1996 film, Azhakiya Ravanan

    The film was also a satirical take on the Malayalam film industry. It depicted how rich business men, who are craving for fame, are entrapped by struggling writers and directors to produce films. This phenomenon resulted in the churning out of mediocre films that lack artistic quality and commercial feasibility. The film also showed how money alone cannot win love and how money corrupts love.


    Kerala State Film Awards
  • Best Lyricist - Kaithapuram Damodaran Nampoodiri
  • Best Music Director - Vidhyasagar
  • Best Female Singer - Sujatha Mohan
  • Soundtrack

    Azhakiyaravanan | Malayalam Film | Full Audio Jukebox 

    The music of the film was composed by Vidyasagar. This movie marked Vidyasagar's entry into Malayalam films. The songs were very popular. Especially the song Vennila Chandana Kinnam, evokes nostalgic feelings. Lyrics were written by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri. Vidyasagar won Kerala State Film Award for Best Music Director for this film.

  • "Vennila Chandana"  By (K. J. Yesudas, Shabnam)
  • "Pranayamanithooval"  By (Sujatha Mohan)
  • "Sumangalee"  By (K. J. Yesudas)
  • "Pranayamanithooval"  By  (K. J. Yesudas)
  • "O Dilruba"  By  (K. S. Chithra, Hariharan)
  • "Vennila Chandana"  By  (K. S. Chithra)
  • Track listing

    All lyrics written by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri.


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