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Atanasoff Nunatak

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Atanasoff Nunatak

Atanasoff Nunatak (Atanasov Nunatak a-ta-'na-sov 'nu-na-tak) is a nunatak, a sharp peak rising to 523 m in the east extremity of Bowles Ridge, Livingston Island, Antarctica. The peak sumounts Huron Glacier to the south and east, and Struma Glacier to the north. The peak is “named in honour of the Bulgarian American John Atanasoff (1903-1995) who constructed the first electronic digital computer”.



The peak is located at 62°36′54″S 60°06′57″W which is next east of Pirdop Gate, 3.32 km northeast of Kuzman Knoll, 1.18 km east-northeast of Maritsa Peak, 4.44 km east of Mount Bowles, 2.41 km southeast of Melnik Peak, 1.68 km south of Sliven Peak, 6.86 km north-northwest of Great Needle Peak (Falsa Aguja Peak) and 5.37 km north of Levski Peak (Antarctica). British mapping in 1968, and Bulgarian mapping in 2005 and 2009 from the Tangra 2004/05 survey.


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