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A43 autoroute

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Existed:  1973 – present
East end:  Tunnel du Fréjus
Constructed  1973
West end:  Lyon
Length  208 km
Highway system  Autoroutes of France
A43 autoroute

The A43 autoroute, also known as l'autoroute de la Maurienne, is a motorway in France. Travelling through the French Alps, the road connects the city of Lyon with the Tunnel du Fréjus, near Modane, which passes over the Italian border towards Turin. The autoroute opened in phases as it was constructed between the years 1973 and 1998.


Map of A43, France


  • 2x2 lanes
  • 2x3 lanes between the Boulevard Périphérique in Lyon, the A46 and the A48 (34 km)
  • 2x4 lanes between the A46 and the A432 (7 km)
  • 4+3 lanes between the A432 and the Péage of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (7 km)
  • 208 km long
  • Service areas
  • History

  • 1973: Opening of the section between Lyon and Bourgoin-Jallieu.
  • 1974: Opening of the section between Bourgoin-Jallieu and Chambéry.
  • 1990: Widening of the road to 2x3 lanes between Saint-Quentin-Fallavier and junction with the A48.
  • 1991: Opening of the L'Epine Tunnel.
  • 1991: Opening of section between Montmélian (A41) to Aiton. The section previously numbered A41 between Chambéry and Montmélian was re-numbered the A43.
  • 1996: Opening of section between Aiton to Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne.
  • 1998: Opening of section between Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne to Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne.
  • 2000: Opening of section between Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne to Freney, and the incorporation of the N566 approach to the Fréjus Tunnel.
  • 2002: Completion of Junction 11.
  • 2004: Completion of Junction 20.
  • Junctions

  • Lyon-Avenue Jean Mermoz Autoroute commences in Lyon City Centre.
  • 01 (Boulevard Pinel) Towns served: Lyon
  • Exchange A43-N383 (Boulevard périphérique) Towns served: Lyon
  • 02a (Bron Parilly) Towns served: Lyon
  • 02 (Bron Rebufert) Towns served: Lyon
  • 03 (Porte des Alpes) Towns served: Lyon
  • 04 (Le parc technologique-Bron Aviation) Towns served: Lyon
  • Exchange A43-N346-A46 Junction with N346 to Paris and A46 autoroute to Marseille
  • Rest Area: St-Priest/Manissieux
  • Exchange A43-A43 Junction with A432 autoroute to Aéroport Lyon St-Exupéry and Strasbourg
  • 05 (L'Isle-d'Abeau Chesnes-Heyrieux) Towns served:Heyrieux
  • Péage de Lyon St Quentin Fallavier
  • 06 (Villefontaine-La Verpillière) Towns served: Villefontaine
  • Service Area: L'Isle-d'Abeau
  • 07 (L'Isle-d'Abeau centre) Towns served: L'Isle-d'Abeau
  • 08 (Bourgoin-Jallieu) Towns served: Bourgoin
  • Rest Area: Le Vernay/Coiranne
  • Exchange A43-A48 Junction with A48 autoroute to Grenoble and Marseille
  • 09 (La Tour-du-Pin) Towns served: La Tour-du-Pin
  • Rest Area: Les Marouettes/Les Sitelles
  • 10 (Chimilin-Les Abrets) Towns served: Chimilin-Les Abrets
  • Rest Area: Romagnieu/Le Guiers
  • 11 (Belmont-Tramonet-St-Genix-sur-Guiers) Towns served: Belmont-Tramonet
  • Rest Area: Le Lavaret/L'Omble
  • 12 (Lac d'Aiguebelette) Towns served: Lac d'Aiguebelette
  • Exchange A43-A41 Junction with A41 autoroute to Annecy
  • 12a (Chambéry-nord) Towns served: Chambéry
  • Exchange A43-N201 The autoroute becomes the N201 through Chambéry
  • Exchange N201-A43 The autoroute re-commences
  • 20 (St-Baldoph-Challes-les-Eaux) Towns served: St-Baldoph-Challes-les-Eaux
  • Service Area: Le Granier/L'Abis'
  • Péage de Chignin
  • 21 (Chignin-Les Marches) Towns served: Chignin-Les Marches
  • Exchange A43-A41 Junction with the A41 autoroute to Grenoble
  • 22 (Montmélian) Towns served: Montmélian
  • Rest Area: Val Gelon/L'Arcluzaz
  • 23 (St Pierre-d'Albigny) Towns served: St Pierre-d'Albigny
  • Exchange A43-A430 Junction with the A430 autoroute to Albertville.
  • 24 (Aiton) Towns served: Aiton
  • Rest Area: St Pierre-de-Belleville (southbound)
  • 25 (Epierre) Towns served: Epierre
  • Rest Area: St-Léger (northbound)
  • 26 (La Chambre) Towns served: La Chambre
  • Rest Area: Ste-Marie-de-Cuines/St-Avre
  • 27 (Hermillon-St-Jean-de-Maurienne) Towns served: St Jean-de-Maurienne
  • 28 (St Julien-Montdenis-St Jean-de-Maurienne) Towns served: St Jean-de-Maurienne
  • Service Area: St Julien-Montdenis (northbound)
  • Service Area: 'Rieu Sec (Petrol only) (southbound)
  • 29 (St Michel-de-Maurienne) Towns served: St Michel-de-Maurienne
  • Péage de St Michel-de-Maurienne
  • 29 (St Michel-de-Maurienne) Towns served: St Michel-de-Maurienne
  • Autoroute becomes single lane.
  • 30 (Le Freney-Modane) Towns served: Le Freney-Modane
  • 31 (Valfréjus) Towns served: Valfréjus
  • Péage Toll booths for the Tunnel du Fréjus
  • Road enters tunnel re-emerging as the Autostrada A32 in Italy towards Turin.
  • References

    A43 autoroute Wikipedia

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