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A46 autoroute

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Length  62 km
Highway system  Autoroutes of France
A46 autoroute

The A46 autoroute is a 47.6 kilometres (29.6 mi) long highway in central France. It connects the town of Givors to Anse and eastern Lyon. It was completed in 1992.


Map of A46, France


  • 2x2 lanes (2X3 lanes at Rillieux-la-Pape)
  • 65 km long
  • A radar speed trap has been installed at Rillieux-la-Pape (southbound). Speed limit 90 km/h.
  • History

  • 1992 : Opening of the A46 and the RN346.
  • 2007 : Opening of the third lane between Genay and the Mionnay Service Area.
  • Since 2002, there have been further attempts to prohibit heavy traffic over 7.5 tons in Lyon and divert them onto this motorway-by-pass. This is controversial because it generates extra journey times distances travelled.


  • Exchange A6-A46 Junction with the A6 to Villefranche, Dijon and Paris (north) and Lyon (south)
  • 01 (Quincieux) Towns served: Quincieux
  • 02 (Genay-Trévoux) Towns served: Genay/Trévoux
  • Péage de Genay
  • Service Area: Mionnay
  • 03 (Les Echets) Towns served: Les Echets, Bourg-en-Bresse via RN83.
  • 04 (Sathonay) Towns served: Sathonay
  • Junction A46-A42-N346 Junction with A42 to Bourg-en-Bresse and Geneva the A46 becomes the N346 on a bridge over the River Rhone.
  • Junction N346-A43-N6 The A46 commences at a junction with the A43 to Grenoble, Chambéry and Turin and the N6.
  • 11 (La Fouillouse) Towns served:
  • 12 (Saint-Priest) Towns served: Saint-Priest Bel Air
  • 13 (Mions) Towns served: Mions
  • 14 (Lyon sud) Towns served: Boulevard Urbain Sud de Lyon et A7
  • 15 (Corbas) Towns served: Corbas
  • 16 (Ternay-Communay) Towns served: Ternay, Communay
  • Service Area: Communay
  • Exchange A7-A46-A47 Junction with A7 to Marseille and A47 to Saint-Étienne
  • References

    A46 autoroute Wikipedia

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