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A48 autoroute

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Existed:  1968 – present
North end:  Grenoble
Constructed  1968
South end:  A43
Length  52.5 km
Highway system  Autoroutes of France
A48 autoroute

The A48 autoroute, also known as l'autoroute du Dauphiné, is a motorway in France connecting the A43 with the city of Grenoble.


Map of A48, France

An extension north to Ambérieu is proposed in the medium term.


  • 2x2 lanes
  • 2x3 lanes between the A49 and A480 autoroutes (10 km)
  • 97 km long
  • Service areas
  • History

  • 1968: The first toll free section opened between the Bastille (Grenoble northern edge) and Voreppe as part of the preparations for the Winter Olympics held in the city and surrounding area.
  • 1975: Opening of the toll section between Voreppe and the A43 managed by AREA.
  • Junctions

  • Exchange A48-A43 Exits [to modify] Exchanger between A43 to Lyon/Chambéry and A48
  • Rest Area: Burcin
  • 09 (Le Grand-Lemps) Towns served: Rives
  • Rest Area: Réaumont
  • 10 (Champfeuillet) Towns served: Voiron
  • 11 (Voiron-Moirans) Towns served: Voiron
  • Exchange A49-A48 Exchanger between A49 to Valence and A48
  • 12 (Veurey) Towns served: Voreppe
  • Péage de Voreppe
  • 13 (Voreppe) Towns served: Voreppe
  • Rest Area: Voreppe/L'Isle Rose
  • 14 (Saint-Egreve) Towns served: Saint-Egreve
  • 15 (ZI Saint-Egreve-ZI/Saint-Martin-the-Vinoux) Towns served: Grenoble
  • Exchange A48-A480 Junction between the A48 and A480 to Sisteron and Gap via A51.
  • 16 (Europôle-Polygon Scientific Grenoble) Towns served: Grenoble
  • Autoroute ends.

    Places of interest

    The following list indexes towns and places of interest that can be visited from the motorway:

  • River Isere
  • Col de Rossatière
  • Future

    There are proposals to extend the autoroute north from Bourgoin-Jallieu to Ambérieu-in-Bugey and connecting to the A42 autoroute.


    A48 autoroute Wikipedia

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