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Year 892 (DCCCXCII) was a leap year starting on Saturday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • Summer – Poppo II, duke of Thuringia (Central Germany), is deposed by King Arnulf of Carinthia. East Frankish forces and their Magyar (Hungarian) allies invade Great Moravia.
  • Vladimir, ruler (knyaz) of the Bulgarian Empire, signs a military alliance with Arnulf of Carinthia of the East Frankish Kingdom, this against the pro-Byzantine policy of his father.
  • Britain

  • Autumn – A Viking force with a fleet of 250 longships arrives at the river mouth of the settlement of Lympne (East Kent). They attack the small fortification (called Eorpeburnan).
  • Viking raiders (80 ships) under Hastein arrive in the Thames Estuary, and set up camp at Middleton. King Alfred the Great decides to position his army in the Wealden Forest.
  • Arabian Empire

  • April – Al-Mu'tadid, the de facto regent of the Abbasid Caliphate, removes his cousin Al-Mufawwad from succession, and becomes himself caliph after the death of Al-Mu'tamid.
  • May – Ibrahim II, Aghlabid emir of Ifriqiya, sends a large army to Palermo, to impose Arab authority from Kairouan. After an uprising, the Sicilians make a bid for independence.
  • Summer – The Persian nobility installs Isma'il ibn Ahmad, the former governor of Transoxiana, as ruler (emir) of the Samanid Empire, after the death of his brother Nasr I.
  • Asia

  • Former Silla general Gyeon Hwon seizes the cities of Wansanju and Mujinju, taking over the territory of Baekje. He wins the support of the people, and declares himself king.
  • Births

  • March 30 – Shi Jingtang, founder of the Later Jin Dynasty (d. 942)
  • Ai (Li Zhou), emperor (puppet ruler) of the Tang Dynasty (d. 908)
  • Jing Yanguang, Chinese general and governor (d. 947)
  • Saadia Gaon, Jewish philosopher and exegete (or 882)
  • Wang Sitong, Chinese general and governor (d. 934)
  • Wang Yuanying, crown prince of Former Shu (d. 913)
  • Zhang, empress consort of Zhu Youzhen (d. 915)
  • Deaths

  • October 9 – Al-Tirmidhi, Persian scholar and hadith compiler (b. 824)
  • October 15 – Al-Mu'tamid, Muslim caliph of the Abbasid Caliphate
  • Berengaudus, Frankish Benedictine monk (b. 840)
  • Bernard, illegitimate son of Charles the Fat (or 891)
  • Branimir, ruler (knyaz) of Croatia (approximate date)
  • Nasr I, Muslim emir of the Samanid Empire
  • Sun Ru, Chinese warlord and governor
  • Yang Shouliang, Chinese warlord and governor
  • Zhao Deyin, Chinese warlord and chancellor
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