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1860 in literature

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1860 in literature

This article presents lists of literary events and publications in 1860.



  • January
  • First issue of the Cornhill Magazine published in London. Anthony Trollope's Framley Parsonage is serialized in it throughout the year.
  • Mrs. Henry Wood's 'sensation novel' East Lynne begins serialization in The New Monthly Magazine. This year also her first full-length novel Danesbury House is published.
  • Approximate date - The Catholic newspaper L'Univers is suppressed by the French government.
  • January 28 - The first of Charles Dickens' literary sketches under the general title of The Uncommercial Traveller is published in his magazine All the Year Round.
  • February - Mary Elizabeth Braddon gives up her acting career to write. In the same year, she meets her future husband John Maxwell.
  • March 27 - The Irish melodrama The Colleen Bawn, or The Brides of Garryowen, written by and starring Dion Boucicault, is first performed at Miss Laura Keene's theatre, New York.
  • April 4 - George Eliot's novel The Mill on the Floss is published by John Blackwood in three volumes.
  • June 9 - Ann S. Stephens' Malaeska: The Indian Wife of the White Hunter, a tale of the American frontier, becomes the first dime novel when it is published in cheap paperback book format by Irwin P. Beadle & Co. in New York City to initiate the Beadle's Dime Novels series.
  • June 30 - 1860 Oxford evolution debate: Samuel Wilberforce and Thomas Huxley debate the theories of Charles Darwin at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Lewis Carroll is among the audience.
  • August 25 - Wilkie Collins' sensation novel The Woman in White, an early example of mystery fiction, concludes serialization in the magazine All the Year Round. It is published in book form in London around August 15.
  • c. September 3 - Charles Dickens burns most of his private papers at his home in Kent, Gads Hill Place (where he has taken up regular residence this year).
  • December 1 - Charles Dickens's Bildungsroman Great Expectations begins serialization in his magazine All the Year Round.
  • Alexander Bain is appointed to the chair of logic and English literature at the University of Aberdeen.
  • Andreas Munch becomes the first person to be granted a poet's pension by the Parliament of Norway.
  • New books

  • R. M. Ballantyne - The Dog Crusoe and his Master
  • Mary Elizabeth Braddon - Three Times Dead
  • Wilkie Collins - The Woman in White
  • Mrs V. G. Cowdin - Ellen; or, The Fanatic's Daughter
  • Charles Dickens - Great Expectations (serialization begins)
  • George Eliot - The Mill on the Floss
  • Mrs G. M. Flanders - The Ebony Idol
  • The Goncourt brothers (Edmond and Jules de Goncourt) - Charles Demailly
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne - The Marble Faun
  • Mór Jókai - Poor Rich (Szegény gazdagok)
  • George Meredith - Evan Harrington
  • Multatuli - Max Havelaar
  • Thomas Love Peacock - Gryll Grange (serialization)
  • Charles Reade - The Cloister and the Hearth
  • Mary Howard Schoolcraft - The Black Gauntlet: A Tale of Plantation Life in South Carolina
  • Ann S. Stephens - Malaeska
  • Robert Smith Surtees - Plain or Ringlets? (concludes publication)
  • Anthony Trollope - Castle Richmond
  • Ivan Turgenev - First Love (Russian: Первая любовь, Pervaya ljubov; novella)
  • Charlotte M. Yonge
  • Hopes and Fears
  • Kenneth
  • Drama

  • Dion Boucicault - The Colleen Bawn
  • Louise Granberg - Johan Fredman
  • Poetry

  • Michael Madhusudan Dutt - Tilottama Sambhab Kabya (তিলোত্তমাসম্ভব কাব্য, "Birth of Tilottama")
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - "Paul Revere's Ride"
  • See also 1860 in poetry
  • Non-fiction

  • Jacob Burckhardt - The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy (Die Cultur der Renaissance in Italien)
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson - The Conduct of Life
  • Gray's Anatomy, 2nd edition
  • Eliphas Lévi - Histoire de la magie
  • Roger Gougenot des Mousseaux - La magie au dix-neufième siècle
  • J. W. Parker (ed.) - Essays and Reviews
  • John Ruskin - Modern Painters IV
  • Births

  • January 10 – Charles G. D. Roberts, Canadian poet (died 1943)
  • January 29 – Anton Chekhov, Russian short story writer, novelist and dramatist (died 1904)
  • February 11 – Rachilde (Marguerite Vallette-Eymery), French author (died 1953)
  • May 9 – J. M. Barrie, Scottish-born novelist and dramatist (died 1937)
  • June 6 – William Inge, English theologian (died 1954)
  • July 3 – Charlotte Perkins Gilman, American novelist, short story writer and social reformer (died 1935)
  • July 18 – Herbert Kelly, English religious writer and cleric (died 1950)
  • August 18 – Kristína Royová, Slovak novelist, religious writer and poet (died 1936)
  • September 13 – Ralph Connor, Canadian novelist (died 1937)
  • September 14 – Hamlin Garland, American novelist, poet and essayist (died 1940)
  • October 6 – Rosamund Marriott Watson, born Rosamund Ball and writing as Graham R. Tomson, English poet (died 1911)
  • October 23 – Molly Elliot Seawell, American novelist and dramatist (died 1916)
  • December 11 – Leonard Huxley, English writer and editor (died 1933)
  • Unknown date – Harriet Theresa Comstock, American children's author (died 1925)
  • Deaths

  • January 29 – Ernst Moritz Arndt, German poet (born 1769)
  • February 9 – William Evans Burton, English dramatist, theatre manager and publisher (born 1804)
  • February 25 – Chauncey Allen Goodrich, American lexicographer (born 1790)
  • May 9 – Samuel Griswold Goodrich (Peter Parley), American children's author (born 1793)
  • May 16 – Anne Isabella Byron, Baroness Byron, English memoirist (born 1792)
  • May 23 – Albert Richard Smith, English journalist and humorist (bronchitis, born 1816)
  • August 25
  • Christian Lobeck, German classicist (born 1781)
  • Johan Ludvig Heiberg, Danish poet and critic (born 1791)
  • September 21 – Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (born 1788)
  • December 2 – Ferdinand Christian Baur, German theologian (born 1792)
  • December 11 – Anne Knight, English children's writer and educationist (born 1792)
  • Awards

  • Newdigate Prize - John Addington Symonds
  • In literature

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (1922) opens in this year.
  • Bram Stoker's horror novel The Lair of the White Worm (1911) is set in this year.
  • References

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