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Waterloo Road (TV series)

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Various writers

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United Kingdom

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Created by
Ann McManusMaureen Chadwick

Production locations
Rochdale, Manchester (1–7), Greenock, Scotland (8–10)


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Waterloo Road was a British television drama series set in a comprehensive school of the same name, broadcast on BBC One and later also on BBC Three. The school was set in Rochdale, England from series one until the end of series seven, and from the beginning of series eight until the end of the show in series ten, the school was set in Greenock, Scotland. In 2014, it was confirmed that the 10th series of Waterloo Road would be the last. The first episode was broadcast on BBC One on 9 March 2006 and the final episode on BBC Three on 9 March 2015. Waterloo Road ran for 10 series, 200 episodes and exactly 9 years. Reruns air on CBS Drama in the UK.


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The first series contained eight episodes and ended on 27 April 2006. The show was subsequently commissioned for a second series consisting of twelve episodes. The second series began on 18 January 2007 and ended on 26 April 2007. A third series was commissioned, consisting of twenty episodes, premiering on 11 October 2007 and ending on 13 March 2008. The show's fourth series contained twenty episodes and aired from 7 January 2009 to 20 May 2009.

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Waterloo Road came under the threat of being axed following the show's fourth series due to the planned demolition of the show's location at the time; however, these plans did not go ahead until after the seventh series and the show was commissioned for two additional series each consisting of twenty episodes. The fifth series started on 28 October 2009 and aired its finale on 15 July 2010. The sixth series ran from 1 September 2010 to 6 April 2011. A seventh series was commissioned in April 2010 and was later expanded to thirty episodes, which began airing on 4 May 2011 and ended on 25 April 2012.

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Following the seventh series, the show was commissioned for a further fifty episodes to air over two series and relocated to its current setting of Greenock Academy in Scotland after the eventual demolition of the previous location in Rochdale. The Thornham Middle School was demolished in 2013. At its new location, Waterloo Road Comprehensive became an independent school as opposed to it being a comprehensive school in the past seven series. The eighth series ran for thirty episodes between 23 August 2012 and 4 July 2013. The school benefactor left Waterloo Road at the end of series eight and thus once more the school is a comprehensive. The ninth series ran for twenty episodes between 5 September 2013 and 12 March 2014.

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On 19 September 2013, a tenth series was commissioned. It was announced on 2 April 2014 that series 10 will be the final series of the show. The final scenes were filmed on 22 August 2014. On 11 December 2014, it was announced that, due to low ratings, the final 10 episodes would be aired on BBC Three in 2015, however a repeat is aired on BBC One later in the evening. The final episode of Waterloo Road, was the 200th episode, and aired on 9 March 2015 on BBC Three and BBC One. In the story the school remains open after a lengthy battle against a school merger.


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The show is an ensemble drama, with a large cast of up to forty main characters, including students, staff and parents. Due to their appearance on the opening credits, teachers receive top billing for the main cast. From term to term the cast changes; the overall longest running cast members were Phillip Martin Brown, who played Grantly Budgen, and Jason Done, who played Tom Clarkson who appeared from Series 1 until their exits in Series 9 and 8, featuring in 166 and 160 episodes respectively.

The original teaching cast consisted of Head Teacher Jack Rimmer (Jason Merrells), Deputy Head Andrew Treneman (Jamie Glover), and Art Teacher and Head of Pastoral Care Kim Campbell (Angela Griffin), Head of English Grantly Budgen (Phillip Martin Brown), English Teacher Lorna Dickey (Camilla Power), French Teacher Steph Haydock (Denise Welch), English Teacher Tom Clarkson (Jason Done) and Drama Teacher Izzie Redpath (Jill Halfpenny). The cast of students included Donte Charles (Adam Thomas), Chlo Grainger (Katie Griffiths), Janeece Bryant (Chelsee Healey), Yasmin Deardon (Rhea Bailey), Mika Grainger (Lauren Drummond) and Lewis Seddon (Craig Fitzpatrick).

The final, Series 10 cast consisted of Head Teacher Vaughan Fitzgerald (Neil Pearson), Deputy Head Lorna Hutchinson (Laura Aikman), Head of English Christine Mulgrew (Laurie Brett), Head of Modern Languages George Windsor (Angus Deayton), Home Economics Teacher and Housemistress Maggie Budgen (Melanie Hill); History Teacher Audrey McFall (Georgie Glen), GPD Teacher Guy Braxton (Regé-Jean Page), Science Teacher Marco D'Olivera (Stefano Braschi), Geography Teacher Olga Fitzgerald (Pooky Quesnel) and School Secretary Sonya Donnegan (Victoria Bush). An extensive set of pupils were prominent in the final series, including Rhiannon Salt (Rebecca Craven), Lenny Brown (Joe Slater), Lisa Brown (Caitlin Gillespie), Darren Hughes (Mark Beswick), Shaznay Montrose (Je'Taime Morgan Hanleyand), Justin Fitzgerald (Max Bowden), Leo Fitzgerald (Zebb Dempster), Kenzie Calhoun (Charlotte Beaumont), Scott Fairchild (Andrew Still), Carrie Norton (Tahirah Sharif), Bonnie Kincaid (Holly Jack), Dale Jackson (Finlay MacMillan) and Abdul Bukhari (Armin Karima).

Series 1 (2006)

The first episode of Waterloo Road was broadcast on 9 March 2006, having been filmed the previous autumn in 2005. Characters included head Teacher Jack Rimmer (played by Jason Merrells), deputy head Andrew Treneman (played by Jamie Glover) and pastoral care teacher Kim Campbell (played by Angela Griffin).

A common theme throughout Series One was the threat of the school's closure by the governors owing to falling pupil numbers, bad pupil behaviour, and the bad publicity it had been receiving prior to Jack's appointment as headmaster. Rimmer, formerly deputy head, became headmaster when the previous head Brian Vasey had a nervous breakdown after 30 years at the school.

Other storylines included the death of pupil Adam Deardon in a car crash. Donte Charles, who had been driving the car involved, blamed himself for Deardon's death and was remanded into custody for three months. Donte's girlfriend Chlo Grainger also blamed herself for the death of Adam and putting her best friend Holly Tattersall in a deep coma, from which she later regained consciousness. Donte later receives a suspended sentence and Chlo is not charged with any crime, although her behaviour had contributed to Donte crashing the car.

The series also focused upon the behaviour of troubled pupil Lewis Seddon, culminating in him sexually harassing Kim Campbell. After being expelled from Waterloo Road, Lewis later attacked Jack in his office after school and tried to set him on fire, only for French teacher Steph Haydock (Denise Welch) to foil him.

Another important theme of the series was the break-up of Tom and Lorna Clarkson's short-lived marriage, due to Tom's love for another member of staff, Lorna's best friend, Izzie Redpath, who was already having family problems with her former partner and two teenage daughters, Chlo and Mika Grainger. Finally, the LEA's decide to keep Waterloo Road open for the foreseeable future.

The final moments of the series see Lorna taking a step towards the edge of a canal.

Series 2 (2007)

Series 2 of Waterloo Road featured 12 episodes. The first episode of the second series featured a number of new main characters: pupil Brett Aspinall (played by Tom Payne), sponsor governor Roger Aspinall (played by Nick Sidi) and school secretary Davina Shackleton (played by Christine Tremarco).

Series 2 began airing on BBC One Scotland on 14 January 2007 and in the rest of the UK on 18 January 2007.

The audience learns that Lorna has survived what was portrayed as an attempted suicide at the end of series 1, when she jumped into a canal following the collapse of her marriage. As the series progresses, however, it becomes obvious that her troubles are far from over. Meanwhile, Tom and Izzie are expecting their first child together, whilst Lorna is diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis and her life becomes even more stressful.

She re-unites Izzie and Tom, before committing suicide rather than living with MS, leaving Tom and Izzie absolutely distraught and heartbroken.

Other notable storylines in series 2 included the arrival and departure of prospective sponsor governors Jerry Preston and Roger Aspinall, drug-dealing by Gemma Seddon and Jed Seddon, the alcoholism of trainee teacher Russell Millen, the perversion of canteen assistant Kevin Hurst, the bullying of Mika Grainger by fellow-pupil Leigh-Ann Galloway, the return of former pupil Maxine Barlow, and the arrival of a new sixth former named Brett Aspinall (son of governor Roger), who starts an affair with the new school secretary and breaks a lot of the teenage girls' hearts during the series. His true love, however, is Mika Grainger.

A portion of the soundtrack in series two was provided by Cornish band, Thirteen Senses.

In final moments of this series, Jack is attacked by local drug dealer Jed Seddon, and an ensuing fight leads to the fatal stabbing of Izzie.

Series 3 (2007–2008)

The third, 20-part series began in October 2007 with several new characters, including a new deputy head teacher played by Neil Morrissey and, by episode seven, a new head Teacher played by Eva Pope.

The series begins with head Teacher Jack Rimmer recording a radio interview after witnessing the stabbing of Izzie Redpath (played by Jill Halfpenny).

With Andrew Treneman gone, having accepted a teaching post in Rwanda, Eddie (played by Neil Morrissey) became the deputy head. Rimmer resigned as head teacher in episode 6 due to misuse of the school budget. He was succeeded by Rachel Mason (Eva Pope). With Kim Campbell travelling to Rwanda with Andrew, she was replaced by Steph Haydock as Head of Pastoral Care. Steph was later replaced by Tom Clarkson in the second half of the series.

One storyline in the first half of the series is the marriage of Chlo Grainger and Donte Charles, which is thrown into turmoil when Donte finds Chlo having an affair with her sister's boyfriend, Brett Aspinall, also enraging Mika Grainger, Brett's girlfriend and Chlo's sister. The remainder of the series follows each character moving on from this, as Donte starts dating fellow pupil Celine Dixon (played by Zeriozha Burt-Skeete).

Series 3 also sees the arrival of new staff and pupils. Two new members of staff are Jasmine Koreshi (played by Shabana Bakhsh), a young English teacher, and Matt Wilding (played by Chris Geere), the newly appointed head of Music and Drama who lives with his partner Colin. Pupils introduced in the third series include Aleesha Dillon (played by Lauren Thomas), Danielle Harker (played by Lucy Dixon), Karla Bentham (played by Jessica Baglow), who has Asperger syndrome, Paul Langley (played by Thomas Milner), and Bolton Smilie (played by Tachia Newall). The first half also saw the departure of ex-bully Lewis Seddon, who served as a canteen assistant in the first half of the season.

The second half of the third series began on 10 January 2008. The third series finale aired on 13 March 2008 in most of the UK. Scotland was running three days behind due to a football league event, and was two episodes behind. In the week beginning 10 March, two episodes aired. In the second half of series 3, Davina Shackleton was accused of having a sexual relationship with a pupil and was then forced to date the pupil's father, only for her to be saved by Tom Clarkson.

Other storylines in the second half of the series include Jasmine Koreshi being accused by new pupil Michaela White (played by Zaraah Abrahams) for assault, the perversion of supply teacher Wilson Bingham, the restored chemistry of Mika Graigner and Brett Aspinall, who together start to fight for environmental rights, the deportation of pupil Sameen Azizi, and a plagiarism scam which catches the exam board's attention.

The London-based band Athlete have had various tracks from the 2008-released album Beyond the Neighbourhood featured in Series 3.

The final episode attracted 6 million viewers.

In the final episode of Series 3, a fire spreads through the school. Davina Shackleton is rushed to hospital with smoke inhalation, while Rachel Mason and Stuart Hordley, whose careless disposal of a cigarette had started the blaze) were trapped under falling rubble inside the school.

Series 4 (2009)

The 20-part fourth series was commissioned in December 2007. The series began on BBC One on Wednesday 7 January 2009, with the show's first 90-minute opening episode.

Rachel Mason (played by Eva Pope) and Davina Shackleton (played by Christine Tremarco) return following the fire that nearly destroyed the school and left her badly injured. Examples of characters from the previous series who have left the school include: Mika Grainger, Brett Aspinall (both of whom left for University having graduated) and Celine Dixon. The fate of Stuart Hordley is left unanswered.

The fourth series introduces several new characters who become focal points of the subsequent episodes. For example, the Kelly family seems to be the epitome of the "Family from Hell" and consists of an alcoholic mother Rose Kelly and her five children: eldest son Marley, borderline psychopath Earl, daughter Sambuca, 11-year-old Denzil, and baby Prince. New Head of PE Rob Cleaver begins a relationship with English teacher Jasmine Koreshi and becomes the boxing mentor of pupil Bolton Smilie. He is later sacked by Rachel and Eddie Lawson when it transpires he is giving Bolton pills in order to help him win an important match, ultimately ending his and Jasmine's relationship. Rachel Mason's sister Melissa Ryan and nephew Philip are also introduced.

Maxine Barlow is tragically killed when her relationship with psychopathic Earl Kelly comes to an explosive end, and she is fatally shot. Realising she had made a huge mistake in ever trusting him, she dies in the arms of those who loved her most, Steph and Janeece. Moments after Maxines' death, Earl is arrested.

Former teacher Kim Campbell (played by Angela Griffin) returns from Rwanda in episode 11 and brings with her a baby girl, Grace, who she claims is her daughter. However, after immigration officers investigate, it transpires that Kim has in fact smuggled Grace into the UK illegally. Former Deputy Head Andrew Treneman (played by Jamie Glover) makes a brief return in episodes 19 and 20 during a Rwandan fundraising day being held at the school, and is reunited with Kim.

Chlo Grainger gives birth to a baby girl, Izzy, near the end of the series, having got back with Donte following their split in the previous series. In the final episode Ralph Mellor went mad and knocked the front of the school down with a digger.

The series also marked the exit of long-term characters Davina Shackleton (who eventually qualifies as a teacher but later leaves Rochdale following Tom's new-found relationship with Rose), Donte Charles, Chlo Grainger and Janeece Bryant. Marley Kelly, Eddie Lawson (Neil Morrissey), Matt Wilding (Chris Geere), Flick Mellor (Sadie Pickering), Jasmine Koreshi (Shabana Bakhsh) and Andrew Treneman (Jamie Glover) also made their final appearances in episode 20. The final episode aired on 20 May 2009 and attracted 4.5 million viewers.

Series 5 (2009–2010)

In March 2009 Shed Media confirmed that a 20-part fifth series had been commissioned by the BBC. The new commission will bring the total number of episodes to 80. Filming began on 11 May 2009 and the series began airing on Wednesday 28 October (Sunday 25 October on BBC One Scotland). For the first time, the series was also filmed in HD.

Series 5 follows the merger of Waterloo Road with the local private school – John Fosters. The current Head Teacher, Rachel Mason, and newly appointed executive Head Teacher, Max Tyler (played by Tom Chambers), almost immediately face a clash of personalities, especially when Max takes the liberty of using Rachel's office. The lack of unity between the two schools extends to all levels of the school environment, the rivalry in the playground as well as the staff room is documented throughout the series. Six new teachers from John Fosters transferred to Waterloo Road to support the merger, much to the disapproval of the former John Fosters and new Waterloo Road Food Technology teacher Ruby Fry (Elizabeth Berrington), and to the immediate shock of the unskilled newly qualified teacher, Helen Hopewell (Vinette Robinson), whom the pupils, and some staff, soon label 'Hopeless Hopewell.', in mockery of her lack of control and insufficient experience as a teacher. Other John Fosters staff transfers include New Deputy Head and Science teacher Christopher Mead (William Ash) and Head of Modern Languages Jo Lipsett (Sarah-Jane Potts). The afforementioned mix of new pupils also soon make their mark with their obvious disapproval of Waterloo Road and its existing pupils and staff, causing fights amongst both. The events brought forth by the forced merger lead to many conflicts within the two newly combined schools.

Episode 8 marks the departure of hopeless English teacher Helen Hopewell, who takes it upon herself to leave after realising that her bribery of the students to ensure their good behaviour during her teaching inspection will result in her sacking. Before she took her undignified leave from Waterloo Road, Helen left Rachel a computer disc, proving that Max had taken her on not just "for being a good student", but also because they had had a sexual relationship. Max Tyler's increasingly desperate attempts to control the school eventually result in the end of his teaching career. After he assaults Rachel's nephew, Philip Ryan, against a filing cabinet (in episode 9), resulting in an extremely large bruise on the back Mason's Nephew, Philip struggles to keep quiet. Shocked by Philip's bruise, Ruby Fry mentions it to Kim Campbell (who incidentally is having an affair with Max). Eventually, Philip admits how he received his injury. Max is fired and led away from the school by the police, much to the delight of the staff and pupils. Rachel and Chris also kiss in Episode 10, though this never led to anything further between them.

When Waterloo Road came back on air 3 months later, in Episode 11 Kim Campbell announces that she is pregnant with Max's baby. New students are introduced, in one-off appearances, in Episode 11 (Bianka), 12 (Craig) and 13 (Aidan). Adam Fleet arrives, an old friend of Rachel and he later proposes to her, whilst Steph starts dating Chris' father, Oliver. The main storyline throughout the second half of Series 5 is Finn Sharkey, an unruly pupil who causes havoc. He graffitis the staffroom, does drugs and forces Amy to deface a valuable painting in Episode 18. In Episode 16, after Finn has done drugs with Amy and Josh, Josh spikes Tom's dinner and when he later drives Kim to the hospital, he hallucinates and crashes, although they both survive, including Kim's baby. In Episode 17, Jo Lipsett is suspended for acting inappropriately when student Ros McCain reveals she loves her, whilst Ruby Fry is on medication for the majority for the series. In episode 15 Bolton Smilie and Sam Kelly kiss but Bolton ignores Sam afterwards.

Long serving characters Steph Haydock (Denise Welch), Kim Campbell (Angela Griffin), Rachel Mason (Eva Pope), Paul Langley (Thomas Milner), Karla Bentham (Jessica Baglow), Danielle Harker (Lucy Dixon), Aleesha Dillon (Lauren Thomas), Bolton Smilie (Tachia Newall) and Michaela White (Zaraah Abrahams), as well as Philip Ryan (Dean Smith), Siobhan Mailey (Phoebe Dynevor) and Jo Lipsett (Sarah-Jane Potts) left at the end of Series 5.

The last episode aired on 15 July 2010 with an audience of 4.5m viewers.

Series 6 (2010–2011)

Production and filming for the 20-part sixth series started on 9 November 2009 and finished in May 2010. The series started airing on BBC One from 1 September, with the second episode following the next day with a strong audience of 5.1m. Former Silent Witness actress Amanda Burton joined the cast as new headteacher, Karen Fisher, BSc(Hons) MSc Linzey Cocker played alongside Burton as on-screen daughter, Jess Fisher and Ceallach Spellman played her on-screen son, Harry Fisher, Coronation Street actor Lucien Laviscount was cast as rebellious teenager Jonah Kirby and Chelsee Healey (Janeece Bryant) also reprised her role, not as a pupil, but as the new school secretary. On 21 December 2009, it was announced that former Coronation Street actress Tina O'Brien had been cast as Bex Fisher, and that Britain's Got Talent winner George Sampson would be joining the cast as a new Year 11 student, Kyle Stack – his scenes aired from episode 11. Also from episode 11, Scott Haining played Nate Gurney, a love interest for the newly homosexual Josh Stevenson, Spandau Ballet member and former EastEnders actor Martin Kemp guest starred as Mr. Burley, new character Ronan Burley Ben-Ryan Davies's father, and Karen David portrayed new Head of Spanish, Francesca Montoya. Wil Johnson portrayed new Geography teacher, Marcus Kirby, Jonah's father, and the family was further expanded by the addition of Anna Jobarteh, who played his daughter and new pupil, Ruth. Elaine Symons also reprised her role as Rose Kelly in episode six.

Janeece returned to the school pregnant, much to the dismay of Karen. At first, she appeared pleased with the fact that she was pregnant. In episode 3, she revealed to Tom that she did not want her baby. In episode 4, the storyline reveals that John and Ruby have been trying desperately for a baby, but have difficulty doing so because of Ruby's age. Learning of their problems, Janeece approached them with the proposition of adopting her child when she was born. However, when she sees John and Ruby with the baby, she realises that she does love her child, whom Ruby has named Poppy, and she is faced with the dilemma of retrieving her. She eventually succeeds, and names her Cheryl.

Other notable storylines include Tom's son, Josh Stevenson, revealing his homosexuality. Josh attempted to kiss his best friend Finn Sharkey who was disgusted with and angry at Josh's behaviour. Josh embarks on a relationship with Lauren Andrews, but realises he is unhappy and unwittingly embarrasses her in front of the whole school. Grantly was having trouble with his wife Fleur who was showing signs of developing Alzheimer's disease, and Steph Haydock returned in episode 9 for a guest appearance, assisting him with his troubles. A small sub-plot in the series was Jess Fisher's relationship with previously clueless science teacher and deputy head Chris Mead, who was appalled when he found out that he had been in a relationship with his boss's daughter. Jess later embarked on a relationship with Jonah Kirby, who was also disgusted when he learned of Jess's antics and was distraught when he caught her flirting with him. Episode 10 featured Grantly placing Fleur in a nursing home after realising that he cannot continue to provide for his wife's high level of need. The episode also revealed that due to Grantly's issues with Fleur, he had been teaching his A-level English class the wrong syllabus, leading to angry parents phoning up the school and Karen having to bear the brunt of all the anger. Jess also found her missing sister Bex, who appeared in their home to collect some belongings. Just as Jess persuaded Bex to stay, Bex walked into her room to find it empty as if she has died. Bex therefore left but following a change of heart, she returned to Karen's office. The episode and this first part of the series is then left on a cliff hanger.

The series took a mid-term break from 27 October 2010 and resumed with episodes 11–20 beginning on 2 February 2011

Waterloo Road returned with Karen introducing a separate sex classes policy, which was very unpopular with the new Head of Pastoral Care, Adanna Lawal (Sharlene Whyte). Episode 12 saw Janeece become involved with a pupil Billie Taylor, who claimed her mother was trying to steal her baby, which introduces the second mental health storyline in series 6. The main story during the spring term was the relationship which developed between Cesca and Jonah. This was revealed in episode 19 and Cesca was arrested. In episode 20 she was released on bail, so she and Jonah drove to Gretna Green to get married; she was arrested after the ceremony. Adanna meanwhile tried to unite the sexes with the school production "Cinderfeller" which didn't go according to plan. Kyle and Denzil escape having destroyed the production, and in attempt to impress Kyle, Denzil climbs a railway bridge only to become stuck, hanging off of the bridge in serious danger. Finn became critically injured having falling off the bridge, however he managed to save Denzil in the process.

Series 6 saw the last appearances of Francesca Montoya (Karen David), Ruby Fry (Elizabeth Berrington), Jonah Kirby (Lucien Laviscount), Ruth Kirby (Anna Jobarteh), Marcus Kirby (Wil Johnson), Adanna Lawal (Sharlene Whyte) and Nate Gurney (Scott Haining). It ended on 6 April 2011.

Series 7 (2011–2012)

A seventh series of 30 episodes was announced on 7 April 2010, airing from May 2011 to July 2012.

The seventh series added several new cast members, including new Head Teacher Michael Byrne (Alec Newman), school site manager Rob Scotcher (played by Robson Green), maths teacher Daniel Chalk (Mark Benton), new Head of English Linda Radleigh (Sarah Hadland), school benefactor Lorraine Donnagan (Daniela Denby-Ashe) and pupil Scout (Katie McGlynn).

The seventh series surrounded the school being under inspection, following a student being allowed entry to the school after their release from a Youth Detention Centre. The Director of Education recommends Head Teacher Karen Fisher's dismissal. Karen Fisher does ultimately depart, with the role given to Michael Byrne later in the series. Byrne is revealed to suffer physical and mental issues of his own stemming from him being attacked by one of his pupils at a previous school. He begins an affair with teacher Sian upon his arrival. With his demons haunting him throughout series seven, some of these demons being fellow staff members, the threat of closure does not go away. When the LEA decide to close the school, Michael is contacted by one of his old students - now a successful businesswoman - Lorraine Donnagan. Lorraine proposes the school relocate to Scotland, with her as the school's benefactor, running it from the ground up. Byrne accepts after much deliberation, as do some of the staff members and pupils, but the series ends on a cliffhanger as a truck heralds toward the group, and a proposing Grantly, on their way to Scotland.

Other story lines included fan-favourite Sambuca Kelly dying of cancer, the arrival of a threatening new local gang named the Dale Sken Crew, troublemaker Tariq faced with having to use a wheelchair, English teacher Tom Clarkson discovering his son Josh has been diagnosed schizophrenia, school receptionist Janeece being conned of her life savings and being left at the altar by her lover and the one time pupil Martin being MtF.

Guest stars in the seventh series included: Gemma Atkinson, Dominique Jackson, Alicya Eyo, Margi Clarke, Jodie Prenger, Lisa Riley, Tupele Dorgu, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Kai Owen and Jane Asher.

Series 8 (2012–2013)

Series 8 shows the start of Greenock's Waterloo Road. Laurie Brett and Georgie Glen join the main cast as English teacher Christine Mulgrew and History teacher Audrey McFall respectively. The Rochdale staff and students mourn the death of Denzil Kelly in the tragic crash, while Tariq is wheelchair bound. A memorial is staged to remember Denzil in the first episode. Grantly and Maggie run the schoolhouse together and later marry, becoming 'Mr and Mrs Budgen'. A bullying campaign between ex-Rochdale student Rhiannon Salt (previously unseen, played by Rebecca Craven) and Scout spirals to dangerous levels, but the two girls eventually make their peace and become friends. Christine struggles with an alcohol problem which also disadvantages her troubled son Connor (Shane O'Meara); he becomes an arsonist, burning several items in the school and eventually causing an explosion in an Art classroom which leaves his girlfriend Imogen Stewart, played by Kirstie Steele, badly injured. Christine covers for him, and gets help for her alcoholism, slowly overcoming it over the following terms with Audrey's help.

In the second term of the series, Jaye Jacobs left her role as deputy headteacher Sian Diamond; returning English teacher Nikki Boston, who previously appeared in Series 7, replaced her in the third term. The Barry family, consisting of troubled criminal Barry (Carl Au), the feminine yet fierce Dynasty (Abby Mavers), and tom-boy (later revealed to be transgender) Kacey, played by Brogan Ellis, joined the cast in the second half of Series 8. Barry caused trouble with a bullying storyline and getting involved with Dynasty's violent ex. Chalky's son Kevin formed a romantic relationship with Dynasty, while Mark Benton departed as Chalky after 50 episodes after Chalky was hired as a game developer.

The relationship between Michael and Lorriane becomes fraught and Lorraine's business fails, leaving the school with no investment. Michael convinces Head of Glasgow Education Robert Bain (Shaun Prendergast) to take on Waterloo Road as a local authority school. Lorraine is infuriated by this, but ultimately forgives Michael before her exit in Episode 28. Michael also exited in the episode, realising that his relationship with Christine was not what he wanted. He left Christine as acting headmistress, a controversial decision. Angus Deayton joined the cast as Christine's old friend, Modern Languages teacher George Windsor, while Bain hired Simon Lowsley (Richard Mylan) as a new deputy head.

The series is important for long-standing characters Grantly and Tom. Grantly is diagnosed with chronic kidney failure, but slips into a coma as a donor is unavailable; Maggie pressures Tom into donating one of his kidneys in the hope of saving Grantly. Although Grantly wakes up, before Tom can donate he is killed when he falls from the roof of the school trying to help troubled ex-student Kyle Stack. This marks the end of the series.

Series 9 (2013–2014)

In the first term, Christine Mulgrew attempts to establish herself as acting headmistress but comes into conflict with her new deputy, Simon Lowsley, especially when she discovers he is the future son-in-law of the Head of Glasgow Education, Robert Bain. As revenge, she appoints her old friend, Modern Languages teacher George Windsor, as deputy head alongside Simon; George is unsympathetic with students and staff and generally incompetent, starting up a Mandarin scheme despite not knowing the language. His wife, Princess, a Chinese teaching assistant briefly, leaves him, ruining the scheme. Christine continues to struggle with her alcoholism through the series.

Vanessa Hehir joins the cast as Simon's fiance, newly qualified Science teacher Sue Spark. Sue cannot handle behaviour and relies on her husband and father, Bain, to advance her career. Their relationship is troubled but they eventually marry, escaping the pressures of Sue's family and their friends by eloping. Simon also lets go of his pedantic behaviour and puts forward Christine as the better permanent fixture as head.

Other stories include Audrey's dealings with troubled new students Lenny and Lisa Brown (Joe Slater and Caitlin Gillespie), Kacey Barry's journey to become a professional boxer with the help of spurned ex-deputy head Nikki, and Grantly's brief return to the school before his sudden death hours before he was due a kidney transplant; this marked the departure of the show's longest running character.

The second term of the series is started with the arrival of troublemaking student Gabriella Wark (Naomi Battrick), a privileged girl who has been expelled from her previous school. She sets her sights on new P.E. teacher Hector Reid, played by Leon Ockenden, who in turn attempts to seduce Nikki, despite her current lesbian relationship with Sue's sister Vix (Kristin Atherton). Jealous, Gabriella sabotages Nikki and Vix's relationship, but they reconcile and depart together at the end of the series.

Christine starts the term confidently as full headmistress and now has Simon's support. However, when son Connor leaves for a job as a chef in London, she feels increasingly isolated, especially when George starts a relationship with Kacey Barry's mother Carol (Zöe Lucker). Kevin Chalk suffers a stroke, leading to a one-episode return for his adopted father and ex-teacher Chalky, played by Mark Benton. Kevin struggled to come to terms with his condition, despite the support of Dynasty Barry, who in turn followed her aspiration to become a police officer, despite being discriminated against due to her family ties with criminal brother Barry. He returned for several episodes, in which he set up an illegal smuggling ring. To prove herself, Dynasty exposed his actions and he was arrested.

With all this taking its toll, Christine begins drinking again. Drunkenly driving, she crashes her car and abandons it, leading to her arrest and Connor's brief return. She is suspended, but the board, to the surprise of Robert Bain, chooses to let her stay at Waterloo Road, on the condition she does not hold a position in senior management. Simon steps into the role of Headteacher, but is surprised to learn this position was only temporary.

Other storylines include Gabriella sabotaging Kacey's boxing career by causing her to fall and injure herself on a climbing wall; George losing the position of deputy head when he runs the school for the day with disastrous consequences; and Hector kissing Sue following Nikki and Vix's departure, hinting that there could be a romantic future for the pair despite Sue's marriage to a preoccupied Simon.

Series 10 (2014–2015)

The tenth and final series began in October 2014, with Neil Pearson's Vaughan Fitzgerald taking over as the new headmaster of Waterloo Road. An extensive set of new characters joined him, including his new partner, Art teacher Allie Westbrook (Nicola Stephenson), his two children and her two children. Pooky Quesnel joined the cast recurringly in the first half of the season as Vaughan's ex-wife.

The second half of the series was moved to BBC Three, with Laura Aikman joining the cast as new deputy headteacher Lorna Hutchinson, as well as Broadchurch star Charlotte Beaumont appearing as new student Kenzie Calhoun. Quesnel became part of the main cast in the second half of the series. This half of the series focused on the fight to stop a merger between Waterloo Road and rival school Havelock High. In the final episode, impassioned students opened up about what Waterloo Road meant to them, and Angus Deayton's George Windsor blackmailed his councillor girlfriend into stopping the merger. The final shot saw Waterloo Road celebrated with voice clips from the years narrating sights of empty schoolrooms and corridors; amongst these, the voices of characters past and present including Chlo Grainger, Kim Campbell, Jack Rimmer, Finn Sharkey, Max Tyler, Grantly Budgen and Carol Barry. The final episode aired on 9 March 2015, nine years after the first episode aired on 9 March 2006.

Reunited (2011)

On 19 November 2010, the BBC announced it had commissioned an online spin-off to the main show, Waterloo Road Reunited. The 6-part series followed the lives of former pupils and featured a mixture of online episodes and social media outputs.

The online series joins Michaela, Bolton, Danielle, Janeece, Philip, Aleesha and Paul after completing their secondary education, making decisions and taking actions that could cause success or trouble. The series picks up on storylines during the castmember's time as students in Waterloo Road, as the viewer sees them again during a school reunion. The web series picks up on the storylines introduced on the main program, and adds new stories and situations for the character depicted. It is also the final appearance of the cast members, with the exception of Janeece Bryant who became Waterloo Road's secretary from series six until series eight, and Bolton Smilie who made a guest reappearance in series eight.

DVD releases

  • ^Note 1 : The number of discs corresponds to the number of discs in the complete box set. Each individual term (Autumn Term) that makes up a complete box set, has 3 discs. 10 episodes are usually included in each term, to make up a 30 episode complete box set.
  • ^Note 2 : Series one and two were released by 2entertain, whilst series three to eight were released by Acorn DVD. They currently have no plans to release series nine and ten.
  • ^Note 3 : Series nine to ten have never been made nor released.
  • Online

  • Series 1–3 are available on Netflix; only in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
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