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Valiente (2012 TV series)

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Based on
Valiente (1992)

Directed by
Final episode date
29 June 2012

Developed by
Gina Marissa Tagasa

First episode date
13 February 2012


Valiente (2012 TV series) Kwento Ni Toto VALIENTE Makes a Comeback On TV Series

Created by
Archangel ProductionsTAPE Inc.

Written by
Phil M. NobleMa. Zita GargarenaLiza MagtotoAbner TulaganJoel Saracho

JC de VeraOyo Boy SottoNiña JoseNadine SamonteJaclyn JoseMichael de MesaJohn Regala(See Full Cast)

English, Tagalog, Filipino

Nandito Ako, Isang Dakot Na Luha, Glamorosa, Felina: Prinsesa ng mga P, Third Eye

Valiente omn 120604 1wk

Valiente is a Philippine drama television series, broadcast on TV5. It is the remake of the 5-year original epic drama of the same name that tells the story of love, hatred, vengeance and friendship.


Valiente (2012 TV series) Valiente Makes A Grand Comeback Premieres February 13 On TV5

It returns with a cast led by JC de Vera, Oyo Boy Sotto, Niña Jose, Nadine Samonte, Jaclyn Jose and Michael de Mesa, written by Phil M. Noble from the original story of Gina Marissa Tagasa and directed by Joel Lamangan. Produced by Archangel Productions and TAPE Inc., the show ran from February 13 to June 29, 2012.

Valiente (2012 TV series) Valiente TV Series TV5 Romance Mystery Thriller Series Television

Valiente recounts the epic tale of two families whose lives are intertwined by their desire to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs. Gardo and Theo from the two conflicting families of Valiente and Braganza; are two men who used to be best of friends but came to be mortal enemies brought by the ambitious Donya Trining and how will she use her wealth and power in manipulating the life of Gardo Valiente, the real Braganza.

Valiente (2012 TV series) Valiente DRAMA PGNL Pilipinas Global Network Limited

Valiente may 25


Valiente (2012 TV series) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumbd

Valiente is the original 5-year classic and epic drama written by Gina Marissa Tagasa. From the original concept of Antonio Tuviera, the series were top-billed by Tirso Cruz III, Michael de Mesa, Glenda Garcia and Mariz Ricketts. It was originally produced by TAPE Inc. and aired on two stations: ABS-CBN (1992 - 1995) and GMA Network (1995 - 1997).


Valiente (2012 TV series) Valiente 2012 TV series Wikipedia

The soap's story centered on best friends: Don Armando Braganza and Damian Valiente, most especially their sons, Theo Braganza and Gardo Valiente, whose lives are opposite from each other. Theo was born rich, a playboy and was groomed as heir to Hacienda Braganza. Gardo on the other hand, was born poor, God-fearing and was poised to take over his father Damian as one of Hacienda Braganza's workers. Despite their differences, Gardo and Theo treated each other like brothers until the death of Don Armando which caused conflict in the hacienda when Donya Trinidad took over the ownership, as well as the accidental killing of Theo to Luming Valiente. The conflict worse as an uprising occurred in the hacienda which caused the imprisonment of Damian. After which, Gardo falls for Theo's youngest sister, Maila. Their relationship was doomed from the start as Theo never liked Maila for Gardo as he preferred her other sister Leona to fall for his friend.

Valiente (2012 TV series) Valiente 2012 TV5

Leona confessed to Gardo the crime her brother made. Theo had accidentally shot Luming Valiente while playing his father's gun a long time ago. Donya Trining concealed this incident by blaming it on rebels. Gardo after finding out of this incident later on planned to retaliate to Theo. He used the rebel's power to threaten the Braganzas. To fix this problem, Donya Trining agreed to imprison Theo but in exchange Gardo will marry Leona. On the day of their marriage, Gardo took his place to reveal Theo's crime in front of prominent persons and mediamen. Because of this incident, Leona lose her consciousness that made her to be placed in a mental hospital, where they discovered that Leona's pregnancy was brought by an anonymous man who raped her.

Theo became very sad on what happened to his family. His sadness let him to comfort his self on a bar where he met Vivian. Vivian knowing on newspaper that her customer is a prominent person placed herself off from Theo even though it did gives love to her. She also advised Theo to come home and face his problems. Theo, knowing Leona's situation, became very mad to Gardo. This let him attempt to kill Gardo one night after burning its face on a fire. Don Luis saw Gardo left bloodied on his way to Rancho Regalado. On the other hand, The Braganzas are in need to supplement their company's near bankruptcy. Donya Trining seeing Vincent Lee, a Chinese businessman that invests a lot in Bahay Pangarap look for him and asked for help. She let her son Theo to be married to Vincent Lee's daughter Elaine to support their company's financial problem. Maila left sorrowful on Gardo's false death. Joel Gatchalian, Theo's friend took this incident to have Maila's love. The situation made Maila to answer yes to Joel's marriage proposal.

Gardo, was left scarred by the tragedy and the betrayal his best friend done to him. Don Luis, pursued him to take his revenge to the Braganzas. Gardo changed his name as Nicolas Vallejo and studied a lot all about business. He even became one of the top amateurs in the corporate world. On the other hand, the ambitious Donya Trining decided to run for mayor of San Rafael. Vincent hearing this supported Donya Trining for him to have the political power on his side for his businesses. He gave up a lot of money for Donya Trining's election campaign. Miguel Magno, Donya Trining's opponent for being mayor took Damian as his adviser and his campaign manager. As his financial support, Miguel took Don Luis. At the end, Donya Trining became the new elected Mayor of San Rafael replacing Mayor Manding. Donya Trining commanded Peping to kill Damian but accidentally the gunshot went to Don Luis. Later they accused Damian for doing this. Damian went to his niece, Vivian to hide from Trining's power. Vincent on the other hand, requests Mayor Trining for her debts to pay it to him immediately. The greedy Mayor Trining in exchange gave him his death. She commanded Peping to kill Vincent. Mayor Trining commanded the whole San Rafael to find Damian with a 2 million pesos in exchange. However, the evidences points Mayor Trining as the primary suspect and this turned out as Nicolas good luck. Mayor Trining asked for Nicolas help to hide her from her crimes. Nicolas helped her with one condition, that is to give him the Villa Braganza's lot title. Mayor Trining with no doubt did what Nicolas said.

Main Cast

  • JC de Vera as Gardo Soledad Valiente / Nicolas Vallejo / Gardo Soledad Braganza
  • Oyo Boy Sotto as Theo Braganza / Theo Ramirez
  • Niña Jose as Leona Braganza
  • Nadine Samonte as Maila Braganza / Maila Regalado Ilagan-Valiente
  • Jaclyn Jose as Doña Trinidad De los Reyes-Braganza / Doña Trining
  • Michael de Mesa as Damian Valiente
  • John Regala as Peping Ramirez
  • Special Guest

  • Tirso Cruz III as Don Luis Regalado
  • Production

    For a span of more than 3 years, TV5 continues in providing viewers quality dramas with highly acclaimed writers and directors, and foremost actors of the Philippine Show business / Cinema that booms the Philippine television. TV5 presents its new and the year's most anticipated TV Series, Valiente; the remake of the classic teledrama of the 90's with a powerhouse cast of exceptional actors and actresses of 3 generations. The main cast of the series was revealed in its story conference held last November 7, 2011. The series is directed by the multi-awarded and highly acclaimed director, Joel Lamangan fresh from GMA Network's Pahiram ng Isang Ina. The show was written by Phil M. Noble the one who write TV5 Drama's Nandito Ako and Isang Dakot Na Luha. The show was developed by the highly acclaimed writer, Gina Marissa Tagasa way back 1992 from its original telecast. The series brings back its original protagonist, Michael de Mesa to play Damian Valiente, exactly two decades from the date it originally aired on ABS-CBN. This was the third TV project for a TV5 Drama by: JC De Vera after My Driver Sweet Lover and Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum, Nadine Samonte after Rod Santiago's The Sisters and Sa Ngalan ng Ina, and Oyo Boy's Midnight DJ and Carlo J. Caparas' Bangis. Together they form the 4 main young cast with Niña Jose. Oyo Sotto and Nadine Samonte once worked as love team on GMA Network's telefantasya, Leya and now working as siblings in the series. This was the first major project for Niña Jose on TV5 after transferring from ABS-CBN.

    Veteran actor's and actresses also form the powerhouse cast of the series. Jaclyn Jose was added to the cast after the unfortunate rejection of Ms. Amalia Fuentes to the role, Donya Trining Braganza. Jaclyn's ex-partner Mark Gil and its brother's ex-wife Gina Alajar was also added to portray the roles Don Armando Braganza and Luming Valiente. The role Luming Valiente was supposedly given to Cherry Pie Picache but it did reject. Another veteran actor, John Regala was also added. This was the first appearance of the said veteran actors together with Michael de Mesa on a major TV5 Drama. Jaclyn Jose also worked on Star Confessions' pilot episode as mother of April Gustillo. Gina Alajar also worked on Untold Stories Mula sa Face to Face in one of its weekly episodes presenting real and untold lives of Face to Face guests. Before this series, Regala also had a special participation on Glamorosa, played as a Gang leader.

    Roxanne Guinoo, Toby Alejar, Ramon Christopher Gutierrez and James Blanco were also added in extension of the series. Roxanne portrays the role Elaine Lee, originally played by Jean Garcia. Toby Alejar played as Roxanne's father, Gutierrez played as Trining's political opponent and James Blanco played as Maila's boyfriend. This was the third TV5 Drama project for James Blanco after Mga Nagbabagang Bulaklak and with Nadine Samonte in Rod Santiago's The Sisters. Another set of veteran actor and actresses were added to the series. Tirso Cruz III who played the original Theo Braganza now portrays the helping hand of Gardo Valiente, Don Luis Regalado. The original villainess Donya Trining Braganza, Odette Khan now returns as Minerva Magbanua, the mother of Jaclyn Jose being the new Donya Trining. Lorna Tolentino was added to portray the revenging former rebel Mila Regalado-Arden, Don Luis' sister and Maila's biological mother.


    The production is shot in Leviste Mansion, Hacienda Leviste and other town in Lipa City, Batangas.

    Critical Reception

    Critics praised Jaclyn Jose's performance as the main antagonist, Doña Trining Braganza which was originally played by Odette Khan in the original version because of her colorful outfits and impressive handling of lines. In this revival, Jaclyn's character became the influential mayor who depicts the lives of her three children's relationships including Theo and Elaine's and even the lives of the townspeople. Memorable performances included the comeback of original characters Theo, Tirso Cruz III and Gardo, Michael de Mesa now played different roles. Tirso stars in a short appearance as Don Luis Regalado, a businessman and opponent of the late Armando Braganza while De Mesa's performance as Damian Valiente, main rival of Trining whose late wife Luming had a son out of wedlock named Gardo played by De Vera, the real Braganza. The TV series also tackled political views in modern society such as corruption, violence, and power.

    The series was also received by critics as a masterpiece of a beautiful epic revival and one of the best epic remakes for television for the TV Network.((CN))

    Theme Song

    The official theme song of Valiente is an exceptional rendition of its original themesong entitled "Valiente" as performed by its original singer and music composer, Vic Sotto. Lyrics were made by Gina Marissa Tagasa and rearranged by Chris Martinez.

    Production Staff

  • Director: Joel Lamangan
  • 2nd Unit Director: Rommel Penesa
  • TV5 Head of Creatives and Entertainment: Perci M. Intalan
  • Producer: Jojo Oconer
  • Incharge of Production: Ramel David
  • Production Unit Manager: Jeann Cabalda Bañaga
  • Supervising Producer: Bhelle F. Francisco
  • Original Story: Gina Marissa Tagasa
  • Creative Manager: Elmer Gatchalian
  • Head Writer: Phil M. Noble
  • Executive Producer: Anabelle T. Macauba
  • Associate Producers: Vangie F. Castillo, Adrian V. Santos
  • Writers: Ma. Zita Gargarena, Liza Magtoto, Abner Tulagan, Joel Saracho
  • Brainstormers: Emerson Jake Somera, Elle Ortiz Luis, Don Santella, Michelle Ngu
  • Lighting Director: Monino Duque
  • Production Designer: Edgar Martin Littaua
  • Sound Supervision: Michael Idioma
  • Master Editor: Roy Diomampo
  • Musical Scorer: Richard Gonzales
  • Other Staff

  • Technical Director: Renato Ching
  • Assistant Director: Allan Noble, Paulo Molina
  • Art Director: Renato Sanga, Diorgie Tubino
  • Location Manager: Raul Caro
  • Fight Instructor: John Lapid
  • Supervising Editor: Don Santella
  • Archangel Associate Editor: Mary Angeli Garcia
  • Archangel Post Production Coordinator: Mario Rapinan
  • Archangel Marketing and Promotions: Hanzel Vie Calma, Hazel Anne Liban
  • Archangel Project Accountant: Mariz Lunaria
  • Archangel Project Bookkeeper: Mavie Pamittan
  • Cameramen: Jomar Uligan, Madison Fernandez, Jerry Burns, Rey
  • Talent Coordinator: Virginia Genido
  • Production Assistant: Edison Suarez, Mary Rose Manansala, Zayra Carreon
  • Post Production Assistant: Reggie Panaguiton
  • Recording Mixers of WildSound Studios: Addiss Tabono, Bebet Casas, Alex Tamboo, Roy Santos
  • Stylist: Shahani Andel Gania
  • Head Wardrobe: Simeon Guanizo
  • Wardrobe: Ian Christopher Pangilinan, Jerry Nelson Dumayag, Jomar Pascua, Michael Aguyong
  • Hair and Make-up Artists: Jessica Atendido, Ronel Buenavente, Christine Bunti, Eileen Ramos
  • Gaffers: Wilson Rondina, Ramoncito Mariano, Sylvestre Bongay
  • Assistant Location Manager: Virgilio Martinada
  • Art Department: Ramil Pineda Robbie Vicente, McRichard Motel, Ferdinand Felicidario, Ezekiel Racho
  • Art Department: Francisco Deogracia Jr., Mark Joseph Madriaga, John Martin De Guzman, Angel Benipayo
  • Radio Caretaker: Elmo Gordas
  • Utility: Romy Bello, Salve Defeo, Mark Joseph Caro
  • Tent Caretakers: Junjun Rivera, Joey Dordas
  • Crowd Control: Art Sajar, JR Decano
  • Field Cashier: Ginger Laguata
  • Legman: John Phillip Llamosa
  • Trivia

  • Michael de Mesa played Gardo Valiente in the original 1992 series. He plays his role as Damian Valiente (Gardo's father) in 2012 remake.
  • Tirso Cruz III (fresh from the success of hit teleserye "Budoy" from ABS-CBN) is guesting as Don Luis who will help Gardo to take revenge against the Braganza's. Tirso originally portrayed Theo Braganza in the original series.
  • Oyo Boy Sotto's father, Vic Sotto, sang the theme song during its first incarnation and for the remake.
  • Oyo Boy Sotto and Nadine Samonte were worked together for a third-time from the previous GMA-7's Daytime Dramas "Ikaw Sa Puso Ko" and "Leya" as a loveteam. In this series, they will be working together as siblings.
  • This marks the reunion of Mark Gil and his former wife Jaclyn Jose as well as his brother Michael de Mesa and his ex-wife Gina Alajar.
  • The role of the young Trining is played by Oyo Boy Sotto's sister-in-law, Kathleen Hermosa, while the role of young Luming is played by Oyo Boy's cousin, Ciara Sotto.
  • This 2012 remake is now part of Primetime-Drama Series (on TV5) instead a Daytime-Drama Series (on ABS-CBN 2 & GMA-7) in the original 90's version.
  • This is Czarina Suzara's second TV appearance on TV5. The first one being Lipgloss in 2008. This is also her first role as an antagonist and her first primetime drama. Aside from these, Suzara also appeared in GMA7's Maynila alongside Albie Casino (ABS-CBN) and another Kapatid artist Ritz Azul.
  • Cherry Pie Picache was the first choice to play the role of Luming Valiente but was replaced by Gina Alajar.
  • Just like Czarina Suzara, Nina Jose, who played the role of grown-up Leona Braganza also appeared in the teen-oriented drama Lipgloss.
  • The remake was released exactly 20 years after the original version
  • Gina Alajar had an appearance in the series after the success of Amaya then later appeared in GMA7's Hiram na Puso.
  • Velasquez is the original surname of Elaine in the original version but replaced her surname as Lee in this series.
  • Odette Khan played the original Donya Trining and now will be a part of the remake as Minerva Magbanua, Donya Trining's mother.
  • Vivian is now as G.R.O. (also Damian's niece) in this series. In the original version, she's a maid of the Braganzas.
  • References

    Valiente (2012 TV series) Wikipedia

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