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Trillium nivale

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Melanthiaceae
Scientific name  Trillium nivale
Rank  Species
Order  Liliales
Genus  Trillium
Higher classification  Tri flower
Trillium nivale Snow Trillium
Similar  Tri flower, Trillium cernuum, Trillium flexipes, Trillium sessile, Trillium recurvatum

Trillium nivale, the snow trillium or dwarf white trillium, is a member of the Trilliaceae family. It is native to parts of the east and midwest United States, primarily the Great Lakes States, the Ohio Valley, and the Upper Mississippi Valley. It is one of the earliest flowers to bloom. Along the Ohio River valley, flowers may be seen in early March. At its northern limit in Minnesota, it blooms in early April. Far beyond its native range, at Edmonton, Alberta, it blooms in late April.

Trillium nivale Pacific Bulb Society Trillium Species Two

Trillium nivale is smaller than many of the other species in the genus, seldom reaching a height of more than 9 cm (3.5 in). Unlike most trilliums, it does not grow in leaf mold, preferring limy sandy gravel, crevices in limestone, or calcareous mineral soil instead.

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Trillium nivale Snow Trillium
Trillium nivale Snow Trillium Trillium nivale
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