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The Whirlwind Girl

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Romance, Youth, Sports

First episode date
7 July 2015

Number of episodes

Created by
Xiaoxi Ming

Directed by
Cheng Zhichao

Final episode date
26 August 2015

Standard Mandarin

Written by
Xiaoxi Ming

Hu Bingqing, Yang Yang, Chen Xiang, Bai Jingting sitting on the chair with the other cast of the 2015 Chinese television series, The Whirlwind Girl

Also known as
Tornado Girl, Taekwando Girl

Hu Bingqing, Yang Yang, Chen Xiang, Bai Jingting

Opening theme
"Burning Youth" by He Jie

Ending theme
"That Distance" by Chen Chusheng

Princess Agents, Cruel Romance, The Rise of Phoenixes

the whirlwind girl 2 teaser 60s

The Whirlwind Girl (Chinese: 旋风少女) is a 2015 Chinese television series based on the novel of the same name written by Ming Xiao Xi. It aired on Hunan TV from July 7, 2015 to August 26, 2015.


Hu Bingqing, Yang Yang, Chen Xiang, and Bai Jingting in different scenes from the 2015 Chinese television series, The Whirlwind Girl


The Whirlwind Girl Drama New Ji Chang Wook promo stills from Whirlwind Girl 2 Ji

The story tells the journey of Qi Bai Cao (Hu Bing Qing) who has a fondness for Taekwondo ever since she was little. After her parents died in a tragic car accident, Bai Cao is adopted and raised by Qu Xiang Nan, the world champion, whose skills and reputation have been defamed by his enemies. Honest, righteous, and determined to succeed, Bai Cao gradually transforms from a weed into a professional Taekwondo fighter, fighting her way to the top and reclaiming her teacher's innocence. Along the way she encounters friends such as her stoic and selfless senior Ruo Bai (Yang Yang), the warm and caring but mysteriously secluded medic Yu Chu Yuan (Bai Jing Ting), and the flirtatious, playful Fang Ting Hao (Chen Xiang) with a hidden agenda. Together they learn, grow, compete, find love and fight for their dreams.

Main cast

The Whirlwind Girl Drama Ji Chang Wook39s first teaser for Whirlwind Girl 2 Ji

  • Hu Bing Qing as Qi Bai Cao
  • Yang Yang as Ruo Bai
  • Chen Xiang as Fang Ting Hao
  • Bai Jing Ting as Yu Chu Yuan
  • Xian Wu Taekwondo Center

  • Zhao Yuannuan as Fang Ting Yi

  • Hu Bingqing, Yang Yang, Chen Xiang, Bai Jingting, and the other cast in the Promotional Poster of the 2015 Chinese television series, The Whirlwind Girl
    The big senior sister of Xian Wu, and Tinghao's sister. She is a former Taekwondo champion, and is regarded as a superstar in the Taekwondo world due to her talents and beautiful appearance. She likes Chuyuan, and is jealous of Baicao, thus she goes against her in every aspect.
    The Whirlwind Girl

  • Yang Tailang as Shen Bo
  • Wang Deshun as Master Wan, the head of Xian Wu and the Fang siblings' grandfather.
  • Song Bai Taekwondo Center

  • Leo Wu as Hu Yifeng

  • Hu Bingqing as Qi Baicao, with a martial arts pose in the poster of the 2015 Chinese television series, The Whirlwind Girl
    The second senior brother of Song Bai, and Ruo Bai's dorm mate. He appears to be lazy, but is very skilled. He often bickers with Xiaoying, and later falls in love with her.
  • Tan Songyun as Fan Xiaoying
  • Baicao's best friend, who is a cheerful and playful girl. She likes Ruo Bai initially, but later falls in love with Yifeng whom she often bickers with.
  • Li Ze as Wu Xiuda
  • Yu Haoyang as Wu Xiuqin
  • Qie Lutong as Song Pingping
  • Li Ji as Yin Yin
  • Gao Guangze as Yang Rui
  • Li Qiang as Master Yu, the head of Song Bai and Chu Yuan's adoptive father.
  • Quan Sheng Taekwondo Center

  • Vincent Chiao as Qu Xiangnan
  • The former world champion of Taekwondo; Baicao's master and Guangya's father. Due to an incident where he was framed for taking drugs, he was banned from the industry.
  • Shi Xiaoqun as Shen Ning
  • A talented taekwondo coach, who is the role model of many female students. She is also Guangya's aunt.
  • Yu Tinger as Qu Guangya
  • Qu Xiangnan's daughter. She appears to be cold but is actually very kind. She is Baicao's childhood friend and cares for her deeply.
  • Feng Peng as Zheng Yuanhai, the head of Quan Sheng.
  • Jing Hai Taekwondo Center

  • Jiang Yiyi as Kim Min-joo
  • A taekwondo student from Korea, who is frank and adorable. Due to her father's rivalry with Qu Xiangnan, she holds a grudge against An Yang students.
  • Zhang Xueying as Lee En-xiu
  • Chuyuan's half-sister. A kind-hearted and innocent girl who likes Tinghao. She is also an outstanding Taekwondo expert, and is Qi Baicao's role model.
  • Sun Lishi as Kim Yishan
  • Min-joo's father, and Qu Xiangnan's opponent. He used an underhanded method to defeat Qu Xiangnan back then to become world champion.
  • Jang Tae-hoon as Min Shenghao
  • Yishan's beloved disciple. A determined and upright guy, who became the Youth Champion after Tinghao. He is close to Min-joo, and admires En-xiu.
  • Li Jiacheng as Min Zai
  • Others

  • Huang Xiaolin as Mei Ling
  • Ma Chengcheng as Lin Feng
  • Yang Xiaodan as Xiao Ying's mother
  • Fu Jia as Xiao Ying's father
  • Ma Ruojing as Pu Dongyuan, the person behind the drugs incident regarding Qu Xiangnan.
  • Li Haohan as Li Yunyue, Eun-soo and Chuyuan's father.
  • Yi Ji as Shen Yuan, Qu Xiangnan's wife and Shen Ning's sister.
  • Xu Huiwen as Ruo Bai's mother
  • Production

    In season 1, Xu Jiao was originally chosen to portray Qi Baicao, but withdrew due to physical problem and speech. The role eventually went to Hu Bingqing. This series also marks the second collaboration between Leo Wu and Jiang Yiyi. Filming began in April 2015 at Changsha and ended in July 2015.


    The drama is a commercial success. It maintained the number one spot in its timeslot during broadcast, with an average viewership rating of 1.68% (CSM50) and 2.43% (Nationwide), becoming one of the highest rated Chinese dramas for the year 2015. It also has 2 billion views on Mango TV.


    28th Golden Eagle Awards - Outstanding Television Series


    There is a season two of the drama titled The Whirlwind Girl 2, which stars Korean actor Ji Chang-wook and An Yuexi.


    The Whirlwind Girl Wikipedia

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