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The Four Just Men (TV series)

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5.9/10 TV

Created by  Edgar Wallace
Composer(s)  Francis Chagrin
First episode date  17 September 1959
Network  ITV
Number of episodes  39
8.4/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama
Theme music composer  Francis Chagrin
Country of origin  UK
Final episode date  17 August 1960
Number of seasons  1
The Four Just Men (TV series) Cult TV Lounge The Four Just Men 1959
Starring  Dan Dailey Richard Conte Jack Hawkins Vittorio De Sica
Cast  Jack Hawkins, Richard Conte, Dan Dailey, Vittorio De Sica, Honor Blackman
Similar  Interpol Calling, Sword of Freedom, Armchair Theatre, The Adventures of Robin, No Hiding Place

The four just men dead man s switch

The Four Just Men was a 1959 television series produced by Sapphire Films for ITC Entertainment. It was broadcast for one season of 39 half-hour monochrome episodes.


The Four Just Men (TV series) Double O Section DVD Review The Four Just Men

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The series, based on a sequence of novels by Edgar Wallace including a novel titled The Four Just Men, presents the adventures of four men who first meet while Allied soldiers in Italy during the Second World War. The men later reassemble, and decide to fight for justice and against tyranny, using money donated for the purpose by their late commanding officer. They operate from different countries: Jeff Ryder is a professor of law at Columbia University in New York, Tim Collier is an American reporter based in Paris, Ben Manfred is a crusading independent MP who works from London and Ricco Poccari is an Italian hotelier based in Rome. Their reputation as the "Four Just Men" is well known.

The Four Just Men (TV series) The Four Just Men TV series Wikipedia

The series is unusual in having the four main actors appear alternately (except in the first episode); one or occasionally two makes a brief appearance in each other's episode, often using a telephone.

Cast and characters

  • Richard Conte as Jeff Ryder
  • Dan Dailey as Tim Collier
  • Jack Hawkins as Ben Manfred
  • Vittorio De Sica as Ricco Poccari
  • Each character had an assistant:

    The Four Just Men (TV series) The Four Just Men TV series Wikipedia
  • June Thorburn as Vicky, Jeff Ryder's law student assistant.
  • Honor Blackman as Nicole, Tim Collier's French girlfriend and secretary.
  • Andrew Keir as Jock, Ben Manfred's manservant and best friend.
  • Lisa Gastoni as Giulia, Ricco Poccari's secretary.
  • Robert Rietti as Francesco, Poccari's butler.

  • The Four Just Men (TV series) Four Just Men TV Show

    Guest stars included Judi Dench, Alan Bates, Leonard Sachs, Patrick Troughton, Donald Pleasence, Richard Johnson, Ronald Howard, Basil Dignam, Roger Delgado, Charles Gray, and Frank Thornton who appeared in more roles than anyone else.


    The Four Just Men (TV series) The Four Just Men a Titles amp Air Dates Guide

    At the time Four Just Men was the most ambitious film series yet made for British TV. It was produced by Sapphire Films at Walton Studios, and on location in Britain, France and Italy. None of its four stars had been cast as regulars for a television series before.

    Filming on the 39 episodes, each 25 minutes long, began during January 1959, and lasted for five months, using up to seven units in the studio or on location, and producing two or three episodes simultaneously.

    John Schlesinger was credited as exterior unit or second unit director on a number of episodes.

    Episode list

    Airdate is for ATV Midlands ITV regions varied date and order.

    Each story featured one star and often brief appearances of the others.
    DD = Dan Dailey
    JH = Jack Hawkins
    RC = Richard Conte
    VS = Vittorio De Sica.


    Network DVD released the 39 episodes during August 2010 in a 5 DVD region 2 set.


    The Four Just Men (TV series) Wikipedia