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The Battle at Apache Pass

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Director  George Sherman
Budget  681,000 USD
Country  United States
6.6/10 IMDb

Genre  Western
Running time  1h 25m
Music director  Hans J. Salter
Language  English
The Battle at Apache Pass movie poster
Release date  1952 (1952)
Writer  Gerald Drayson Adams (story)
Cast  John Lund (Maj. Jim Colton), Jeff Chandler (Cochise), Beverly Tyler (Mary Kearney), Bruce Cowling (Neil Baylor), Susan Cabot (Nono), John Hudson (Lt. George Bascom)
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Tagline  The Fighting Story Of The Great Cochise!

Indian leader Cochise (Jeff Chandler), whose wife (Susan Cabot) is pregnant, sides with a cavalry major (John Lund) against warring Geronimo.


The Battle at Apache Pass movie scenes

The Battle at Apache Pass is a 1952 Universal-International western film starring John Lund as United States Army Major Colton, and Jeff Chandler repeating the role of Apache chief Cochise, whom he played two years earlier in 20th Century Foxs Broken Arrow.

The Battle at Apache Pass movie scenes

The film was rated as the No. 1 moneymaker in Variety magazines list of box-office pictures, when it came out in April 1952. The film is a fictionalized account combining the events of "The Bascom Affair" of 1861 and the "Battle of Apache Pass" of 1862, the first time that the Indians meet modern (for the age) artillery, in the Confederate Territory of Arizona.

The Battle at Apache Pass movie scenes

The movie depicts a fictionalized account of "The Bascom Affair" of 1861 and "The battle of Apache pass" of 1862. U.S. Cavalry officer Maj. Jim Colton(John Lund) is a sympathetic leader who has a working relationship with Apache leader Cochise(Jeff Chandler). Maj. Colton is undermined by corrupt and politically ambitious Indian agent Neil Baylor(Bruce Cowling) who sets up a false attack, and the abduction of a local farmer's son. While Colton is away investigating the matter, Baylor convinces Lt. George Bascom(John Hudson) that Cochise's band is to blame, and incites him to lead an expedition against the Apache band to return the boy. The expedition ends in disaster, with hostages executed on both sides. The Apaches and Cavalry later meet in a battle at Apache pass, the first time that the Indians meet modern (for the age) artillery


The Battle at Apache Pass movie scenes

In 1862, as the Civil War rages in the Southeastern states, the Southwest is far away from the battle lines, but in New Mexico Territory, good relations between Fort Buchanans commanding officer, Major Colton (John Lund) and the Chiricahua Apache chief Cochise (Jeff Chandler) are threatened by the arrival of venal government agent Baylor (Bruce Cowling) and his equally dishonest scout Mescal Jack (Jack Elam). In breach of existing treaties, Baylor plans to resettle the Apaches to the San Carlos Reservation and when Geronimo (Jay Silverheels), the chief of the rival Mogollon Apaches attacks the Tucson stagecoach and kills women and children, Baylor threatens to also transport the Chiricahuas to San Carlos. When confronted by Colton and Baylor, Cochise calls a council of Apache elders and they vote to banish Geronimo, who must also give up one of his stagecoach captives, schoolteacher Mary (Beverly Tyler). After assuring his pregnant wife Nona (Susan Cabot) that his interest in the attractive young schoolteacher is not romantic, Cochise brings Mary to Fort Buchanan and entrusts her to Major Colton, counseling him that she would be a fine wife. At the same time, Baylor and Jack plot with Geronimo to frame Cochise for Geronimos attack on a ranch. During Coltons inquiry into the attack, his subordinate, Lieutenant Bascom (John Hudson), is promised a promotion by Baylor for rescuing the boy who was kidnapped during the attack. Cochise tells Bascom that it was Geronimo who committed the attack, but Bascom accuses him of lying and takes Nona hostage, while executing by hanging three braves, including Cochises brother, Little Elk (Tommy Cook). As Cochise mourns and then prepares to retaliate against Bascoms position, Mescal Jack goes to him in the pretense of warning him about an Army attack, but Cochise calls him a liar and puts him to death. Coltons trusted Sergeant Bernard (Richard Egan) informs him of the situation, causing Colton to shut down Fort Buchanan and prepare to transfer everyone, including Mary and Baylor, to Fort Sheridan, a more secure redoubt, some distance away. From the hills along the trail, Cochise watches the procession, as does Geronimo and, as shooting begins, the wounded Baylor goes towards the Indians positions, shouting that he is their friend, but Geronimo kills him. Colton and Sergeant Bernard use the expeditions cannon to rout the warriors, as Cochise finds Nona, who has been hurt, and takes her to the wagons so that Army doctor Carter (Regis Toomey) can treat her. Geronimo calls Cochise a weak leader, but in a one-to-one battle, Cochise wins and, instead of killing Geronimo, banishes him. Nonas son is born and Nona gives her friend Mary a precious Apache bracelet. Colton and Mary look at each other with affection and Cochise tells them that time has come for peace, as he rides away with Nona.


  • John Lund {Major Colton}
  • Jeff Chandler {Cochise}
  • Evaluation in film guides

    The Battle at Apache Pass movie scenes

    Leonard Maltins Movie Guide gives The Battle at Apache Pass 2½ stars (out of 4) indicating that "Chandler reprises his BROKEN ARROW role as Cochise". The Motion Picture Guide assigns it 2 stars (out of 5), describing it as "[N]ot the greatest western ever made, but interesting for its portrayal of Indians as rational human beings able to cooperate with the white man".


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