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Teno River

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River mouth  Mataquito River
Length  102 km
Mouth  Mataquito River
Basin size  1,590 km (610 sq mi)
Basin area  1,590 km²
Country  Chile
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Teno river finland salmon research

The Teno River is a river located in the Maule Region of central Chile. It begins at the confluence of the Malo and Nacimiento rivers. The former originates north of Planchón volcano at Lagunas de Teno. The river flows initially northwest across the Andes. At the locality of Los Queñes, the Teno is joined by the Claro River, which is fed by glaciers of Planchón-Peteroa complex.


Map of R%C3%ADo Teno, Rauco, Maule Region, Chile

Shortly after being crossed by the Pan-American Highway and by Chile's main railroad, the Teno River turns its course southwestward until it meets the Lontué River, about 10 kilometers west of Curicó near the locality of Sagrada Familia, forming the Mataquito River.

Small salmons in teno river 2016


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