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Swords of Legends

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Written by  Shao SihanZhu Feng
Final episode date  25 September 2014
Number of episodes  50
8.1/10 MyDramaList

First episode date  2 July 2014
Network  Hunan Television
Swords of Legends Swords of Legends 2014 Review amp Photo Gallery

Also known as  Legend of the Ancient SwordAncient Sword Fantasy
Created by  Shao Yun (original story)
Directed by  Liang ShengquanHuang Junwen
Starring  Li YifengYang MiQiao ZhenyuMa TianyuZheng ShuangGillian ChungWilliam ChanVengo Gao
Opening theme  "Sword of Heart" (剑心) by Zhang Jie"Lover's Song (恋人歌歌)" - Anson Hu
Genres  Historical period drama, Xianxia novel, Romance Film, Fantasy
Cast  Yang Mi, Qiao Zhenyu, Gillian Chung, Liu Yifei
Similar  The Journey of Flower, Noble Aspirations, Legend of Fragrance, Sound of the Desert, Nirvana in Fire

Swords of Legends (Chinese: 古剑奇谭) is a 2014 Chinese television series based on the role-playing video game Gu Jian Qi Tan developed by Shanghai Aurogon. It aired on Hunan TV from July 2 to September 25, 2014 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00.


The drama was a huge success, topping viewership ratings and market share; and was the most viewed drama online at that time.

Swords of Legends sword of legend main cast Fav Chinese moviedrama Pinterest


Swords of Legends sword of legend whole cast Fav Chinese moviedrama Pinterest

Set in the Tang Dynasty, a young boy named Han Yunxi (Li Yifeng) is infected by the aura of an ancient demonic sword known as the Sword of Burning Solitude. After his entire tribe was killed, he was brought to You Du by Sword Deity Yinzhen, where he meets Feng Qingxue (Yang Mi), who saved his life. Qingxue is part of the immortal order in You Du governed by Goddess Nuwa, who ensures that all ancient magical swords are properly sealed from the mortal realm. In an attempt to re-seal the ancient demonic sword, the people of You Du almost killed Yunxi, whose lifeforce is tied to the sword. To ensure his safety, Yunxi was brought to Tian Yong Chung (Sword Guild) by Yinzhen, where he was given the name of Bali Tusu and trained as a swordsman together with his senior brother Ling Yue (William Chan).

Swords of Legends Sword of Legends Drama Panda

Years later, while slaying demons, Tusu meets Ouyang Shaogong (Qiao Zhenyu), who is on a quest to find a jade ornament that will help him create a resurrection elixir to revive his lover, Princess Xunfang (Gillian Chung), who died in a flood. They are joined by Qing Xue, who left You Du to search for Yunxi and her long-lost brother Yin Qianshang (Vengo Gao) who disappeared 11 years ago after the massacre; Fan Lansheng (Ma Tianyu), a young master who seeks to escape an arranged marriage and a fox-turned human Xiang Ling (Zheng Shuang) who is searching for her parents.

Swords of Legends imdldbnetcachen065568259541431000723dff4ea5

Eventually, Shao Gong succeeds in making the resurrection elixir and Tu Su’s mother is awakened. Only then does Tu Su discover that Shao Gong has secretly endangered his mother. Shao Gong intends to use the jade ornament to control Tu Su and use him to assist his grand dynastic plans to rule the world.

Main Cast

  • Li Yifeng as Bali Tusu (百里屠苏) / Han Yunxi (韩云溪)

  • Swords of Legends Legend of the Ancient Sword Watch Full Episodes Free
    Han Yunxi is the son of the Wu Meng valley's head shaman. After his whole tribe was mascaraed, the aura of the Sword of Burning Solitude was inserted into him to save his life, including one half of Crown Prince Changqin's celestial soul (sword). He was then brought to Tian Yong City and trained as a sword immortal under the name of Bali Tusu. Ten years later after an incident where he was accused of killing his fellow disciple, he left Tian Yong City to search for the murderer who killed his family and destroyed his village, thus beginning his journey.
  • Yang Mi as Feng Qingxue (风晴雪)
  • The future head shaman of You Du, who shares the fate of sealing the evil aura of the Burning Sword. In order to search for her long-lost brother, she came to the human world where she met and fell in love with Tusu, whom she saved when they were young.
  • Qiao Zhenyu as Ouyang Shao Gong (欧阳少恭)
  • A senior disciple of the Qing Yun clan, who specializes in healing and medicine. Possessing only one half of Crown Prince Changqin's celestial soul (lyre), he wanders aimlessly in the mortal world for centuries until he meets Xun Fang, the princess of Peng Lai. However, a flood disaster which destroys Peng Lai occurred and separated the two. Having only lost his one true love, Shao Gong would stop at nothing to get what he wants in order to defy Heaven's will.
  • Ma Tianyu as Fang Lansheng (方兰生) / Jin Lei (晋磊)
  • The adopted son of the Fang family, who aspires to become a sword immortal. His real identity is Ling Yue's younger brother, who was separated from him when they were young. In order to escape his arranged marriage with Sun Yueyan, he decided to escape Qin Chuan and join Tusu and the rest on their journey. He loves Xiang Liang, but eventually gave up on her to realize his responsibilities after his sister's death. Ma also simultaneously plays Jin Lei, the previous reincarnation of Fan Lansheng.
  • Zheng Shuang as Xiang Ling (襄铃)
  • A fox demon turned human, who was saved by Tusu when he was young. In order to repay the favor, she decided to follow Tusu on his adventures while searching for her long-lost parents.
  • Gillian Chung as Xun Fang (巽芳)
  • The princess of Peng Lai. After saving Shaogong from a pack of wolves, the two fell in love. She began to age rapidly after experiencing a flood disaster in her kingdom. In order to preserve her youthful looks and unchanging beauty in Shao Gong's memory, Xun Fang disguses herself as Ji Tong and stayed by his side as his caretaker.
  • William Chan as Ling Yue (陵越)
  • The senior disciple and future leader of Tian Yong sect, known for his bravery and uprightness. Having lost his younger brother when they were young, Ling Yue treats Tusu as his real sibling and would protect him at all cost.
  • Vengo Gao as Yin Qianshang (尹千觞) / Feng Guangmo (风广陌)
  • Feng Qingxue's brother and You Du's shaman who is responsible for sealing the Burning Sword. After losing his memory from the sword's impact, he was saved by Shao Gong and changed his name to Qian Shang. Eventually, he discovers Shao Gong's true nature and stops him from unleashing his evil plot.

    People of Tian Yong City (Sword Guild)

  • Chen Zihan as Hong Yu (红玉), a sword spirit under Yinzhen who is in charge of protecting the Burning Sword.
  • Ken Chang as Sword Deity Ziyin (紫胤真人), a sword immortal and master of Tusu and Ling Yue.
  • Dilraba Dilmurat as Fu Qu (芙蕖), Hansu's daughter. She is a good friend of Tusu and loves Ling Yue.
  • Zong Fengyan as Sword Deity Hansu (涵素), the head of Tian Yong sect.
  • Ying Haoming as Ling Duan (陵端), the second disciple of Tian Yong sect. He loves Fu Qu, and hates Tusu and treats him as a monster.
  • Cai Zhentao as Ling Chuan (陵川)
  • Dai Zixiang as Zhao Lin (肇临)
  • People of You Do / Wu Meng Valley

  • Li Xiaolu as Han Xiuning (韩休宁), Tusu's birth mother and the Head Shaman of Wu Meng Valley.
  • Liu Fang as Grandma You Du (幽都婆婆)
  • Shen Baoping as Head of You Du (幽都长老)
  • Yang Chengcheng as Huan Huan (欢欢)
  • Yu Zikuan as Grandpa Qiu (秋爷爷)
  • Liu Tingyu as Goddess Nuwa (女娲大神)
  • People of River Qin

  • Zhang Meng as Fang Ruqin (方如沁), Fan Lansheng's sister and the head of the Fang household. She loves Shao Gong since they were kids.
  • Fan Cai'er as Ji Tong (寂桐), Xun Fang in disguise; she stays by Shao Gong's side and takes care of him like family.
  • Zhang Na as Sun Yueyan (孙月言) / He Wenjun (贺文君), Fan Lansheng's wife. He Wenjun is her previous reincarnation, a Bishan sect disciple and Jin Lei's lover.
  • Ji Yang as Cha Xiaoguai (茶小乖), a sea demon who disguises as a knowledgeable tea server, and gives valuable information to Tusu and friends.
  • Jin Yiru as Fang Qin'er (方沁儿), Lansheng and Yueyan's daughter.
  • Wang Jing as Ugly Li Pan'an (丑李潘安)
  • Li Ruichao as Handsome Li Pan'an (美李潘安)
  • Tong Tong as Sun Nainiang (孙奶娘)
  • Ma Dalu as Uncle Wu (吴大叔)
  • Shen Jianing as Yu'er (玉儿)
  • Zheng Yechen as Wang Cai (旺财)
  • People of Qing Yun clan

  • Li Yaojing as Lei Yan (雷严), the head of Qing Yun clan who aspires to attain immortality and take over the wuxia world.
  • Wang Yimiao as Su Jin (素锦) / Jin Niang (瑾娘), Lei Yan's underling who was sent to be a spy under Shao Gong. In order to gain his affections, she transformed her looks to resemble Xun Fang.
  • Lee Xindong as Yuan Wu (元勿)
  • Special Appearances

  • Qin Junjie as Crown Prince Chang Qin (太子长琴)
  • Wei Wei as Serpent Qian Yu (水虺悭臾)
  • Hao Zejia as Hua Shang (华裳), the head of Hua Man Lou and Qian Shang's lover.
  • Zhang Yunlong as Hei Yao (黑曜), a black cat demon who works for Qing Yun Sect. After being fed by Qing Xue, he fell in love with her.
  • Yue Yaoli as Ye Wenxian (叶父), the head of Zi Bi Shan Zhuang who destroyed Bishan sect.
  • Qi Wei as Ye Chenxiang (叶沉香), the daughter of Ye Wenxian and Jin Lei's fiance.
  • Ma Wenlong as Luo Yunping (洛云平), a plant demon who possessed the Heng Yu Jade and was reborn as a human.
  • Yu Yuang as Yan Mei (延枚), a cattle demon.
  • Tian Zhenwai as Xiang Tianxiao (向天笑), a sailor in Qing Long Zhen who takes Tusu to Mt Yao.
  • Lu Xianlin as Zhuo Yunfei (卓云飞), also known as Yin Sha, a killer under Xie Luwei hired to kill Xinrui's parents.
  • Jia Qing as Chou Xinrui (仇馨蕊), Yunfei's lover.
  • Xi Xue as Xie Luwei (血露薇), the leader of the human kidnapping organization.
  • Wang Weiyang as Dai Moyang (襄墨阳), Xiang Ling's nine-tailed fox father and the previous head of the Qing Qiu kingdom.
  • Zhang Xi as Jiang Li (姜离), Xiang Ling's human mother.
  • Ren Xuehai as Chief of Tie Zhu Guan (铁柱观观主)
  • Hei Zi as Emperor Qin Shi Huang (秦始皇)
  • Zhao Wenhao as Er Gou Zi (二狗子)
  • Zhao Chulun as Immortal Jiao (蛟仙)
  • Qiu Lufan as Stone Demon (石妖)
  • Ren Han as Octopus Demon (章鱼精)
  • Music

  • 1. Sword of Heart (剑心) - Zhang Jie
  • 2. Lover's Song (恋人歌歌) - Anson Hu
  • 3. Distance (远方) - Yu Kewei
  • 4. Sword Heart (剑心) - Li Yifeng
  • 5. Sword Wound (剑伤) - Li Yifeng
  • 6. Ai Ni Mei Cuo (爱你没错) - Jeff Chang
  • 7. Peers (两同行) - William Chan
  • References

    Swords of Legends Wikipedia